Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.

436Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 12:26:52.00

437Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 15:17:55.78
Ask any questions involving American English dialects! or any English questions! <---- studied in college

438Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 08:37:33.04
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439Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 23:31:42.28
who are you

Im japa

440Anonymous2017/08/08(Tue) 09:01:40.23
kokoga 4chan desuka

441Anonymous2017/08/13(Sun) 04:30:29.35
I'm Texan, American. I graduated with a masters in mathematics, but I hold a deep interest in linguistics as well. Might go back for that.

442Anonymous2017/08/29(Tue) 08:39:29.08
I want anime girl to crush my balls.

443Anonymous2017/08/30(Wed) 21:58:26.04
KOKO WA 2ch death

444Anonymous2017/08/31(Thu) 23:47:58.02
how come here is so slack

445Anonymous2017/09/03(Sun) 22:29:52.72
too bored

446Anonymous2017/09/04(Mon) 22:28:35.13

447Anonymous2017/09/13(Wed) 10:25:17.75
Greetings from Chile
Wena wena

448Anonymous2017/09/18(Mon) 11:38:45.88
In Asia, English premier league has dominant popularity. But Japan is different

Unwritten Rules: the difference between Japanese baseball and American baseball

449Anonymous2017/09/22(Fri) 19:16:29.01

450Anonymous2017/09/23(Sat) 09:57:11.39
do you guys have facebook accounts?

451Anonymous2017/09/25(Mon) 09:12:00.96
Because I've never realized that there was a language board here. Also because I prefer hanging out on media sites that I can understand; my Japanese isn't good enough to read anything here.

452Anonymous2017/09/25(Mon) 10:52:42.51
you've got perfect Janglish, no prb.

453Anonymous2017/09/28(Thu) 09:24:43.12
ohayo gozaimasu.
nippon kara kimasita.

454Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 00:36:33.60

455Anonymous2017/10/29(Sun) 23:07:07.81

456Anonymous2017/11/04(Sat) 00:52:23.72

457Anonymous2017/11/10(Fri) 09:18:48.75
>Why doesn't foreigner come here ???
Well... They actually come.
Greetings from Russia!
By the way, the main reason is Japanese language, it is difficult, at least for me...

458Anonymous2017/11/15(Wed) 11:10:40.25
please corporate with me. it takes only 3 minutes.https://i.imgur.com/YqEbLWy.jpg

459Anonymous2017/12/15(Fri) 03:57:27.04
wena nido

460Anonymous2017/12/15(Fri) 12:45:35.06

461Anonymous2017/12/27(Wed) 15:55:55.82
Turkey reporting.

462Anonymous2017/12/30(Sat) 16:30:48.28
Peruvian here!

463Anonymous2018/01/03(Wed) 12:52:41.24

464Anonymous2018/02/10(Sat) 22:39:57.73
Hello, Russian! :3

> the main reason is Japanese language, it is difficult, at least for me...

Mostly 4chan anons who learn Japanese say so.
Have you ever been this thread?


Hello, Peruvian! :3

465Anonymous2018/04/03(Tue) 14:23:20.01
It is interesting that you can not write here in Russian. Why?

466Anonymous2018/04/09(Mon) 20:40:08.59
Somebody blocked any languages except English here.

467Anonymous2018/06/03(Sun) 17:53:24.83

468Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 21:05:39.06
anybody here H

469Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 22:39:08.38
no one is here.
so, piss off

470Anonymous2018/06/20(Wed) 12:25:43.16

471Anonymous2018/06/28(Thu) 01:46:32.40

472Anonymous2018/06/29(Fri) 22:53:26.24
i came:)

473Anonymous2018/07/02(Mon) 09:16:10.47
fuck you lol

474Anonymous2018/07/15(Sun) 19:06:57.08
dead thread

475Anonymous2018/07/18(Wed) 00:21:25.52
Is it real that 2ch is in Russian site H

476Anonymous2018/08/05(Sun) 23:01:49.82
Any japanese here can help me purchase toys?

477Anonymous2018/08/08(Wed) 08:18:09.52
Well, the reason is simple: this is japanese board so there are literally no reason for foreigners to stay here

478Anonymous2018/08/12(Sun) 01:04:50.44
Me if itfs not too late

479Anonymous2018/08/14(Tue) 07:31:11.88
Because I'm busy looking for Smash Bros news.

480Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 23:03:45.32
5ch blocks users from European Union

481Anonymous2018/09/18(Tue) 02:09:17.28

482Anonymous2018/10/16(Tue) 19:23:56.28
stop ad.

483Anonymous2018/11/05(Mon) 23:16:58.57
European Union has strict privacy laws and I guess that admins don't care enough to respected them so they decided to block EUropeans.

484Anonymous2018/11/05(Mon) 23:32:45.79
Why? Isn't it natural to find your own ethnicity the most attractive? I personally think that Asians are rather ugly. The more distant from Europeans an ethnicity is the less attractive I find it.

Also why was this board created? I thought you dislike foreigners.

485Anonymous2018/11/08(Thu) 15:19:41.77
i am foreigner and i am here

486Anonymous2018/11/13(Tue) 16:34:06.90
To be honest, I want to study Japanese for master and doctor degrees.
I hope to make some Japanese friends to help me but I don't know how to start here. :(