English/Japanese dictionary for video game fags [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:23:19.95
vidya game => video game

2Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:23:40.04
gg => good game

3Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:27:01.21
wtf => what the fuck

4Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:29:26.25
spam => renda


Spell Spam => mahou renda
Punchi Spam => panchi renda

5Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:32:51.25
newfag -> newbie -> shinzan(japanese)

6Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:33:25.36
noob => manuke, aho, baka,hetakusho

7Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 15:33:50.08
noobie -> hetakuso and shinzan

8Anonymous2015/01/22(Thu) 00:10:14.45
gg and no rm => good game no rematch => ii shoubu deshita saisen wa nashi de

9Anonymous2015/01/22(Thu) 11:55:32.38
GOAT => greatest of all time
based => respectable
3DPD => an actual living woman
you're waifu a shit => the fictional character you have an imaginary relationship with is comparable feces
spam => a brand of cheap canned sandwich meat
top kek => large cake
rooty tooty point and shooty => first person shooter
smibbly bibbly => television remote
cold on the cob => ice lolly

10Anonymous2015/01/22(Thu) 12:15:07.34
I wonder why QUALITY means bad anime art.

Does anyone know?

11Anonymous2015/01/22(Thu) 17:17:03.65
QUALITY is used sarcastically.

12Anonymous2015/01/22(Thu) 21:11:59.20


13Anonymous2015/01/24(Sat) 13:47:44.36
rage quit => kaisen giri

14Anonymous2015/01/24(Sat) 13:49:13.23
farming => marathon


blade stone farming => blade stone marathon

15Anonymous2015/01/25(Sun) 14:54:21.38
griefer => arashi, gedou player

16Anonymous2015/01/25(Sun) 18:16:20.73

17Anonymous2015/01/27(Tue) 06:33:42.71

top kek comes from top lel, which means 'top (best) comedy lol (laughing out loud)'

18Anonymous2015/01/28(Wed) 22:16:51.53

kek is from the multiplayer game World Of Warcraft. enemy players messages are altered so when the enemy types LOL, it turns into KEK.

19Anonymous2015/01/29(Thu) 20:03:24.81
CC => crosd control

20Anonymous2015/02/05(Thu) 01:44:53.83
oh really?
great i feel fucking terrible for using top kek so much now that it's connotated to a shit game like LOL

21Anonymous2015/03/01(Sun) 01:48:11.05

22Anonymous2015/04/19(Sun) 05:03:11.91
ayyy lmao => greeting for many english chan users

23Anonymous2015/04/19(Sun) 19:27:53.23
Checked = I have observed the repeating digits next to your post

24Anonymous2015/04/22(Wed) 19:00:36.17
In the west, this is something quite holy to us. Revered with respect and awe.

25Anonymous2015/05/06(Wed) 16:28:42.67

26Anonymous2015/05/15(Fri) 12:17:00.90

27Anonymous2015/12/05(Sat) 00:17:29.15
OP = >>1
This >>1 = Kuso (Shit)

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29Anonymous2016/04/08(Fri) 11:22:04.06

30Anonymous2016/04/26(Tue) 03:31:27.45
Mate, I'm pretty sure most people coming to this board know English in the first place.

31Anonymous2016/04/27(Wed) 11:59:47.25
fag >>30

32Anonymous2016/06/28(Tue) 06:05:24.00
Check mah dubs bebe

33Anonymous2016/06/28(Tue) 06:20:11.95
ok now check mah dubs

34Anonymous2016/09/11(Sun) 22:41:28.59
The secret of Blue Print.

35Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 03:22:08.98
English? What do you mean? Is he a volunteer?

36Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 00:02:58.63

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