Russkij Avanpost

1Anonymous2019/11/03(Sun) 05:42:50.90
Krajnij rubezh vostochnogo slavjanstva.

2Anonymous2019/11/03(Sun) 14:56:54.54
What language?

3Anonymous2019/11/04(Mon) 08:29:00.13
It would be more recognizable if I knew how to type cyrillic here.

4Anonymous2019/12/03(Tue) 08:28:51.84
Oh! I'm the only Russian who has entered Japanese ?

5Anonymous2020/02/18(Tue) 03:59:37.77
„N„y„{„p„{ „~„u„„!
I've tried to find a japanese board with some sort of international board there. And I've found this very board which seems to be almost dead.
I'm dissapointed.

6Anonymous2020/02/19(Wed) 19:05:35.28
I'm not Russian, but it seems like this board didn't have enough good people to talk with here and probably still will

7Anonymous2020/05/05(Tue) 11:07:52.21
Nado zhe, vernulsja spustja takoe vot vremja, a trehd vsjo eshhjo zhivjot! Nu, ne gusto, konechno, no prijatno, prijatno. Kogda sovsem vsjo skatitsja v ebanoe govno - tochno sjuda budem zakhodit', a poka - pust' pobudet do pory do vremeni.

8Anonymous2020/05/05(Tue) 11:13:14.35
Well, there's a few factors that makes this boards alien to most of the non-japanese people. They are pretty much obvious, aren't they?
It's always up to us whether a board is dead or alive. Btw, how did you type cyrilic?

9Anonymous2020/06/08(Mon) 03:38:43.78
No you are not the only one.
I'm too can't understand how to write cyrillic here.

10Anonymous2020/06/26(Fri) 14:13:04.45

11Anonymous2020/06/26(Fri) 14:13:59.29

12Anonymous2020/06/28(Sun) 00:19:46.57
Cape Chikyu?

13Anonymous2020/08/06(Thu) 02:10:24.88
Po davney traditsii, zdarova hohly i hohlushki

14Anonymous2020/09/17(Thu) 13:10:25.36
OP vse esche tut. Stol'ko vremeni proshlo. Ja by dazhe skazal - smenilas' epoha. No to proshel vsego odin god, hah. Tut nedavno Tesak umer - strannoe govno, konechno.
Thread uzhe davno stal kakoj-to kapsuloj vremen, hah. Ostavljat' svidetel'stva nedavnih sobytij - bylo by horoshej traditzyej, bud' tut hot' skol'ko-nibud' anonov. No tut lish' mimokroki.