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/faaag/ - Female Announcer and Alternative General

1 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 05:58:32.00
5ch Outpost Edition

Discuss your favorite Japanese announcers and alternative girls (athletes, models, cheerleaders, grid girls, etc.) who don't fit anywhere else.
Follow up to /ww/ - Weather Waifus

4chan thread: http://boards.4channel.org/jp/faaag

>5ch Announcer Forum
http://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/468685-5ch-net-image-inserter -- Install this userscript to make images visible in 5ch threads
>Recent announcer gravure
>Popular announcer lists
>Watch live
http://aqstream.com/jp -- TBS, NTV, NHK, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, etc.
http://weathernews.jp/wnl/timetable.html -- today's schedule
http://smtgvs.weathernews.jp/a/solive_timetable/timetable.json -- json version
http://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/14079602755184481693 -- $AYA incident parody manga
>Weathernews schedule + sortable links to past streams. Find your favorite caster's past weather and AU Pay streams
>Voting Results: Who's your favorite Weathernews caster?
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 06:45:59.91
does this work?
4 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 07:17:05.89
I see you.
5 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 08:36:16.49
I guess this is where we can post whenever 4chin dies again.
6 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 12:44:26.04
FYI, I rehosted the git repo here until vern.cc returns:

Be careful about posting this link on 4chan.
You'll get an automatic 3-day ban
for any post that contains "coom.tech".
The work-around is to type: http://coom%2Etech/ .
7 名前:Anonymous 2023/10/14(Sat) 17:12:51.08
Past Threads
1. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43515844
2. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43597117
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6. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43922859
7. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43939591 - it's over edition
8. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43953447 - weak man edition
9. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43955901 - dekiru otoko EDITION
10. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/43998069 - horse riding edition
11. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44057181 - Yuipremacy Edition
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14. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44248894 - Real #1 Fan-favorite Caster Edition
15. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44297022 - No.1 weather app, weathernews~
16. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44375725 - ramune bomb edition
17. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44465230 - arm cover kid edition
18. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44539456 - nyahaha! edition
19. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44620725 - beautiful person CA san edition
20. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44689506 - yoga edition
21. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44743672 - kanzume edition
22. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44807883 - smile charge edition
23. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44867783 - uramote edition
8 名前:Anonymous 2023/10/14(Sat) 17:15:04.75
Current Thread
24. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44928614 - Maid Edition

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10 名前:Anonymous 2023/10/19(Thu) 16:33:28.82
Current Thread
25. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/44977188 - TWO new casters?!?! Edition

11 名前:Anonymous 2024/02/21(Wed) 09:28:13.84
This is a test.
12 名前:Anonymous 2024/02/21(Wed) 10:09:58.56
47. http://warosu.org/jp/thread/46156248 - Senna pointing at you


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The ideology of school caste

1 名前:Anonymous 2023/12/31(Sun) 03:12:18.95
Why can't caste conservatives understand that the communal pecking order becomes meaningless after graduation?
And when I was asked what I was interested in in the classroom and I told them I was interested in "blah blah" I understood from AI's explanation that it was for caste reasons that they bragged about their relatives about "blah blah" and made fun of me a lot.

Note that AI was used in Japanese.
AI - The ideology of school caste is a very irrational and unfair way of thinking, which determines human value based on superficial criteria such as appearance and popularity. People caught up in the ideology of school caste try to neutralize and use violent means against those lower in the hierarchy in order to maintain their own pecking order.

Note jp "school caste" ≓ Clique

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[IMPORTANT!] Regarding HTTP Error 451

1 名前:Anonymous 2023/12/04(Mon) 10:00:24.09
Recently, 5ch has been under attack by scripters and spammers. As a counter measure, (and because 5ch management is too retarded to put a CAPTCHA on this site) non-Japanese IPs can no longer post on any board on this site.
Which means boards made for foreigners such as dejima and the embassy ("8") boards have been now rendered useless.

If you wish to post, you can try using Tuxler with the residential VPN mode. You can also try SoftEther VPN Gate and try multiple Japanese IPs until you find one that isn't already banned.
If you wish to have a good experience on 5ch just like that of an ordinary 5ch user that lives in Japan, your only choice is to buy UPLIFT, though.
I don't think most people will want to give money to the terrible owners of this site though.

