Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [転載禁止]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.

2Anonymous2015/05/26(Tue) 19:36:10.99
Hello, I'm here now. I'm from Germany, gonna be visiting Tokyo in October.

3Anonymous2015/05/27(Wed) 08:29:03.56
to travel?m m8

4Anonymous2015/05/28(Thu) 13:46:34.89
I'm here too. How was your travel?

5Anonymous2015/06/15(Mon) 00:26:47.57
Its too dificult to get here.
Its all in jap.

6Anonymous2015/06/26(Fri) 02:35:17.92
>>1 Probably because there's no easy way of discovering this place other than blindly stumbling onto here.

7Anonymous2015/07/02(Thu) 09:45:57.16
Foreign here, ask me anything

8Anonymous2015/07/02(Thu) 21:22:18.64
Where are you from?

9Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 03:41:57.69
Venezuela, it's a piece of shit and no one wants to work.

10Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 06:46:15.90
2ch is not that interesting for a foreigner, I say this as a brazillian

11Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 08:46:48.95
I think it's pretty interesting for foreigners that are already interested in anonymous discussion/image-boards.
But those aren't as widespread in foreign countries as I think 2ch is in Japan.

12Anonymous2015/07/06(Mon) 06:52:12.04
>>11 maybe i am foreigner
everybody hello

13Anonymous2015/07/06(Mon) 08:13:05.26
was denn

14Anonymous2015/07/11(Sat) 16:23:05.31

15Anonymous2015/07/17(Fri) 02:01:28.50
did they make an annoucement of opening this board?

Otherwise, u know

16Anonymous2015/08/08(Sat) 01:02:39.10
【JAPAN】The Tokaido Shinkansen Line
ttp://hello.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/travel/1438907951/  + 「h」 put at the top

17Anonymous2015/08/09(Sun) 18:00:18.66
Foreigner is here :)
I'm from Korea

18Anonymous2015/08/09(Sun) 18:04:51.90
Is here no question to Korean?

19Anonymous2015/08/17(Mon) 12:04:02.26
Someone sponsor me a work visa to japan and I'll come.

20Anonymous2015/08/26(Wed) 13:40:12.90
i'm in japan already & im from Dubai :)
skype @ mubariz.khan & teach me japanese please

21Anonymous2015/11/01(Sun) 15:23:02.54
Syrian Refugee here, please accept me

22Anonymous2015/11/01(Sun) 15:27:43.49
The first was nothing
The nothing shaped something
This is all the truth

23Anonymous2015/11/04(Wed) 21:36:48.24
I am from Russia, for example.

24Anonymous2015/11/07(Sat) 19:53:50.16

25Anonymous2015/11/09(Mon) 01:05:32.85
Hey! Where are you all? I feel so sad and alone.

26Anonymous2015/11/11(Wed) 10:27:36.71
I am trying to shitpost in lounge8
but apparently I can't make a thread...

27Anonymous2015/11/12(Thu) 11:23:41.37

28Anonymous2015/11/15(Sun) 09:50:09.52
am here

29Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 05:44:44.74
foreigner am is her also
is board fast or pee pee slow?

30Anonymous2015/11/19(Thu) 03:28:20.80
is this board dead? i really wanted to talk to you guys, just found this website, i dont understand any of it

but you're all cute <3 not even joking.

31Anonymous2015/11/19(Thu) 03:50:49.70
This board is the fastest foreign board as far as I can tell but it's not fast.

32Anonymous2015/11/21(Sat) 23:21:32.65

33Anonymous2015/11/25(Wed) 20:07:20.16
&#45212; &#54620;&#44397;&#50640;&#49436; &#50772;&#51020;!

34Anonymous2015/11/25(Wed) 23:21:21.58
Иван, плиз.

35Anonymous2015/11/25(Wed) 23:22:45.96
So... I wanna fight with you!

36Anonymous2015/11/27(Fri) 00:51:19.10
hey guys, if anyone wants to talk, you can follow me on twitter or something
anyone is welcome, since this board is very slow and you rarely get to talk to anyone.
it would be my pleasure to help you guys with english and stuff. <3
twitter @ is @Sir_kamil

37Anonymous2015/11/27(Fri) 16:28:07.44
Russian Ivan here. Hello, neighbours! =)

38Anonymous2015/11/28(Sat) 08:20:57.15
Texas deserves to be a independant nation!!
We must free ourselves from the shackles of American oppression!

39Anonymous2015/11/30(Mon) 04:45:37.51
What we do, guys?

40Anonymous2015/11/30(Mon) 16:35:57.64

41Anonymous2015/12/01(Tue) 09:17:57.09
Ceterum autem censeo carthaginem delendam esse.

42Anonymous2015/12/08(Tue) 11:27:26.48
Guys, let's invite people here from 4 Chan. 2ch is the original website of 4 Chan so some people would be interested.

43Anonymous2015/12/09(Wed) 12:19:06.61
You can do it but what if this place turn off a next meme place.

44Anonymous2015/12/11(Fri) 04:24:17.34
4chan had its own text boards for 10 years.
no one used them....
why would they come to 2ch at this juncture?

45Anonymous2015/12/19(Sat) 08:21:15.37
I used the 4chan textboards. I still post on the few remaining english textboards.
I guess the glory days of textboards have gone by and english textboards like world2ch will never amount to anything.

46Anonymous2015/12/20(Sun) 18:59:36.36
Hello, I am from Australia

47Anonymous2015/12/21(Mon) 11:24:22.80
Teach me the nippongese.

48Anonymous2015/12/21(Mon) 12:29:16.79
Stop pretending to be a foreigner dumbass

49Anonymous2015/12/30(Wed) 23:18:24.97
hi I'm Khan from Seychelles

50Anonymous2015/12/30(Wed) 23:18:57.80
teach me Chinese

51Anonymous2016/01/05(Tue) 03:26:08.72
>Why doesn't foreigner come here ???

Japanese doesn't come here too

Why had this boad been made?

52Anonymous2016/01/06(Wed) 20:02:40.30
Hello, everyone!

53Anonymous2016/01/06(Wed) 21:37:05.07

54Anonymous2016/01/06(Wed) 23:26:43.14
It's obvious that foreigners are not quite interested to the japanese's anonymous board cuz most of japanese cant communicate by english

55Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 01:40:21.51
>cuz most of japanese cant communicate by english
Why you think so?

56Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 06:48:47.92
because their English is terrible just like me

57Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 09:29:05.61
when i went to japan of of a young shopkeeper asked me my birthday for tax free procedure but he doesnt even understand july... lmao

58Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 14:46:17.61
My english is terrible too but I'm not a nipponese. I think we just need more practise :3

59Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 19:16:41.52
is that so?
where are you from?

60Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 19:53:08.16
From Russia.

61Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:51:28.44
good I like Russian girls<3

62Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:57:13.56
Unfortunately I'm not a girl.

63Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:57:15.73
> good I like Russian girls<3

watch out!
It's Kohmei's trap!!

64Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:58:59.15

65Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:04:52.80

66Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:08:51.10

67Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:10:51.77
attempt number two


68Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:28:36.66
scream out !

(´Д`)Come on! Russia,Ukraine and Belarus beautiful girls! marry with me!

69Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 23:27:39.33
For me japanese women look more attractive.

70Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 03:29:07.93
A little bit more than 10 posts per day. We are growing up, guys.


Hello everyone
Why are you here?

72Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 16:30:33.57
Because we can.

73Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 21:51:40.39

74Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 23:12:47.19

75Anonymous2016/01/10(Sun) 17:38:47.78

76Anonymous2016/01/10(Sun) 19:17:10.79
Xi Jinping

77Anonymous2016/01/12(Tue) 22:23:34.04
> Xi Jinping


78Anonymous2016/01/17(Sun) 00:50:41.82

79Anonymous2016/01/17(Sun) 19:03:55.19

80Anonymous2016/01/22(Fri) 01:26:42.32

81Anonymous2016/01/23(Sat) 11:06:10.26
omaera nihongo hanase!

