Hello from https://mewch.net/b

1Anonymous2018/07/03(Tue) 12:24:32.44
Hello from https://mewch.net/b

2Anonymous2018/07/05(Thu) 03:49:28.47
Kill yourself you shilling, promoting fucktards!
I swear to fucking god, the next time I enter an imageboard and I see that someone is promoting
that fucking website yet again, I swear to you that I will find you and smash your fucking head
against a fucking wall! Then, I will grind you and throw your ashes into a dumpster. If I wake up
tomorrow knowing I have finally gotten rid of the world from your evil, then that is all I would
need to fucking die happily! FUCK YOU!

3Anonymous2018/07/17(Tue) 11:01:11.65
I've seen your ads on 4 different websites now. I'm not even angry anymore. Just impressed by your autism.
Although its also really funny that everywhere you go toting your website; It's met with anger, pity, and annoyance.