today's dish

1Anonymous2018/02/02(Fri) 21:41:27.57
and music,etc...

2Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 10:51:23.05
is anybody in there?

3Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 10:52:56.05
isn't it?

4Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 10:54:31.23

5Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 13:36:43.32
it's very quit and relaxing board :)

6Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 13:37:59.24
quit -> quiet

7Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 13:43:18.61
ah well...

8Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 13:49:12.65
* today's breakfast *

baked cheese on a whole grain bread
salad (carrot, cabbage, purple onion)
milk tea x2

9Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 13:55:47.78
i'm just now getting ready for lunch now.

i want to eat together with you :)

10Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 22:12:38.29
* today's lunch *

long pasta (spaghetti) japanese-style (with cod, sio-konbu, ao-siso)
salad (broccoli)

* today's dinner *

pork saute with onion and siitake-mashroom

11Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 22:42:35.94
i'm free
i'm lonely



12Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 22:47:16.53
i'm scared
so afraid to show i care
will he think me weak
if I tremble when i speak
ooh, what if
there's another one he's thinking of
maybe he's in love
i'd feel like a fool
life can be so cruel
i don't know what to do

13Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 23:18:36.70
try english translation

14Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 23:21:52.06

why is there no downwards arrow?


15Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 23:24:27.07
my god! lol

this board ->unicode : x

16Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 23:27:54.52
take2 hahaha
try english translation

17Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 23:33:03.55
i listen to my favorite song alone
Olivia consoles my lonely heart
jasmine tea brings me to sleep
i want to finish one day as myself, on nights like this

when we first met
we didn't think the day like this would come
making good things better
no, it has come to an end, time only repeated
you, who were worn out, was in love with my illusion self

18Anonymous2018/02/03(Sat) 23:47:21.95

i'm not illusion.
i'm always here with you.
here is 5ch.

19Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 00:02:16.88 usual I will sing my favorite song :)

20Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 00:15:22.56
when the rain is blowing in your face,
when the whole world is on your case,
i could offer you a warm embrace
to make you feel my love.

when the evening shadows and the stars appear,
and there is no one there to dry your tears,
i could hold you for a million years
to make you feel my love.

i know you haven't made your mind up yet,
but i would never do you wrong.
i've known it from the moment that we met,
no doubt in my mind where you belong.

i'd go hungry, i'd go black and blue,
i'd go crawling down the avenue.
no,there's nothing that i wouldn't do
to make you feel my love.

go to the ends of the earth for you,
to make you feel my love
to make you feel my love

* my favorite : Adel ver. :)

21Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 00:23:33.10
sleep tight, my significant other. (^o^)╱

22Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 16:53:28.30
nobody is there. <(^o^)/

23Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:02:56.97
oh well (K-K)

24Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:05:02.08
*self introduction

my name is Jane Doo(not e! :D), everyone calls me JD for short.

25Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:07:20.54
this board needs a lot of attention.
Especially about Unicode. :D

26Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:08:25.86

27Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:13:47.04
"Anonymous" forced display ? www (kusa)

28Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:16:43.75
There are too many traps here! :D www

29Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:23:39.26
i'm tired....(p_-)

30Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 17:24:40.70
i will make dinner from now.

menu : curry udon (^o^)

31Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 20:46:12.77
category : "embassy"?

no,not like that.

category : "no man's land". :D

32Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 20:58:16.48
how are you?
hope everything is fine,
i know you've been busy but don't work too much.
i think you will not return to MANGO board.

33Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 20:59:20.63
i miss you so...

wish you were here.


take care of yourself, and sleep tight. :)

34Anonymous2018/02/04(Sun) 21:02:35.22

i'm always on your side. (^o^)/

35Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 18:01:21.75
* today's brunch *

whole grain bread with cream cheese
quiche (spinach,ham)
onion soup

36Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 18:10:21.88
* today's sweets *

I made gateaux chocolate!!.

wowwwwww!!!!!! )^o^(oisiiiiiiiii!!!!!!

i wanted to eat together with you.....

37Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 18:36:25.58

BBS_FORCE_NOID=yes <- strongest?



38Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 18:38:44.34
i wiill make dinner from now.

39Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 18:40:42.46
menu: oden :)

40Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 23:06:23.32
my oden is "poor oden".:D
i put only my favorite ingredients in a pot
DAIKON, boiled egg, KONNYAKU, KONBU and TAKENOKO are essential.
That is enough.

Drunker's oden is added "FUKI".:D

41Anonymous2018/02/12(Mon) 23:45:42.38
SPARROW, hmmm...?

(position the pointer to server name)

hawktr ->hawk "treasure box"

hebitr ->hebi "trash bin"

lavendertr -> lavender "treasure box"

hayabusa9tr -> hayabusa9 "TOSINOU KYOUKO"board

hayabusa8tr -> hayabusa8 "FUNAMI YUI"board

maotr -> mao "treasure box"

leiatr ->leia "trash bin"

fatetr ->fate "trash bin"

himawaritr ->himawari "trash bin"

meviustr -> mevius "mevius cigarette butts bin" !!??

mevius is only one! :D

42Anonymous2018/02/13(Tue) 00:05:23.56
oh dear!


server = mevius
board name = medakatr <- not"meviusSUIGARAIRE"

look like weird. :D

please checking board name, Mang......


43Anonymous2018/02/13(Tue) 00:55:02.72
i was bathing
(AA omit)

44Anonymous2018/02/13(Tue) 01:11:22.09
ah...make a AA only thread another board?

i m thinking about it...

45Anonymous2018/02/13(Tue) 01:25:42.44
i love you, do you hear me?
i love you, do you hear me?
i love you

as i gaze at you, i m not counting the + and -
i m not loving you in order to reap the fruits of some it day
this is not some financial transaction or investment where the one in love takes a loss
i m elated, simply elated to be in love with you and to have been born in your time
there are also fools who can't help but love
you should just accept i without fretting about it
there are also fools who can't help but love
i just want you to say you've accept it

i love you, do you hear me?
i love you, do you hear me?
i love you

nighty night, RG and HSS.(^o^)/ 👀
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:0be15ced7fbdb9fdb4d0ce1929c1b82f)

46Anonymous2018/02/13(Tue) 01:31:17.48
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:0be15ced7fbdb9fdb4d0ce1929c1b82f) <- lol

many traps again!! hahaha :D

47Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 21:53:29.71
>nighty night, RG and HSS.(^o^)/ (warning eyes) <- He seems to see my armpit. :D

48Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 21:56:29.64

Happy Valentine's Day! (^o^)/(mango chocolate)

you're always in my thoughts.
i really miss you...
i wish we could always be together.

49Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 22:00:30.31

50Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 22:01:01.36
'This account is suspended. It will be deleted in the near future.'


i m lonely (/_;)

51Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 22:07:17.87

thanks for the notice.
and thank you for a lovely time.
i loved your tweet and image of headers. ( <- especially snow and the back of the cat. :)

52Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 22:09:30.19
it takes a long time for me to write a response in english. (-"-)

53Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 22:13:47.58
i was wondering if you will create a new account.
hope to see you again. :)

54Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 23:00:09.31
i was bathing
(AA omit)

55Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 23:21:53.38
if i gave you all the words of love i possibly could
would i be out of words by tomorrow, and abandoned by love?

since i don't have many different phrases that describe my love
the wind tells me to be quiet before you are sick of hearing my talk

no, i may not even be here tomorrow
i m a flower that is only here today
no, i will not feel sad tomorrow
for i m a one day flower that blooms in full today

words of abounding love for you---i dedicate them to you today and tomorrow
words of abounding love for you---i give you as many as i can

56Anonymous2018/02/14(Wed) 23:23:48.48
sleep tight RG and HSS! (^o^)/

57Anonymous2018/02/28(Wed) 23:47:48.88
long time (p_-)

58Anonymous2018/02/28(Wed) 23:48:46.72
* today's breakfast *

a banana

'repeat after me "bana-na"!

i overslept. hahaha(^o^*)>

59Anonymous2018/02/28(Wed) 23:50:27.27
* today's lunch *

onigiri x2
(fillng : grilled salted salmon chunks, spicy cod roe)

miso soup with tofu

karaage-kun (by LOWSON)

60Anonymous2018/02/28(Wed) 23:51:21.42
* today's dinner *


61Anonymous2018/02/28(Wed) 23:55:45.41


LAWSON! hahaha

62Anonymous2018/02/28(Wed) 23:58:26.07
i m taking a bath...