82Anonymous2016/01/25(Mon) 18:22:36.17

83Anonymous2016/01/27(Wed) 06:53:26.48

84Anonymous2016/01/29(Fri) 10:08:46.52
Probably because 2ch forbids latin writing merely everywhere and there is no /int/ imageboard

go 4chan /int/

85Anonymous2016/02/02(Tue) 11:38:29.51
>go 4chan /int/
No, You!

86Anonymous2016/02/02(Tue) 23:20:04.41
I know 4chan users are dislike japanese.
I don't want to go to 4chan.

87Anonymous2016/02/06(Sat) 03:30:09.92
I don't know why are they so mad about Japanese.

88Anonymous2016/02/07(Sun) 23:21:58.20
It's very easy.
Western losers are more crazy than Asian losers.

89Anonymous2016/02/09(Tue) 15:04:32.28

90Anonymous2016/02/09(Tue) 21:55:00.94
Japanese kanji makes me sad. I always confused and forget them. I want to speak in japanese but kanji is so terrible...

91Anonymous2016/02/10(Wed) 10:34:13.94
>I want to speak in japanese

Kanji doesn't appear in conversation.
In my opinion Japanese language's grammar and accent are most simple in east asia.
My poor English proves how Japanese easy.

>but kanji is so terrible...

Truly sometimes Japanese feel too.
When that time,we ask how to read.

92Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 00:11:07.66
Thanks for the support, Senpai ^_^

93Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 00:45:09.60
This is not the topic of the thread but I decided it's nothing wrong to write about it in here.

Today I tried to play in Saya no Uta. Very nice game for me.
Actually, I love to play in computer games. Most of my favorite games are japanese. For example: Front Mission, Final Fantasy, Contra Hard Corps and Tales of Eternia. I think this games are masterpieces.
What do you like to play, /lang/?

94Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 02:10:23.11
I love old(mainly in 1980's) KONAMI and SEGA games.
KONAMI games for example GRADIUS(Nemesis),METAL GEAR,CASTLEVANIA,SALAMANDER,Green beret,Mr.Goemon…etc.
SEGA games for example After burner,Fantasy Zone,Out Run,Wonder Boy Monster LAND,Quartet,Space Harrier,Sinobi…etc.
Do you know these Japanese games ?

95Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 15:02:02.34
I am here. I don't know how I got here.

96Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 18:24:01.98
> I don't know how I got here.


97Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 22:38:55.34
Good night

98Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 22:56:25.88
>Do you know these Japanese games ?
Unfortunatelly, no. I heard about one of them (CASTLEVANIA), but still have not played. Maybe later I will try it.
You may to stay here. It will be fun.
See you soon ;)

99Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 17:44:59.82
Hi,Where are you from?

100Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 19:10:06.24
From Russia.

101Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 21:46:35.67


Really!?Now I talk with Zangief!!I can't believe!
Welcome to this board.
Nice to meet you

102Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 22:01:29.65
Nice to meet you too :) ^_^

103Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 23:00:57.83
(-ω-)oO(I thought you will say “Who is Zangief!I am not in STREET FIGTER 2")

104Anonymous2016/02/13(Sat) 00:53:55.16

(But I am! >:o >;o >;o) :D

105Anonymous2016/02/13(Sat) 13:39:45.97

character corruption
you fail to make emoticon

106Anonymous2016/02/20(Sat) 16:19:09.93
It's when russian politicians steals money from the state budget.

107Anonymous2016/02/21(Sun) 20:39:37.72
Peter the Great sheds a single tear up in Orthodox Heaven

108Anonymous2016/02/24(Wed) 03:45:08.51
Hello 2ch.
Swiss here.
Looking for Japanese people that would like to practice their English with me,
since folks from Lang-8.com generally forget about me after a month.
I won't forget. Honest.

109Anonymous2016/02/24(Wed) 19:21:42.66
(;д;)English is very difficult.

110Anonymous2016/02/25(Thu) 01:25:18.01
to Anon below.
Do you need help?
We could contact via Steam or Skype, if you want. (' v')
I'm okay with sharing my ID here, spam doesn't really matter.

111Anonymous2016/02/29(Mon) 05:47:08.83
Is this board really that dead?
I expected at the very least a tiny bit of an answer.

112Anonymous2016/02/29(Mon) 15:18:41.51
this board is dead since to be born.
you should read thread title 100 times.

113Anonymous2016/03/01(Tue) 06:21:06.48
I'm going to read it.
50 times in my notebook.

114Anonymous2016/03/06(Sun) 08:45:16.32
does anyone live in germany?

115Anonymous2016/03/10(Thu) 03:06:16.95
No one advertises these boards on English speaking sites so I don't think many foreigners know these boards exist.

116Anonymous2016/03/11(Fri) 11:16:24.09
What are you speaking about? Latest many people here aren't japanese.

117Anonymous2016/03/18(Fri) 18:02:47.23
Hello, everyone.
I'm a random guy from Russia, who would like to find some Japanese penpals to chat about whatever.
I've got an N3 certificate, but huge pages of kanji just kill my brain, so I need to get used to using them more.
I used to be an anime fan, but lately I've been very bored with it. I also like Tabletop RPGs like Dungeon and Dragons, and am looking around for any Japanese TRPG systems. Maybe I'll even order a rulebook from an online store (w).
We can chat via Skype, Steam or just emails, whichever you'd prefer.
If you're interested - throw me an email at lzseries35@gmal.com

118Anonymous2016/03/18(Fri) 18:04:34.03
that should be @gmail.com

119Anonymous2016/03/20(Sun) 00:20:43.16
probably Japanese popular TRPG is‘sword world RPG’or ‘record of LODOSS war’
maybe you can buy it in Amazon

120Anonymous2016/03/20(Sun) 02:45:06.01
Ah, thank you. Though, probably, I won't be able to buy a book for a few months - a teacher's salary is quite low. (w)

121Anonymous2016/03/20(Sun) 12:44:48.01
those aren't expensive.
however there is one condition.

they are written in japanese.therefor you must master japanese.

122Anonymous2016/03/20(Sun) 14:23:48.98
Well, I have passed Nouryoku Shiken N3 testing (with a B grade for moji-goi section though (w)), so I think I'll manage somehow =)

123Anonymous2016/03/21(Mon) 21:45:26.61
Japanese is kinda hard, that's why ^_^

124Anonymous2016/03/22(Tue) 18:21:25.29
Well, this board is in English exactly because of that (though the interface is still in Japanese, but, well, it's more or less intuitive).

125Anonymous2016/03/23(Wed) 12:43:14.44

126Anonymous2016/03/27(Sun) 04:03:35.04
konna ita atttatokahajimete shittawa w ww

127Anonymous2016/03/30(Wed) 20:48:32.57
recently it's getting warmer and warmer.

probably next week we can have good HANAMI.

128Anonymous2016/03/31(Thu) 02:14:22.46
kok gimanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

129Anonymous2016/03/31(Thu) 18:26:32.41
what are you saying ?

130Anonymous2016/04/01(Fri) 00:54:11.33
Hey. I'm from Russia. I love sucking Asian's dick.

131Anonymous2016/04/01(Fri) 00:55:40.63
Hey. I'm from Russia. I love sucking Asian's dick

132Anonymous2016/04/11(Mon) 06:24:09.74
>Hey. I'm from Russia
No, you are not, homo.

*real russian*

133Anonymous2016/04/12(Tue) 23:04:23.58
Why many russian come this thread.
same person?

134Anonymous2016/04/14(Thu) 10:31:17.64
We are everywhere.
>same person?
No. But I've been here since last summer.

135Anonymous2016/04/14(Thu) 21:58:05.63
now big earthquake is comin

136Anonymous2016/04/14(Thu) 23:23:39.95
I don't have image Russians comes Japanese board till meet you.

