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1Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 17:21:01.06
Burgers are life.

2Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 22:19:29.36
No Burger No Life

So, Bangers & Mush are better than Burger

3Anonymous2015/01/13(Tue) 06:35:56.45
pizza is everything everywhere everytime

4Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 02:00:45.25

5Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 07:47:25.65
Pizza is superior

6Anonymous2015/02/03(Tue) 08:16:42.78
but only with PINEAPPLE!

7Anonymous2015/02/06(Fri) 15:33:29.10
American here, I love hamburgers.

8Anonymous2015/02/28(Sat) 11:53:00.33
Monday Tuesday Sasebo
Wednesday Thursday Sasebo
Sunday Burger day Sasebo! All week!

9Anonymous2015/03/04(Wed) 21:11:06.19
Burger is high calory.
it causes fat style.

10Anonymous2015/03/14(Sat) 01:48:57.75
Buns usted to be burned for 34 sec, now only 4 sec.
Only sarface is burned, Is it real burger?

11Anonymous2015/06/14(Sun) 10:37:19.18
What condiment do you like in your burger?

12Anonymous2015/06/29(Mon) 11:22:49.45
Champignons. Love that stuff.

13Anonymous2015/07/05(Sun) 10:36:15.41
Fried onion and roasted chile.

14Anonymous2015/07/29(Wed) 18:23:47.21
my dream breakfast every day burging sisso busido

15Anonymous2016/01/01(Fri) 02:19:32.61
Happy New Year!

16Anonymous2016/01/22(Fri) 08:30:22.77
Hello burger

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18Anonymous2016/05/12(Thu) 15:17:08.03
Nakao Kenji is japanese GAY teacher.
He should die.

19Anonymous2017/01/04(Wed) 00:29:03.88

20Anonymous2017/02/06(Mon) 22:33:41.68
Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron

21Anonymous2017/02/19(Sun) 05:43:34.40
Burgers are indeed delicious.

22Anonymous2017/03/22(Wed) 16:12:25.44

23Anonymous2017/03/26(Sun) 23:39:21.03
Do you know hip hair burger ?

24Anonymous2017/03/27(Mon) 08:27:28.27

25Anonymous2017/05/06(Sat) 22:46:31.47

26Anonymous2017/05/06(Sat) 22:51:37.79

27Anonymous2017/05/06(Sat) 23:03:21.79

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