What is this [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 14:17:00.32
Who use ?

2Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 16:07:19.09

3Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 16:46:50.07
You use.
We use.
Everyone use.

4Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 16:53:05.82
It is a race to eat whale

5Anonymous2015/01/13(Tue) 19:40:53.17
Hello, anime fag

6Anonymous2015/01/14(Wed) 15:59:47.98
This is like graffiti written in wall of public toilet

7Anonymous2015/01/14(Wed) 20:20:26.57
Kao ni ma

8Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 04:55:25.26
We just need to settle in and clean up.

9Anonymous2015/01/21(Wed) 14:27:41.92
in Japanese meaning "Syousai-kibon-nu"

10Anonymous2015/01/27(Tue) 23:36:00.33
I think it's "Shousai Kibou"

11Anonymous2015/01/29(Thu) 21:36:04.91
>>9 is correct. It's net slang.

12Anonymous2015/04/20(Mon) 00:03:51.61
I am a penis.

13Anonymous2015/04/21(Tue) 08:32:15.72

14Anonymous2015/04/21(Tue) 15:46:09.33

15Anonymous2015/09/21(Mon) 19:12:07.03
I dont know this board

16Anonymous2015/09/22(Tue) 00:04:22.59
What is the point of this board?

17Anonymous2015/11/13(Fri) 03:31:28.71
where is my cat?

18Anonymous2015/11/13(Fri) 12:43:03.92
Shira ne---yo voke
Iikara ore no chimpo syabure

19Anonymous2016/01/01(Fri) 02:17:28.77
Happy New Year!

20Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 11:00:03.16

21Anonymous2016/05/13(Fri) 14:49:43.22
Hello dickheads

22Anonymous2016/09/23(Fri) 07:55:57.30

23Anonymous2017/08/29(Tue) 22:30:12.05

24Anonymous2019/09/13(Fri) 16:05:01.15

25Anonymous2020/09/22(Tue) 19:28:35.84
Oh meko