Now,you live in Russia?

137Anonymous2016/04/15(Fri) 03:33:34.30
>>1 At least turn off that foreign IP block first

138Anonymous2016/04/15(Fri) 05:14:58.43
>I don't have image Russians comes Japanese board till meet you
But now you have it.
>Now,you live in Russia?
Yes. In western part of Russia which is called Ural.

139Anonymous2016/04/15(Fri) 06:08:07.53
Is Ural considered Western?

140Anonymous2016/04/15(Fri) 07:56:42.47

141Anonymous2016/04/15(Fri) 23:42:58.61
Are you tater?

There is many beautiful girl in Ural !

142Anonymous2016/04/16(Sat) 02:28:21.92
>Are you tater?
Is it sort of slang? Because google says that

143Anonymous2016/04/16(Sat) 02:30:04.89
.. "tater" means a potato. Do you often see girls on imageboards?

144Anonymous2016/04/19(Tue) 22:35:35.36
Are anybody seeing here?

145Anonymous2016/04/21(Thu) 16:57:26.73

146Anonymous2016/04/23(Sat) 00:35:58.25
someone is comin here


147Anonymous2016/04/23(Sat) 01:16:34.63

148Anonymous2016/04/24(Sun) 15:47:58.31
Who wants to talk? ^^

149Anonymous2016/04/24(Sun) 20:02:44.92
Please, don't be shy.

150Anonymous2016/04/24(Sun) 22:04:10.55

W,What's your hobby ?

151Anonymous2016/04/26(Tue) 03:00:12.06
By and large, people outside of Japan just don't know what 2ch is.
The only people who would know already go to sites like 8ch, which have far more active English speaking boards than 2ch's English boards.

Also there's that scary-looking warning you get before you post for the first time.

152Anonymous2016/04/26(Tue) 03:06:19.42
Also, I'll add that the entire site is in Japanese. That's a real problem if you don't know the language.
The average person won't even know how to do something as basic as open a thread.

153Anonymous2016/04/27(Wed) 11:50:05.97
greetings from the great nation of Texas.

154Anonymous2016/04/27(Wed) 15:02:25.71
minna ohayo.
this board isn't useful.because this board can't use japanese characters.
at least it need to admit to use hiragana characters.

155Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 00:33:43.93

156Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 00:39:08.26
>this board can't use japanese characters.
For me it was disappointment too. I think that I will teach a japanese language but I can't to write anything in japanese. It's very sad.

157Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 05:47:04.29
Well, the point of this board is to attract mostly Western foreign people, and Japanese isn't a popular language in the West.
I think the staff doesn't allow Japanese characters here as an attempt to not intimidate people who wouldn't understand what they mean, but I think it's a little silly that they did it.
I could ask Code Monkey to enable them the next time I see him post on 8ch, although I'm not sure he'd even respond, and if he does he'd probably say "no".

158Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 14:54:26.50
How many people sit on 2ch.net? Does anybody know the approximate number?

159Code Monkey ★2016/04/28(Thu) 21:35:39.53
Thank you for the concern.
I will ask Mango-san to enable Japanese language here for ease of talking about language.
Please try to keep messages to predominantly English language, but it should be okay to write in Japanese too.

160Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 21:42:22.01
Alright, I asked CM to Japanese characters and he said he would.
Let me test it.
私は日本語がわかりません, 私が使用していますGoogle翻訳

161Code Monkey ★2016/04/28(Thu) 21:43:23.50

162Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:28:50.21

163Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:29:45.32

164Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:35:11.48
i think ルー大柴みたいなENGLISHがvery useful

165Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:37:36.81

very thank you for your action.

166Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:38:01.15
Thank you, guys!


167Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:40:01.08

now,japan is in night.
where are you from ?

168Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:46:04.34
From Russia.

169Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 22:58:31.90
> How many people sit on 2ch.net?

i had heard totaly 2ch.net was accesed 1,000,000hit over per day.

170Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 23:01:33.37
> From Russia.


do you often come here russian ?

171Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 23:13:39.58
>do you often come here
Every day.

172Anonymous2016/04/28(Thu) 23:33:37.21
You're welcome, I guess. Code Monkey was the guy who enabled Japanese text, I only asked him to.
Good morning! Although, it's actually the middle of the day where I live..

173Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 00:05:51.32
> Every day.


174Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 01:07:36.67
I want to know a little about Japan. Is it true that average person feels pressure of society?

175Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 01:12:10.33
I mean the strict societal mores.

176Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 05:01:21.52
What kinda music to Japs like? I think the only Japanese band I've ever listened to is Church of Misery.

177Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 13:50:27.87
>average person feels pressure of society?

>the strict societal mores.
every country has this , isn't it ?

178Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 19:34:03.85

recently I often listen this band.
man with a mission

179Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 20:37:13.21
Hello. How was your day, friends?

180Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 22:13:23.46
very tired.
today,my work was very busy

181Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 22:51:01.55
Where do you work?

182Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 23:09:59.79
It kinda reminds me of My Chemical Romance. Personally, fan of that kind of music, but I can see why it could be popular.
I'm somewhat surprised that most of the lyrics are in English, though.

183Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 00:23:39.77
clothing shop.
29th in April is holiday in Japan.

i want to rest(‐公‐)y―~

184Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 00:36:12.43
once more 'man with a mission'.
this is featuring 'zebrahead'.

and this song is MADMAX japanese ver.ending song.

185Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 00:42:00.58
japanese idol girls group

this song was made by DRAGON FORCE.

186Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 00:45:11.86
Well, have a nice rest! :)

187Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 00:53:42.38
It's Sh&#333;wa Day, right?
If it's a holiday then why did you have to go into work?
It's alright, it's not the kind of music I'd normally listen to it, but I'd probably listen to it if I heard it on the radio or something like that.
Speaking of MADMAX, was that movie popular over there?
I remember hearing Hideo Kojima say he saw the movie about fourteen times.

188Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 00:55:34.36
The hell? I tried to write "Showa" with a line over the 'o' and it came out as "Sh&#333;wa"

189Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:43:32.64
> >>183
> It's Sh&#333;wa Day, right?
recently,don't call showa day.it is called MIDORINOHI(means a day of green)

> If it's a holiday then why did you have to go into work?
every day shops are opened.

> >>184
> It's alright, it's not the kind of music I'd normally listen to it, but I'd probably listen to it if I heard it on the radio or something like that.

What is kind of music do you like most ?
rock?jazz?R&B?any other?

> Speaking of MADMAX, was that movie popular over there?
since 1979(1st madmax),this movies are very popular.
especially madmax2 had influenced many japanese ANIME,MANGA,GAME.

> I remember hearing Hideo Kojima say he saw the movie about fourteen times.

what did he see many times?

190Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 02:31:48.57
(・Д・){English is difficult…

(;Д;){English is difficult !

(ノд<。)゜。{English is very difficult !!

191Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 02:55:56.99
>What is kind of music do you like most ?
Mostly electronic music genres. Artists like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, etc. I also listen to some metal and hip-hop.
An example of the kinds of music I listen to would be this

I listen to some rock, not very much jazz or R&B.

>what did he see many times?
Mad Max: Fury Road, sorry if I wasn't being clear.

Don't worry, English speakers think the Japanese language is hard. Well, they think kanji is hard, not so much hiragana or katakana.

192Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 04:24:41.72
If you will be talking here you can speak more fluently.

193Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 18:56:46.51

194Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 20:27:36.12
i keep it up

195Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 20:45:46.38
English can be a rather loose language, you can mess up a lot of things (even outright misspell words) but people can still get what you're trying to say.

196Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 22:23:40.71
And that is cause why I love english.

197Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 22:24:15.63

198Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 03:20:00.78
I wish other languages were as lax as English.
If you mess something up in Chinese and the entire sentence either means something entirely different or becomes incomprehensible.

199Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 06:45:14.90
Do you learn Chinese?

200Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 06:49:24.93
No, but my father did. He lived in Hong Kong for a few years.
He told me that even doing so much as changing the tone or pitch of a syllable could change a sentence.

201Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 22:51:23.74
This song sounds like 80's KONAMI game song.

202Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 23:14:02.30

suddenly i can't write on this board.
what happen?

203Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 23:19:48.46
it makes me wonder that
Chinese language learner doesn't claim kanji is difficult,
but japanese language learner (include japanese people)claims kanji is very difficult.

it is unique to me.

204Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 23:34:21.28
We have posted a little bit more than 200 posts already.

205Anonymous2016/05/03(Tue) 03:50:49.77
It kind of does, actually.
Well, I've heard that the Chinese language is much harder to learn and use than kanji, so kanji seems easier by comparison. Also, if you know Chinese then you already know the characters in kanji, although their meaning might be a little different.

206Anonymous2016/05/03(Tue) 16:51:07.07
meaning is VERYdifferent between japanese kanji and Chinese kanji.

「手紙」 means…
letter → japanese
toilet paper → Chinese

207Anonymous2016/05/03(Tue) 21:00:19.66
What do you read from the English literature to improve your skill, /lang8/?

208Anonymous2016/05/03(Tue) 23:38:24.33
I'm fluent in English, so I don't need to improve my skills in the language.
However, I would recommend the George Orwell novella "Animal Farm" to anybody learning English; it's rather short and quite interesting.

209Anonymous2016/05/08(Sun) 22:08:41.71
no one speak in these days.
anybody looks here?

210Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 01:44:43.67
Me. Hello. I tried to read english books all these days. Sorry.

211Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 10:06:34.02
I still look around these threads.
What books are you reading currently?

212Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 11:30:45.92
book written in english is expensive

213Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 12:11:10.16
If you're buying physical copies, then yes.
Most people in the west either buy digital copies of books or just illegally download them.

214Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 16:23:01.98
The series of novels about

215Anonymous2016/05/09(Mon) 16:25:34.20

The series of novel about "Harry Potter".
>just illegally download them

216Anonymous2016/05/10(Tue) 00:42:11.63
> Most people in the west either buy digital copies of books or just illegally download them.

it doesn't make sense to me.
everytime Westerner has Internet ?

in my opinion paper bookis more useful than digital book.

217Anonymous2016/05/10(Tue) 18:36:27.57
>everytime Westerner has Internet ?
I assume you mean "does every Westerner have internet?" In first-world Western countries like the United States, Britain, Germany, etc? Absolutely, most people have an internet connection.

>in my opinion paper book is more useful than digital book.
That's debatable, if you carry and e-reader then you can carry hundreds of digital books around on you wherever you go, but you couldn't carry hundreds of paper books.
The only upside paper books have is that they don't run on batteries, so they can't die on you like an e-reader can.
However, most modern e-readers have rather long battery lives, some of them can even go two and a half days of constant use before having to be be recharged.

Personally, I prefer paper books, but that doesn't mean everybody else does.

218Anonymous2016/05/11(Wed) 07:39:12.44
>everytime Westerner has Internet ?
To add on to what 217 said: in Canada ~96% of the population has access to the internet, and we are a relatively isolated country.

Yes, e-readers have been getting better with battery. I have a fairly premium Kobo reader, and the battery can last 3-4 days of straight reading with the backlight on.

219Anonymous2016/05/13(Fri) 23:53:08.05
Fuck koreans!

220Anonymous2016/05/14(Sat) 02:20:58.24
Not without a condom.

221Anonymous2016/05/14(Sat) 09:20:44.07
Ewww! That's disgusting!

222Anonymous2016/05/14(Sat) 17:18:55.47
What's wrong with koreans?

223Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 02:39:54.23
If you talking about South Korea: I don't know about the people, but the government is extremely corrupt.
If you talking about North Korea: it's George Orwell's 1984 come to life.

224Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 04:28:33.39


システム化され、 ネットワークを通して、



225Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 04:28:56.51






226Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 13:27:12.83
please tell me.
How do English user distinguish similar word.(e.g. except/expect,quite/quiet…etc)
i often mistake when i read English,and i feel it's more difficult than reading kanji.

227Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 17:49:08.97
You just need to get used to it.

228Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 23:22:35.02
>to get used to it.

thank you for answering


229Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 23:51:24.44
After awhile you get used to it, but it's okay to misread something every once in awhile. It's a common mistake even native speakers make.
What you REALLY want to watch out for are homographs, which I'm convinced are the Devil's own work.
A homograph is a word that is spelled EXACTLY THE SAME as another word, but has a different meaning and is pronounced differently.

For example:

230Anonymous2016/05/16(Mon) 23:52:20.34
For some reason half my post disappeared. Anyway, back to what I was saying.

For example: "sake", pronounced "say" with a "k" at the end. It's a bit of a loose word, it's used in sentences like "For God's sake, don't do that."
On we go to "sake", pronounced "sah-kay". It's a Japanese drink.

Another one: "polish", pronounced "paul-ish". It refers to making something shiny or glossy.
Then there's "Polish", pronounced "poll-ish". It refers to a person from Poland.

Another one: "tear", pronounced "tea-er". It refers to the droplets of saliva that comes out of a person's eye when they cry.
Then there's "tear", pronounced "ta-er". It refers to ripping something.

There are over a hundred words like this.

231Anonymous2016/05/17(Tue) 01:00:24.61

very thank you for your advice.

232Anonymous2016/05/17(Tue) 01:54:19.16
You need more practise. Just read more and write more and you will be better.

233Anonymous2016/05/17(Tue) 02:34:00.81
>very thank you
The correct phrase is "thank you very much".

234Anonymous2016/05/26(Thu) 04:29:31.52
That feel when you try to speak confidently and beautiful like in your own language but all what you've said looks retarded and silly shit. I hate myself.

235Anonymous2016/05/27(Fri) 06:34:05.13
What's your native language?

236Anonymous2016/05/28(Sat) 10:41:50.59
Could somebody to write to me? Just for fun.

237Anonymous2016/05/29(Sun) 09:24:30.64
I want to have sex with white people!

238Anonymous2016/05/29(Sun) 20:23:19.41
Some white people want to have sex with Asians, as well.
In fact, there's a slang term for guys who only likes Asian girls: "yellow fever"
Not many white girls like Asian guys, though.

239Anonymous2016/05/30(Mon) 09:43:56.76

240Anonymous2016/05/31(Tue) 15:46:08.74
Nobody writes to me...... WHY LIVE, comrades?

241Anonymous2016/05/31(Tue) 19:14:00.64
My reason to live has been the same for the last seven years.
Watching hentai.

242Anonymous2016/06/02(Thu) 04:32:17.11
This thread = Everyone pretend to be foreigner

Baka gaijin never come here

Too stupid

243Anonymous2016/06/02(Thu) 19:52:04.32
Ты че выебываисся, а? Че выебываисся то?! Тебе по мордям нахлестать штоль, а?! Щас нахлестаю!

244Anonymous2016/06/02(Thu) 20:22:38.38
I want to have sexy time with white gaijins♪

245Anonymous2016/06/03(Fri) 18:14:17.95
Fuck, guys. Why are we so shy?

246Anonymous2016/06/03(Fri) 22:18:17.82
Although I am studying Japanese, finding this board was really hard. 2ch is too complicated for gaijins

247Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 01:18:07.45
not shy.
it's only that i don't have what do i talk about.

248Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 04:42:51.97
>>2ch is too complicated for gaijins
2chan, for example, completely hate us. Even /int/ dosen't exist and japanese proxy and most of VPN are banned. 2ch is more better at this.
How long do you sit on the imageboards? Is it the only place where you talk with people?

P.S. Sorry, if questions look like dumb shit.

249Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 10:18:13.55
>2ch is too complicated for gaijins
I disagree, I've been using this site for awhile now and haven't had any problems outside the first day. There are some annoying error messages, though.
Also, why does everybody keep saying "gaijin"?
Yeah, I get it's the Japanese word for "foreigner", but what's the point in using a word from another language when there's already a word that means the same thing?

250Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 13:50:33.72
Waito piggu go homu

251Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 14:34:37.15
>why does everybody keep saying "gaijin"?
i think it is banter.
i heard in 4chan,some westerner especially American people think "gaijin" is racism word.

often happen in 4chan,american flag often calls us "JAP".and we say "don't call us JAP !".
and they say "don't call us GAIJIN,you are raicist"

252Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 20:30:43.65
>and we say "don't call us JAP !"
Is "Jap" considered a racial slur, or do people just not like being called it?
I remember a long time ago hearing that "Nip" was considered to be rather offensive.

253Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 02:23:37.69
No, you!

254Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 02:38:14.60
When is coming bump limit here?

255Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 06:48:44.48
Is there a /b/ here?

256Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 07:32:20.24
There are several boards like /b/, such as /anarchy/.

257Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 16:52:29.11
I'm farting.

258Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 20:42:46.93
I fart every day.

259Anonymous2016/06/06(Mon) 05:22:47.53
I'm suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks!! Supersonic terrorisms!!
Help me!!

260Anonymous2016/06/06(Mon) 07:23:35.84
No. Oblivion takes you.

261Anonymous2016/06/07(Tue) 11:37:50.55
Notice me, Senpai!!!!

262Anonymous2016/06/07(Tue) 11:59:49.62

263Anonymous2016/06/11(Sat) 13:47:27.21








264Anonymous2016/06/11(Sat) 18:02:06.40
All Americans want hamburgers.
Americans are hamburgers.

265Anonymous2016/06/13(Mon) 12:45:13.14
Russians are retarded.

266Anonymous2016/06/13(Mon) 19:39:07.83
Don't me mean to our foreign friends.

267Anonymous2016/06/13(Mon) 23:06:19.81
Russians are bad people.

268Anonymous2016/06/15(Wed) 21:44:29.69
Russian loves 2ch

269Anonymous2016/06/16(Thu) 00:35:33.59
Russians are strange people.
They make some good music, though.

270Anonymous2016/06/21(Tue) 02:15:33.81
Fuck Russia

271Anonymous2016/06/21(Tue) 08:33:47.90
How do you have intercourse with an entire country?

272Anonymous2016/06/21(Tue) 11:18:46.68
I only have sex with hot white gaijins.

273Anonymous2016/06/22(Wed) 00:49:14.77

274Anonymous2016/06/22(Wed) 00:49:39.21
Fuck America!

275Anonymous2016/06/22(Wed) 00:53:32.54
Fuck Korea!

276Anonymous2016/06/22(Wed) 00:54:30.97
Fuck China!

277Anonymous2016/06/22(Wed) 06:50:18.59
What has Korea ever done?
They're corrupt as all Hell, but at least they don't start wars and cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people like the US and China.

278Anonymous2016/06/22(Wed) 16:54:54.65
Koreans are bad. They always fabricate the history and demand "sincere apology" and compensation money from Japan.

279Anonymous2016/06/23(Thu) 05:27:00.96
Compensation over what? Japan taking over Korea several hundred years ago?
Nobody from then is even alive anymore. They should be more upset that the UN fucked them over by giving 50% of the country to Russia and 50% to the USA after Japan handed them back at the end of the war.
That's what caused Korea to split into two countries, the UN (for some reason) thought that if they gave the north and the south of Korea to two different countries, they'd eventually link them back together.
The UN was not full of smart people.

280Anonymous2016/06/25(Sat) 16:05:43.90
I guess most people just do not know they can posting here. 2ch bans all foreign IPs, right? Also, greetings from Ukraine.

281Anonymous2016/06/25(Sat) 19:07:28.89
What is the difference between Russia and Ukraine?

They are the same. I think.

282Anonymous2016/06/25(Sat) 19:11:32.02

283Anonymous2016/06/25(Sat) 19:26:24.07
and also Greetings from Finland
There is a lot of happenings regarding this referendum about EU membership
Votes were 51,9% "out of eu" numbered "remain" votes by 1,2 million.
But there seems to be a twist
>oh shit nigger what are doing
Currently there is a petition with 1 087 736 signatures while writing this.
(link: petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215)
/pol/ is going and is already ranting about this and creating new petitions here and there.
If anyone from near future see this post please come to join us in 4chan /pol/ to praise kek and help meme magic take over

ps. I like animu :3

284Anonymous2016/06/25(Sat) 19:32:38.28
Ew so many baka gaijins! Whats worse, they are freaking whities!!!! Ewwwww

285Anonymous2016/06/25(Sat) 21:13:06.56
It seems that one of the britbongs did a great discovery by checking the info that the website provided
and check a line "{"name":"United Kingdom","code":"GB","signature_count":353988}"
It seems there is actually just 353988 people who voted this in Brittain meaning this is complete bollocks

sorry for making such a mess up
>whito piggu go home to ylilauta.org fingols
Alrighty m8s see ya later

286Anonymous2016/06/26(Sun) 02:13:59.18
They don't even use the same language
>If anyone from near future see this post please come to join us in 4chan /pol/ to praise kek and help meme magic take over
>ps. I like animu :3
Jesus fucking CHRIST, anon. Control your fucking autism. People like you are the reason nobody takes 4chan seriously anymore.

287Anonymous2016/06/27(Mon) 09:11:46.78
Ding, Dong, the EU's dead.


288Anonymous2016/06/27(Mon) 09:15:18.21
>nobody takes 4chan seriously anymore

If anything, the opposite is true.

They and everyone else are just now figuring out the real and actual power they have that exists beyond fixing TIME magazine polls and are now endlessly whined about by mainstream media outlets and major websites.

Where this leads us, it can't be good.

Or maybe something lulzy will result from it.

289Anonymous2016/06/27(Mon) 10:23:38.82
But there's something I'm not getting.
Why are you using 2ch and also using 4chan?
Usually English-speaking people here would use 8ch. Even our admin, Code Monkey uses 8ch instead of 4chan.

290Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 00:23:37.83
maybe you have image SOVIET.

291Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 00:25:37.95
> >282
> and also Greetings from Finland

moomin comes here
welcomoomin !

292Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 17:13:43.56
I wish Jim just made a clone of 4chan that was a clone of 2chan with less and more focused boards to troll Hiroshima Nagasaki like he's doing with his 2ch clone. 8ch is pretty terrible since all the boards aren't controlled by Jim himself.

293Anonymous2016/06/30(Thu) 03:52:54.20
Hello, I recently learned Russian, and learning Japanese is my next goal. Does anybody know of any good resources for learning kana?

294Anonymous2016/07/01(Fri) 00:15:01.53
you search“REALKANA”in google.

295Anonymous2016/07/01(Fri) 14:24:28.20
There are over 11,000 different boards on 8ch, I don't think Jim ''could'' control them all even if he wanted to.
The users of 8ch also don't really trust Jim, they wouldn't be too happy if he suddenly took control of every single board.

296Anonymous2016/07/02(Sat) 15:32:32.34
Thank you.
Didn't Jim take full control away from HW? I remember hearing that HW abandoned 8chan, and Jim has taken full control under HW's name. I don't know how right that is since I don't use 8chan anymore, but that's what I've heard on other imageboards.

297Anonymous2016/07/02(Sat) 16:30:58.72
HW gave Code Monkey control, he didn't just abandon the site, he's still a consultant.
Jim's been the owner now for over a year, but CM is the one who controls it and HW now helps CM.

298Anonymous2016/07/02(Sat) 16:34:33.70
There is no actual difference, like there is no difference between Japanese people and Korean people.

