I did it.

1Anonymous2020/07/29(Wed) 17:43:43.44
Yay.@@Posted by: perverted shitbagger (Wed, Aug 16, 07:14:22 PM)

Yesterday, August 15, the usual hobo old man (60 years old) and the dirt-loving dirtbag Nii-chan who texted me the other day.

(45 years old) and I (53 years old) had a good time at the bottom of a river bank in the northern part of the prefecture.

We had a day off tomorrow, so we went to a convenience store and bought some drinks and snacks.

So we drank a lot of booze and then started doing it.

The three of us were reduced to a pair of sneakers, licking each other's dicks, and we each took three fig enemas that we had brought with us.

After a while, my asshole started to tremble and my feces were going round and round in my stomach looking for a way out.

I was licking my brother's asshole while letting the old drifter lick it.

First, my brother dumped a bunch of shit in my mouth.

At the same time, the old man took a dump and so did I. I was covered in shit all over my face. My face was already covered in shit.

I'll give you an enema and fuck you in your shit.

2Anonymous2020/07/29(Wed) 17:43:52.86
The three of us would scoop up the feces that we produced and smear it on each other's bodies with our hands.

We licked each other's shit-covered dicks and gave each other enemas with urine. Ahhh~ I couldn't get enough of this shit.

When we fucked each other for a while and then gave each other an enema again, it felt so good that I was going crazy.

I stuck my dick in the old drifter's asshole.

The hole of the ass is sly with feces and urine, and it feels good.

The older man's cock is in the mouth of the older man, and the older man is holding his waist.

She ejaculated as hard as she could while scratching the old man's feces-covered cock.

After that, they licked each other's dicks and the brother's dicks.

We coated each other in shit and made man juice twice. I'd do it again.

It's always nice when a bunch of people get covered in shit. Let's go play shit with this old pervert.

Ahhhhh~ Let's get covered in shit.

If you can meet him in northern Okayama, it's great. I'm 163*90*53 and you are 165*75*60.

If you want to get covered in shit, email me ASAP.

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