63Anonymous2018/03/01(Thu) 01:02:24.43
Quiero verte

Te echo de menos

64Anonymous2018/03/01(Thu) 01:03:54.54
ireally miss your responce...

65Anonymous2018/03/01(Thu) 01:07:10.91
feeling woozy today...

how are you today?
aren't you tired?

66Anonymous2018/03/01(Thu) 01:22:27.48
the truth is, you got far away
you keep running as always

i can whisper, i can yell
but i know, i know, i know

i m just talking to myself

talking to myself
talking to myself...

nighty night, RG and HSS!(^o^)/

67Anonymous2018/03/15(Thu) 01:48:31.62
i thought you'd be tired now
i thought you'd be hurt all alone
no matter how bad a day you had,
at the end of it, you always smiled and entertained me
so i thought you'd be feeling down in the middle of the night

i had no bravery to protect you, nothing to comfort you
i saw you off, unable to think of anything to do
i felt a twinge of conscience,
and i wanted to give you something
i looked all over for somthing, aniything

in the middle of the night, a cat jumps on the roof
the cat calls and jumps, cries and jumps
i m wishing for the moon
i want to give it to you

in the middle of the night, a cat jumps on the board(food8)
the cat calls and jumps, cries and jumps
i m wishing for a lot of fun
i want to give it to you

68Anonymous2018/03/15(Thu) 01:50:27.33
sleep tight, RG and HSS!(^o^)/

69Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 16:12:38.98

A month has passed!@<(^o^)/

70Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 16:15:14.64
as ever,

nobody is there. <(^o^)/ hahaha

71Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 16:23:15.31

"ERROR: Unavailable Japanese character" (3 times)

hi Rockwell mang!
this board is severe and hard for Japanese!(^o^#)

72Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 16:25:38.97
it is truly Embassy. :D

73Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 16:35:40.76

today is holiday!
i wiill make dinner from now.

steamed rice with scallops
baked eggplant
poke and SHISHITO and DAIKON-OROSHI stir-fry

let's cooking! :D

74Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 20:19:52.02

not poke
pork! hahaha :D

75Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 20:26:21.27
today's dinner is so good!
Yeah, Ifm full now! <(^o^)>

76Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 21:32:30.00
Chicago Fire is not very interesting. (-o-)
i will take a bath.

77Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 22:40:59.10
I'm standing on a bridge
I'm waiting in the dark
I thought that you'd be here by now
there's nothing but the rain
no footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound

isn't anyone trying to find me?
won't somebody come take me home?

it's a damn cold night
trying to figure out this life
won't you take me by the hand?
take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
but I...
I'm with you

I'm looking for a place
I'm searching for a face
is anybody here I know
'cause nothing's going right
and everything's a mess
and no one likes to be alone

why is everything so confusing
maybe I'm just out of my mind

It's a damn cold night
trying to figure out this life
won't you take me by the hand?
take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
but I...
I'm with you

78Anonymous2018/04/18(Wed) 22:42:38.68
love you RG and HSS, nighty night! (^o^)/

79Anonymous2018/05/11(Fri) 19:53:39.73
Planet Ape

80Anonymous2018/06/11(Mon) 12:10:59.31
I ate a taco.

Flour tortillas... I'm sorry.

81Anonymous2018/06/29(Fri) 12:23:05.43
I ate some chili.

with beans... I'm sorry.

82Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 00:36:23.03