Where are you guys from? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/04/19(Sun) 22:14:46.01
I'm just curious, I was wondering around the chans and passed this place by.
I'm here from 8chan.

4chan a shit.

16Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 08:50:27.57
I just stumbled in here. I'm learning japanese, so occasionally I'll look at threads on futaba or 2ch.
But I also post on 8ch and 4chan.

17Anonymous2015/07/04(Sat) 20:00:56.68
4chan reporting

18Anonymous2015/07/12(Sun) 08:00:16.27
Uboachan reporting in

19Anonymous2015/07/14(Tue) 14:25:13.14
Why does 8ch have to come and ruin all of the text boards?
Just stay in your shitty reddit-chan

20Anonymous2015/07/18(Sat) 10:07:12.34
I heard these boards were actually created by hotwheels, which makes me less interested

21Anonymous2015/07/26(Sun) 16:35:42.60
First it was nothing
Nothing has produced a something
This is all the truth

22Anonymous2015/08/03(Mon) 22:13:09.66
Any english 2ch BBS beside this one?

23Anonymous2015/08/06(Thu) 15:58:21.23
Go back to your shithole newfag! Ni channeru helping 8ch shouldn't have happened.

>19 Because "muh partnership"

24Anonymous2015/08/06(Thu) 19:54:05.03

25Anonymous2015/08/17(Mon) 11:58:51.21
8ch is terrible

26Anonymous2015/08/30(Sun) 11:08:32.68
not exist someone

27Anonymous2015/09/05(Sat) 03:30:56.59
although i found this by googling "English textboards."

28Anonymous2016/03/30(Wed) 22:02:09.70

29Anonymous2016/03/31(Thu) 09:38:52.90
8/a/, 8/pol/'s mods are worse than 4chan's. I need a new place to talk about politics, and weebshit.

30Anonymous2016/06/03(Fri) 21:43:16.67
fucked up fucked up

31Anonymous2016/06/04(Sat) 14:35:14.17
websites... ON THE INTERNET!!!

32Anonymous2016/06/17(Fri) 18:04:50.47


34Anonymous2016/07/14(Thu) 11:30:01.35
Such an active textboard, yet not in a language I could understand...

35Anonymous2016/09/20(Tue) 12:46:25.50
/jp/ /jp/

36Anonymous2016/09/20(Tue) 13:22:38.27
I came from the jay.

37Anonymous2016/09/20(Tue) 13:24:28.17
Well, shit.
Stop trying to ruin every site just because your shitty site failed, Hotwheels.

38Anonymous2016/09/20(Tue) 15:09:15.50
/jp/. /akbg/. Latin America.

39Anonymous2016/09/21(Wed) 03:12:31.68

40Anonymous2016/09/22(Thu) 13:37:23.22

41Anonymous2016/09/24(Sat) 07:05:40.19
here from the jay

42Anonymous2016/09/24(Sat) 07:23:34.24
I came from /jp/!

43Anonymous2016/09/29(Thu) 16:54:20.56

44Anonymous2016/10/04(Tue) 22:12:34.27
too bad it is in japanese

45Anonymous2016/10/23(Sun) 01:50:08.52
Hey, I have a question. I registered myself on international dating site, though they only...ah shouldn't tell you all.
But do you feel your race is superior than Asian? Well this question is only applied to caucasian but I just wonder...

46Anonymous2016/10/31(Mon) 17:18:30.58

47Anonymous2016/12/21(Wed) 07:24:21.65
Keio > Tokyo I T > Stanford

48Anonymous2016/12/21(Wed) 07:26:17.36
Ah pantyhose, Inside of upper legs of mature yong lady.

49Anonymous2017/01/08(Sun) 23:53:48.65
Philippines o/

50Anonymous2017/01/10(Tue) 14:29:48.05
Duterte a shitt. :smuggo:

51Anonymous2017/01/19(Thu) 22:41:39.32
Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron

52Anonymous2017/02/08(Wed) 01:51:39.85
4-ch Cantabria

53Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 19:51:57.66
i live in anonymous proxy

54Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 21:52:31.27

55Anonymous2017/02/19(Sun) 10:17:38.76

Have a seat, right over here.

56Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 12:26:55.18
dude memes lmao

57Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 18:45:41.37
Gay Area, Cali

58Anonymous2017/02/24(Fri) 07:01:35.98
at first i was on 4chan then friend of mine showed me 8ch and since then i am on 8chan

59Anonymous2017/12/05(Tue) 21:17:53.45
keyakichan suki

60Anonymous2017/12/11(Mon) 14:56:07.11

61Anonymous2017/12/11(Mon) 14:56:40.79
test test

62Anonymous2017/12/12(Tue) 05:12:59.58

63Anonymous2017/12/14(Thu) 00:46:23.54
Why mo@yade

64Anonymous2018/06/03(Sun) 17:52:55.86

65Anonymous2018/06/30(Sat) 06:55:16.13
I heard about this place on 8ch, but I don't go there very often. I spend most of my time on 4chan /a/c/jp/wsg/h/, samachan, lainchan and sushigirl.us

66Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 00:54:39.46