299Anonymous2016/07/02(Sat) 22:57:41.97

Just kidding

300Anonymous2016/07/03(Sun) 16:55:08.61
What are some really famous bands in Japan?
In the west you'll only ever hear music from Europe, America and sometimes Australia/NZ on the radio, you'll rarely anything from Japan or Asia in general.
Also, are any western music artists popular over there?

301Anonymous2016/07/03(Sun) 20:46:10.47
For British people,espicially Londoners!

What are you doing?
"Stupid choice in referendum"

I love London, England and also Highland.
In fact,I used be live in couple years in London.

302Anonymous2016/07/03(Sun) 21:14:12.47
My exgirlfriend came back to me last week.
I wish I show all of you a photo of my girlfriend with me.

W.Shakespeare says
"The course of true love never did run smooth"

303Anonymous2016/07/04(Mon) 02:42:33.51
Not British, but Irish (near Northern Ireland; which is apart of the UK) and I know a lot of people from the North who voted in the referendum. They're all really right-wing, so they voted leave.
They're extremely happy about the result, they say things like "the EU has done nothing but fuck over the UK with very little benefit". I'm not sure I'm agree, but that's what they believe.

304Anonymous2016/07/04(Mon) 22:13:17.36
Well, well, well.
Thanks for your reply.
I have recognised your thingking about.

"They're extremely happy about the result"

Not only EU countries but also international society
say that's incredible.
Somehow,UK will be get A Back Eyes.
Don't you think so?

305Anonymous2016/07/04(Mon) 22:54:50.61
>Somehow,UK will be get A Back Eyes.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.
>Don't you think so?
If you're referring to the what the other EU countries are saying, then yes. I do think it's incredible that the UK left the EU.
I'm not sure why they did it other than some propaganda that UKIP spouted. It's like they don't know that leaving is only going to cause more problems than it solved.

306Anonymous2016/07/06(Wed) 20:41:01.05
Because we use 8ch.

307Anonymous2016/07/14(Thu) 01:26:09.27
>using 8ch

308Anonymous2016/07/14(Thu) 06:33:37.99
Anon, you don't use the greater-than symbol like that on 2ch. It's pretty much exclusively used for quoting here.
If you go into a thread and type something like ">implying" you'll just confuse everybody.

309Anonymous2016/07/15(Fri) 23:35:16.72
Which is more existing 4chan or 8chan ?

310Anonymous2016/07/17(Sun) 18:25:22.57
4chan likes Japan, but they will never admit it.

What does the

311Anonymous2016/07/17(Sun) 18:26:20.46
Do you mean which is bigger? 4chan, by far.

312Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 14:29:36.80
>4chan likes Japan
That heavily depends on what board you're on.
Now, I haven't used 4chan for about two years, but I'll try to talk about what I remember.
The users of boards like /a/ (anime board) or /jp/ (Japanese culture board) would really love Japan, while people on boards like /3/ (3D modeling board) or /o/ (automobile board) might really care very much about Japan.

What >>311 says, 4chan is far more popular. 8ch site-wide probably gets around 5,000-7,000 users daily. 4chan probably gets over 500,000.
4chan also has several billion posts site-wide while 8ch has about 42 million (42,943,332 to be exact, the front page displays the post count).
I still prefer 8ch, however. It has many more boards than 4chan does and generally has a better community.

Code Monkey is also the new 8ch admin and he's actually adding new features to the site regularly, something 4chan did rarely. He also talks to his users near daily!
When I used 4chan Moot was the owner, and after 2012 he made maybe 3 or 4 posts A YEAR. Whenever Moot posted; it was a big deal.

313Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 19:21:52.06
Oh no, I just notice I made a typo in my previous post.
I meant "might *not* really care very much about Japan."
I left out a very important word.

314Anonymous2016/07/20(Wed) 00:41:34.51

315Anonymous2016/07/20(Wed) 18:15:32.92
Those are tiny boards though. /o/ could be balanced by a board as tiny as /c/.

316Anonymous2016/07/20(Wed) 19:24:18.39
What about /b/ or /pol/?
I never really went to those boards, but I can't imagine them having very many weeaboos on them.

317Anonymous2016/07/24(Sun) 06:33:13.62
I know lad, there's just no point to changing my internet vernacular tbh.

/b/ and /pol/ are literally normie infested

318Anonymous2016/07/26(Tue) 01:15:46.26
Hello friend

319Anonymous2016/07/26(Tue) 17:26:45.00

320Anonymous2016/07/26(Tue) 22:41:19.12
What is Tokyo's Disneyland like?
I've only ever been to the one in Paris.

321Anonymous2016/09/04(Sun) 21:10:34.82
I can't get along with you because of very fool.

322Anonymous2016/09/07(Wed) 07:04:45.42
even this place is slightly less dead
jim should add these textboards to 8ch's header

323Anonymous2016/09/19(Mon) 19:46:23.72
English boards here seem hopeless. Thread creation disabled on some.

324Anonymous2016/09/20(Tue) 05:51:53.84
Yet LiA gets a link to 8ch's /b/. What the fuck?

325Anonymous2016/10/09(Sun) 16:38:51.29
noone comes here

326Anonymous2016/10/10(Mon) 16:14:16.05
hi there

327Anonymous2016/10/10(Mon) 17:12:00.09

328Anonymous2016/10/25(Tue) 02:35:09.48

329Anonymous2016/10/25(Tue) 07:24:55.08

330Anonymous2016/10/27(Thu) 09:12:41.13
Hi. So nice weather, but I have nothing to do.

331Anonymous2016/10/28(Fri) 18:55:26.90
Look at lewd images
That is what I do when I do not have anything to do

332Anonymous2016/10/28(Fri) 23:47:30.26
>>331 Um...I am a girl

333Anonymous2016/10/29(Sat) 16:21:16.92
Then watch yaoi or something

334Anonymous2016/10/30(Sun) 03:08:51.32
Hola amigos.

335Anonymous2016/10/30(Sun) 23:18:42.83

336Anonymous2016/10/31(Mon) 05:05:55.17
I'm not chilean.

337Anonymous2016/11/01(Tue) 13:39:44.13
There'S been a lot of chilean coming from bienvenidoainternet.w

338Anonymous2016/11/01(Tue) 18:22:40.34
I'm from Spain.

339Anonymous2016/11/02(Wed) 10:29:48.91
i think that you are'nt spanish
japanese,spanish,italian and french are

340Anonymous2016/11/02(Wed) 17:52:19.29
I am spanish.
Toros, paella, ol&#233;.

341Anonymous2016/11/10(Thu) 11:20:35.96
god bless you,America

342Anonymous2016/11/11(Fri) 07:59:04.62
However, after looking at Twitter it seems many Japanese people dislike Trump.
Why is that? They also seem to think his youngest son is cute.

343Anonymous2016/11/12(Sat) 13:54:54.39
you are misunderstanding.
we dislike hillary as well as trump.
hillary - panda hagger,she had discounted japan with her husband.
trump - he doesn't distinguish between japan and china.

344Anonymous2016/11/12(Sat) 20:29:34.47
In the west only weebs distinguish Asia from Asia tbh

345Anonymous2016/11/13(Sun) 03:29:36.50
>she had discounted japan with her husband.
There are far more important reasons to dislike Hillary than her stance on Japan. (I assume that's what you mean, anyway. The word "discounted" usually refers to an store item being reduced in price.)
She wants to setup a "No Fly Zone" in Syria; an area where the Russians already have deployed air units. This would ultimately lead to nuclear war between the U.S.A. and Russia &#224; la the Cold War.
Considering how close your country is to Russia I imagine this would worry you.

>he doesn't distinguish between japan and china.
I don't think I've ever heard him confuse the two.
As with Hillary, there are bigger reasons to dislike - or like, depending on your personal beliefs - Trump.
He wants to deport at least two million people; build a wall between them and Mexico, reduce the amount corporations pay on tax, sue the media for what they've said about him, the list goes on.

