Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.

447Anonymous2017/09/13(Wed) 10:25:17.75
Greetings from Chile
Wena wena

448Anonymous2017/09/18(Mon) 11:38:45.88
In Asia, English premier league has dominant popularity. But Japan is different

Unwritten Rules: the difference between Japanese baseball and American baseball

449Anonymous2017/09/22(Fri) 19:16:29.01

450Anonymous2017/09/23(Sat) 09:57:11.39
do you guys have facebook accounts?

451Anonymous2017/09/25(Mon) 09:12:00.96
Because I've never realized that there was a language board here. Also because I prefer hanging out on media sites that I can understand; my Japanese isn't good enough to read anything here.

452Anonymous2017/09/25(Mon) 10:52:42.51
you've got perfect Janglish, no prb.

453Anonymous2017/09/28(Thu) 09:24:43.12
ohayo gozaimasu.
nippon kara kimasita.

454Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 00:36:33.60

455Anonymous2017/10/29(Sun) 23:07:07.81

456Anonymous2017/11/04(Sat) 00:52:23.72

457Anonymous2017/11/10(Fri) 09:18:48.75
>Why doesn't foreigner come here ???
Well... They actually come.
Greetings from Russia!
By the way, the main reason is Japanese language, it is difficult, at least for me...

458Anonymous2017/11/15(Wed) 11:10:40.25
please corporate with me. it takes only 3 minutes.https://i.imgur.com/YqEbLWy.jpg

459Anonymous2017/12/15(Fri) 03:57:27.04
wena nido

460Anonymous2017/12/15(Fri) 12:45:35.06

461Anonymous2017/12/27(Wed) 15:55:55.82
Turkey reporting.

462Anonymous2017/12/30(Sat) 16:30:48.28
Peruvian here!

463Anonymous2018/01/03(Wed) 12:52:41.24

464Anonymous2018/02/10(Sat) 22:39:57.73
Hello, Russian! :3

> the main reason is Japanese language, it is difficult, at least for me...

Mostly 4chan anons who learn Japanese say so.
Have you ever been this thread?


Hello, Peruvian! :3

465Anonymous2018/04/03(Tue) 14:23:20.01
It is interesting that you can not write here in Russian. Why?

466Anonymous2018/04/09(Mon) 20:40:08.59
Somebody blocked any languages except English here.

467Anonymous2018/06/03(Sun) 17:53:24.83

468Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 21:05:39.06
anybody here H

469Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 22:39:08.38
no one is here.
so, piss off

470Anonymous2018/06/20(Wed) 12:25:43.16

471Anonymous2018/06/28(Thu) 01:46:32.40

472Anonymous2018/06/29(Fri) 22:53:26.24
i came:)

473Anonymous2018/07/02(Mon) 09:16:10.47
fuck you lol

474Anonymous2018/07/15(Sun) 19:06:57.08
dead thread

475Anonymous2018/07/18(Wed) 00:21:25.52
Is it real that 2ch is in Russian site H

476Anonymous2018/08/05(Sun) 23:01:49.82
Any japanese here can help me purchase toys?

477Anonymous2018/08/08(Wed) 08:18:09.52
Well, the reason is simple: this is japanese board so there are literally no reason for foreigners to stay here

478Anonymous2018/08/12(Sun) 01:04:50.44
Me if itfs not too late

479Anonymous2018/08/14(Tue) 07:31:11.88
Because I'm busy looking for Smash Bros news.

480Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 23:03:45.32
5ch blocks users from European Union

481Anonymous2018/09/18(Tue) 02:09:17.28

482Anonymous2018/10/16(Tue) 19:23:56.28
stop ad.

483Anonymous2018/11/05(Mon) 23:16:58.57
European Union has strict privacy laws and I guess that admins don't care enough to respected them so they decided to block EUropeans.

484Anonymous2018/11/05(Mon) 23:32:45.79
Why? Isn't it natural to find your own ethnicity the most attractive? I personally think that Asians are rather ugly. The more distant from Europeans an ethnicity is the less attractive I find it.

Also why was this board created? I thought you dislike foreigners.

485Anonymous2018/11/08(Thu) 15:19:41.77
i am foreigner and i am here

486Anonymous2018/11/13(Tue) 16:34:06.90
To be honest, I want to study Japanese for master and doctor degrees.
I hope to make some Japanese friends to help me but I don't know how to start here. :(

487Anonymous2018/11/17(Sat) 22:01:32.02
show us your gaijin dick first

488Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 00:47:02.61

489Anonymous2018/12/07(Fri) 10:25:38.82
itfs pretty dead here.
get a Ronin account and a 2ch viewer if you want to write/read from EU.


490Anonymous2018/12/25(Tue) 10:02:38.87
Hello, I am from America. Ask me anything and I will try my best to help. I browse 4chan. I will check back frequently.

491Anonymous2018/12/26(Wed) 18:31:34.39
Well, I don't think this textboard site is popular on English-speaking countries.
But still known for few people. Textboard sites may not also be popular if we do think of the
whole Internet in general. But yes, people know 4chan but back then when I didn't know anything
about textboards, I didn't even search for a single information about it. Maybe it does apply with
other people too? who knows

492Anonymous2018/12/27(Thu) 07:45:25.63
also because people that do know the website choose not to spend more than an hour here, more less decide to come back.
it took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to reply.

493Anonymous2018/12/29(Sat) 16:20:06.76
I wonder about adding a language option for boards like this (with foreign language), would it be useful?

494Anonymous2019/01/06(Sun) 15:59:56.59
yea i guess this place is dead anyways lmao

495Anonymous2019/01/06(Sun) 20:15:45.16

496Anonymous2019/01/13(Sun) 09:17:32.89

497Anonymous2019/01/17(Thu) 19:39:12.05
debeyo tepek is that