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/jp/ mansion

1 名前:Anonymous 2019/01/28(Mon) 14:24:11.27
/jp/ is one of the top 5 English-language imageboards in the known universe. This is the place to discuss /jp/ and /jp/-related topics on 5ch.
30 名前:Anonymous 2023/02/10(Fri) 17:33:03.13
In that case, you must be my stepson?
31 名前:Anonymous 2023/07/26(Wed) 22:24:29.76
How do you guys browse 5ch? Do you use the web site directly, or do you use a 5ch reader app?
32 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/08(Tue) 00:37:55.37
I use the site. The styling's no longer completely busted.
33 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/09(Wed) 02:50:29.18
you guys are too harsh on /jp/. If you ignore the hololive and the idolposters the Touhou threads are nice! The Rozen Maiden threads are nice too. /jp/ still has creativity as seen in the drawthreads and in the sittingmu and mokotaxi threads. The lorethreads encourage nice discussion. I like/jp/!
34 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/24(Thu) 16:49:55.37
With a few userscripts, the site becomes a bit more pleasant to use.
35 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/25(Fri) 16:33:05.72
nu-jaypee sucks ass
36 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/29(Tue) 00:33:32.43
you suck ass
37 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/07(Thu) 09:33:53.41
38 名前:Anonymous 2023/11/06(Mon) 23:05:38.70
That's because most non-whites don't bother with the site because if you try to defend non-whites, you get swarmed by a million /pol/tards.
39 名前:Anonymous 2023/11/06(Mon) 23:07:15.86
Yea no shit. Whites like to defend Japan because you aren't anti west like China and it's also easy to get a gf here.

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1 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/02(Sat) 17:47:32.25
Come visit us
2 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/03(Sun) 12:49:33.74
heyuri more like heyshiti
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/04(Mon) 02:02:20.24
said the /jp/sie
4 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/30(Sat) 03:17:57.06
its the place to be!
5 名前:Anonymous 2023/10/06(Fri) 21:08:28.24
Was someone DDoS'ing 5ch?
6 名前:Anonymous 2023/10/09(Mon) 15:04:56.10
7 名前:Anonymous 2023/10/09(Mon) 19:18:00.49
The DDoS doesn't seem to be affecting this side of 5ch. While other servers still lag from time to time, this one has been fine.

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Welcome to the new 'img8' board!

1 名前:Board maker さん 2023/10/01(日) 04:10:27.00 ID:automakeR
Welcome to the new 'img8' board!
Let's enjoy!

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About 4chan

1 名前:Anonymous 2019/11/14(Thu) 17:35:07.22
Let's talk about 4chan.
4chan is an American bulletin board that attracts people from all over the world.
Which board is interesting?
Which thread is interesting?
How is it different from 5ch?
Is there anything that 5ch should learn from 4chan?
39 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/07(Mon) 15:48:30.11
/jp/ is more than just hololive you know
40 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/10(Thu) 15:36:02.34
41 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/11(Fri) 01:03:03.74
do you like 4chan? do you visit any board?
42 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/16(Wed) 05:07:42.03
nth for denouncing יהוה
43 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/19(Sat) 19:06:38.24
42th? Lol
44 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/24(Thu) 16:53:16.90
Check these digits.

I denounce the Talmud.
45 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/25(Fri) 11:57:39.13
4chan is worse than futaba DESU
46 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/25(Fri) 23:10:58.98
47 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/07(Thu) 09:36:15.26
48 名前:Anonymous 2023/09/07(Thu) 16:44:12.24
5ch on top 4cucks would never understand

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4chan is down

1 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 08:42:16.80
I am feeling lonely
2 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 10:24:54.88
me too
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 11:29:53.44
owari da
4 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 19:32:32.03
It's back up
no word on what caused the outage
5 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/26(Sat) 03:39:40.73
The staff used to communicate with us more.

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Former Prime Minster Shinzo Abe Shot

1 名前:Anonymous 2022/07/08(Fri) 13:53:08.38
2 名前:Anonymous 2022/12/17(Sat) 10:58:30.02
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/16(Mon) 19:41:34.72
4 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/18(Wed) 09:08:42.31
5 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/08(Tue) 00:02:16.84

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Suck my cock dude

1 名前:Anonymous 2019/03/22(Fri) 17:18:48.84
Come on, dude!
2 名前:Anonymous 2019/03/25(Mon) 17:52:10.39
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3 名前:Anonymous 2019/03/26(Tue) 09:03:36.02
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4 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 11:49:47.24

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