Personally, I like Trump far more than Hillary. The man is a bit crude and brash, but I'll take that over a warmonger any day.

346Anonymous2016/11/13(Sun) 03:31:02.85
>&#224; la
I was trying to type "a la" but the "a" had an accent mark over it.
Welp, I guess this site doesn't support French letters. "A la" means "in the style of", by the way.

347Anonymous2016/11/13(Sun) 18:07:13.17
please write

348Anonymous2016/11/15(Tue) 08:08:00.64
About what?

349Anonymous2016/12/01(Thu) 22:45:13.34

350Anonymous2016/12/10(Sat) 12:58:05.43
The book or the show?

351Anonymous2016/12/10(Sat) 14:11:51.50
the show

352Anonymous2016/12/11(Sun) 12:14:57.95
I'm a penis

353Anonymous2016/12/23(Fri) 21:48:38.47
How sad.

354Anonymous2016/12/24(Sat) 03:25:45.27

355Anonymous2016/12/24(Sat) 03:26:01.31

356Anonymous2016/12/25(Sun) 22:36:43.90
Merry Xmas

357Anonymous2016/12/26(Mon) 09:08:48.90
Merry Christmas, although it's already the 26th here

358Anonymous2016/12/26(Mon) 09:46:40.43
lust christmas

359Anonymous2017/01/02(Mon) 15:39:19.46
Lust Christmas? How lewd.

360Anonymous2017/01/12(Thu) 13:45:19.58
hi fom tokyo

361Anonymous2017/01/12(Thu) 21:48:47.41
hello from germany

362Anonymous2017/01/21(Sat) 00:21:13.87
real german people doesn't write on this board.

363Anonymous2017/01/23(Mon) 14:30:23.65
How would you know?

364Anonymous2017/01/24(Tue) 02:54:10.06
>>363 There are no foreigners in Futaba.

365Anonymous2017/01/24(Tue) 11:50:26.97
But I'm foreign, I've never even been to Japan.

366Anonymous2017/02/05(Sun) 23:58:13.70

367Anonymous2017/02/05(Sun) 23:59:53.47
>>366 is magical word that makes you to be happy

368Anonymous2017/02/06(Mon) 11:17:48.82
Any westerner who knows of a site like this would already know what that word means.

369Anonymous2017/02/06(Mon) 23:19:59.87
Westerner loves oppai !?

370Anonymous2017/02/08(Wed) 01:50:25.65

371Anonymous2017/02/08(Wed) 18:02:43.63

372Anonymous2017/02/10(Fri) 12:53:41.65
Look at this chart.
Every blue country is a country that likes oppai, although they don't generally call it that. Red countries prefer ketsu.
The only major western nations that don't like oppai is are the U.S., Mexico and Brazil. Brazil is actually rather famous for its love of ketsu.

373Anonymous2017/02/11(Sat) 14:50:38.65
which do you LOVE oppai ro osiri ?

374Anonymous2017/02/12(Sun) 06:29:26.39
Kek, foreigner reporting in.

375Anonymous2017/02/12(Sun) 18:14:23.91
Oppai, of course.

376Anonymous2017/02/13(Mon) 22:47:14.30
Oppais are closely packed dream and hope !

377Anonymous2017/02/14(Tue) 08:40:28.71

378Anonymous2017/02/14(Tue) 20:44:47.35
>>370 Jap is an old English expression that is not frequently used now

379Anonymous2017/02/15(Wed) 00:12:53.13
kek = laugh out loud

380Anonymous2017/02/15(Wed) 00:16:29.90
i often see “ jap“ at 4chan.

381Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 01:52:37.05
Sometimes, I visit Reddit, which is Enlish version.

382Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 21:28:21.98
I've never been a fan of Reddit.
The users are kind of weird and the admins do strange things like edit the posts of users.
Jap has come back in recent years on the internet, although some may find it offensive as it was used as a kind of slur against the Japanese by Americans during WW2.
Have an example: http://www.nick15.com/images2/japs.jpg

383Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 06:19:09.81
Finland reporting in. I like japanese video games and manga but the best thing about japanese is the emoticons like (・Д・) for example.
I don't know any japanese but I hope to learn some after I'm finished with my university studies and I'd like to maybe even find a job in Japan at some point. I study biochemistry and a lot of imporant research on that subject is done in Japan.

This website is like it's straight from the 90s. It's both entertaining and frustrating to use.

384Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 10:04:15.85
>find a job in Japan at some point. I study biochemistry

you have to make moomin(`・ω・´)

385Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 21:25:55.36
That sounds like a good idea but first I want to make catgirls real.

386Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 22:18:16.21
Anyone want to have some german stuff translated?

387Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 22:57:51.12
ching chong nip nong i eat dog i chinaman i give good deal

388Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 00:05:36.62
where can i post in japanese? i need to practice slang with internet losers such as myself

389Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 00:35:35.93
Wasn't Moonmin a Swedish cartoon? Why was it so popular in Japan?

390Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 01:05:38.09
Moomin is finnish. It was made by a Swedo-Finnish person (a finn that speaks swedish, swedish is the second language of Finland because of historical reasons) called Tove Jansson.
Moomin is much more than a cartoon. There were a whole load of books and comics before the cartoon. The literature, especially the earlier stuff, can be a lot different in tone and much more "mature".
There's a moomin theme park in Finland. It's pretty terrifying honestly or at least was when I was a kid. Much like 2D anime characters, moomin aren't supposed to exist in 3D.

Why it's popular in Japan, I can't say. Finns generally know that it's popular there but I don't think many know why exactly.

391Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 02:07:33.55
>Much like 2D anime characters, moomin aren't supposed to exist in 3D.
I agree, cosplay for example is so ugly and disgusting that it should be outlawed.

392Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 03:11:35.21
Guten Abend aus Bayern.

393Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 13:56:02.81
>Why was it so popular in Japan?
>Why it's popular in Japan

1969〜1970、1972、1990〜1992、moomin anime was on tv in japan,and very famous in japan.

394Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 14:52:09.08
But why was there an anime in the first place?
It was a European creation.

395Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 16:54:14.57
It was outsourcing business.
In 70s-80s, many Japan-made "European Anime" were exported.
Heidi, Bikke, and so on

396Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 17:17:51.28
i think that moomin's story isn't difficult for children.
at first it seems like slapstick comedy , but in fact moomin is very philosophical story.

397Anonymous2017/02/19(Sun) 02:47:53.51
>European Anime
Nobody in the west call western animation "anime", they just call them cartoons.
In the west, anime almost always refers to eastern animation, usually Japanese animation.

398Anonymous2017/02/19(Sun) 04:36:04.84
Well the Moomin cartoon was animated in Japan and based on European source material and also made a big impact in Europe, mostly the northern countries, so "European anime" is not too far off the truth.
I suppose if you want to get technical about it it's actually fully anime.
When I was a child it was called a cartoon but then again as far as I understand it in japanese anime just means cartoon pretty much and the difference between cartoon and anime is a western thing.
It's all a big clusterfuck really.

399Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 04:09:42.38
Burger reporting in from the US.


400Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 12:37:25.60
what did >>399 means by this ?

401Anonymous2017/02/23(Thu) 00:25:59.20
What are some Japanese memes? I know plenty of memes from places like Finland, Poland, Brazil, etc, but none from Japan.
In exchange I'll show you a Russian meme.
ПеКа-фейс, more commonly known in Western parts of the internet as either "Yoba" or "Comfy guy". It's a circular yellow face. He's used kind of like a general reaction image.
Here are some examples.

The text is meant to look like an Uzi.

402Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 13:51:02.27
oh,thank you it's ascii art,now i've got it
thank you

403Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 13:59:35.82
this character seems that i often see in 4chan

404Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 18:48:24.35
Hello, I'm from Colorado in the US. Colorado is the square in the west below the other square. It's famous for being less fat than the rest of the US and for the invention of the school shooting in 1999.
There isn't much to do here. I drink a lot and masturbate to hentai. Hello from Colorado!

