4chan is fucked! What do? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/09/22(Tue) 00:37:05.94

2Anonymous2015/09/22(Tue) 09:04:38.99
Post moar lolis

Sincerly, /a/non

3Anonymous2015/09/22(Tue) 09:50:18.39
Take a look around. This is our future.

4Anonymous2015/09/22(Tue) 11:15:20.73
I don't think 4chan is fuck imo in fact i have high expectation from him

5Anonymous2015/09/23(Wed) 14:48:24.81
I love Hiro. <3

6Anonymous2015/09/24(Thu) 04:56:28.28
Hail to the mighty /jp/!

7Anonymous2015/09/24(Thu) 10:51:48.02
Hiro is so moe.
I like him.

8Anonymous2015/09/26(Sat) 14:22:07.05
go to 4-ch.

9Anonymous2015/09/26(Sat) 21:27:36.65

10Anonymous2015/09/27(Sun) 13:46:09.81
>recommending 8ch
literally http://4-ch.net is the only website you'll ever need.

11Anonymous2015/09/28(Mon) 10:47:05.95

12Anonymous2015/09/28(Mon) 11:18:05.28
I keep seeing this shit spammed everywhere.
It's an okay site, but I can't help but feel that it's the owner who's
posting it everywhere.

13Anonymous2015/10/05(Mon) 22:03:18.97

14Anonymous2015/10/13(Tue) 15:13:11.97
Kuso meriken domo sassa to usero
Ore no chimpo syaburi tainoka?
Sassato ketuana daseya kono asshole!

15Anonymous2015/11/03(Tue) 03:47:16.26
i love 4ch user.
i'm japanese.

16Anonymous2015/11/14(Sat) 00:20:05.09
fuckin this gay earth!!!
idon know what 4chan user is like in fact.pleees tell me!?

17Anonymous2015/11/20(Fri) 21:40:38.19
Lets sex

18Anonymous2016/03/22(Tue) 17:59:49.37
Pussy mannnn

19Anonymous2016/03/29(Tue) 09:18:33.49
ayy lmao

20Anonymous “]Ϊƒ_ƒ©2ch.net(‚U‹‰)2016/07/17(Sun) 21:04:23.98
(LA: 0.49, 0.41, 0.29)

21Anonymous2017/04/22(Sat) 03:53:12.26
eat unko

22Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 14:04:00.03

23Anonymous2017/10/01(Sun) 09:28:45.16
henlo im from 55chan ama

24Anonymous2018/07/30(Mon) 11:51:25.29

25Anonymous2018/11/16(Fri) 18:31:33.64