Need help from Japanese people

1Anonymous2020/06/26(Fri) 08:52:42.64
Hi. I'm looking for depictions of Japanese women killing american soldiers found in Japanese novels, ideally written by women. I came across stories of Japanese women preparing for a potential mainland invasion at the end of the Pacific war by training with bamboo spears 「takeyarikunren」and even training to crush testicles,、and the idea of Japanese women killing american soldiers in savage close quarter, even hand-to-hand combat was very exciting to me, and I've been obsessed with it ever since.

I've done considerable research in order to find such depictions, but found almost nothing, I have list of about 3 novels so far, one of which is a manga (I want novels or war diaries). I used, and other websites dedicated to book reviews using google search + a list of keywords, but found not much at all. I also searched through twitter (google doesn't index tweets), but didn't find much again. Finally I searched using the National Diet Library's search function, but didn't find much ; however that's because a lot of the books that might contain such scenes are not available online, or on, and I can't use yahoo auctions ; some of them too are simply only findable on the NDL.

I would be extremely grateful if you Japanese people could help me with this, my Japanese is ok so I was able to search for a while, but now I'm at my limit, I think.