405Anonymous2017/03/23(Thu) 10:54:08.42
You are wellcome!
Wellcome to Japanese HENTAI forum.

406Anonymous2017/03/28(Tue) 21:47:09.34
anybody here?

407Anonymous2017/03/29(Wed) 02:58:03.74
there are people here, but everyone shitposts, we need to populate these boards more

408Anonymous2017/03/29(Wed) 04:21:03.10
Every Japanese forum is also a hentai forum

409Anonymous2017/03/29(Wed) 16:15:19.51
I did not expect to see Russian memes on the Japanese imageboard.

410Anonymous2017/03/31(Fri) 00:36:30.28
id doesnt matter, these are english boards only

411Anonymous2017/03/31(Fri) 14:07:49.99
These are shitposting boards only. No other posts allowed .

412Anonymous2017/03/31(Fri) 16:15:36.25
if want to be serious,you must go to 8chan

413Anonymous2017/04/04(Tue) 08:46:04.75
8channel would be useful
But sadly it is not available because of hackers

414Anonymous2017/04/15(Sat) 17:42:43.06
Hello from Australia!
I will trade a Kangaroo for some OPPAI!

415Anonymous2017/04/15(Sat) 19:10:25.22
But i give you beautiful OPPAI ,we have to war to north korea
american and japanese will use very many OPPAI

by the way ,what OPPAI is ?

416Anonymous2017/04/17(Mon) 06:13:19.55
>415 i go to war with you, brother

417Anonymous2017/04/17(Mon) 12:50:43.05
I should get many OPPAI for you.

418Anonymous2017/04/22(Sat) 04:02:04.37

419Anonymous2017/04/24(Mon) 09:57:53.57

I don't meet anyone

420Anonymous2017/04/25(Tue) 01:36:59.82
Is it true that 2ch has blocked Korean IP?

421Anonymous2017/05/07(Sun) 17:30:08.67
I am foreigner man.

422Anonymous2017/05/18(Thu) 19:53:24.74
Why doesn't foreigner come here ???

Come for what?

423Anonymous2017/05/19(Fri) 21:44:11.39
Posting from a Korean IP address right now.

424Anonymous2017/05/24(Wed) 08:42:09.32
2ch blocked in Russia and we use 2ch.hk, but it's interesting to see what happening here.
I can tell abut Russian language or Russia little bit.

425Anonymous2017/05/30(Tue) 22:03:37.96
hk is not japanese2ch.
hk looks like 4chan or japanse 2chan which is called FUTABA
2ch is text only

426Anonymous2017/06/06(Tue) 02:00:41.50
he said
> I can tell abut Russian language or Russia little bit.
but, he never come back here.

427Anonymous2017/06/11(Sun) 23:20:24.22
anybody,Do you watch Downton Abbey ?

428Anonymous2017/06/23(Fri) 05:28:11.73
Trying to post on other boards without success.

429Anonymous2017/07/01(Sat) 21:08:37.36
Have anybody bought nintendo swich ?

430Anonymous2017/07/03(Mon) 19:07:57.32
I am new to 2channeru.

I speak Japanese, Russian and English. Will try to join in here if I can, but please be patient with a newbie!

431Anonymous2017/07/05(Wed) 12:54:09.03
please be patient that i have only japanese

432Anonymous2017/07/10(Mon) 01:10:30.40
I'm a foreigner (USA) and because I don't know any Japanese navigating the site is a little daunting.

433Anonymous2017/07/13(Thu) 12:16:37.95
Just dropped by to say hi upon noticing the title. lol

434Anonymous2017/07/14(Fri) 08:07:12.65

435Anonymous2017/08/04(Fri) 17:46:08.48
Hi from NYC o /
If anyone wants to practice English, learn swear words, or ask any questions about filthy gaijin culture with a pen pal, reply with an email address and I'll send you a message.

436Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 12:26:52.00

437Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 15:17:55.78
Ask any questions involving American English dialects! or any English questions! <---- studied in college

438Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 08:37:33.04
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Yobit site https://yobit.io/en/trade/MUU/BTC/?bonus=cjboI
How to http://satoshinakamoto.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/08/06/131826

439Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 23:31:42.28
who are you

Im japa

440Anonymous2017/08/08(Tue) 09:01:40.23
kokoga 4chan desuka

441Anonymous2017/08/13(Sun) 04:30:29.35
I'm Texan, American. I graduated with a masters in mathematics, but I hold a deep interest in linguistics as well. Might go back for that.

442Anonymous2017/08/29(Tue) 08:39:29.08
I want anime girl to crush my balls.

443Anonymous2017/08/30(Wed) 21:58:26.04
KOKO WA 2ch death

444Anonymous2017/08/31(Thu) 23:47:58.02
how come here is so slack

445Anonymous2017/09/03(Sun) 22:29:52.72
too bored

446Anonymous2017/09/04(Mon) 22:28:35.13

447Anonymous2017/09/13(Wed) 10:25:17.75
Greetings from Chile
Wena wena

448Anonymous2017/09/18(Mon) 11:38:45.88
In Asia, English premier league has dominant popularity. But Japan is different

Unwritten Rules: the difference between Japanese baseball and American baseball

449Anonymous2017/09/22(Fri) 19:16:29.01

450Anonymous2017/09/23(Sat) 09:57:11.39
do you guys have facebook accounts?

451Anonymous2017/09/25(Mon) 09:12:00.96
Because I've never realized that there was a language board here. Also because I prefer hanging out on media sites that I can understand; my Japanese isn't good enough to read anything here.

452Anonymous2017/09/25(Mon) 10:52:42.51
you've got perfect Janglish, no prb.

453Anonymous2017/09/28(Thu) 09:24:43.12
ohayo gozaimasu.
nippon kara kimasita.

454Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 00:36:33.60

455Anonymous2017/10/29(Sun) 23:07:07.81

456Anonymous2017/11/04(Sat) 00:52:23.72

457Anonymous2017/11/10(Fri) 09:18:48.75
>Why doesn't foreigner come here ???
Well... They actually come.
Greetings from Russia!
By the way, the main reason is Japanese language, it is difficult, at least for me...

458Anonymous2017/11/15(Wed) 11:10:40.25
please corporate with me. it takes only 3 minutes.https://i.imgur.com/YqEbLWy.jpg

459Anonymous2017/12/15(Fri) 03:57:27.04
wena nido

460Anonymous2017/12/15(Fri) 12:45:35.06

461Anonymous2017/12/27(Wed) 15:55:55.82
Turkey reporting.

462Anonymous2017/12/30(Sat) 16:30:48.28
Peruvian here!

463Anonymous2018/01/03(Wed) 12:52:41.24

464Anonymous2018/02/10(Sat) 22:39:57.73
Hello, Russian! :3

> the main reason is Japanese language, it is difficult, at least for me...

Mostly 4chan anons who learn Japanese say so.
Have you ever been this thread?


Hello, Peruvian! :3

465Anonymous2018/04/03(Tue) 14:23:20.01
It is interesting that you can not write here in Russian. Why?

466Anonymous2018/04/09(Mon) 20:40:08.59
Somebody blocked any languages except English here.

467Anonymous2018/06/03(Sun) 17:53:24.83

468Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 21:05:39.06
anybody here ?

469Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 22:39:08.38
no one is here.
so, piss off

470Anonymous2018/06/20(Wed) 12:25:43.16

471Anonymous2018/06/28(Thu) 01:46:32.40

472Anonymous2018/06/29(Fri) 22:53:26.24
i came:)

473Anonymous2018/07/02(Mon) 09:16:10.47
fuck you lol

474Anonymous2018/07/15(Sun) 19:06:57.08
dead thread

475Anonymous2018/07/18(Wed) 00:21:25.52
Is it real that 2ch is in Russian site ?