Abe re-elected as ruling party head, eyes amending Constitution

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2018/09/21(Fri) 04:06:14.11
Shigeru Ishiba, by securing 553 votes to Ishiba's 254 in the election, which in effect decides Japan's next prime minister because the ruling party and its coalition partner Komeito control majorities in both Diet chambers.

Of 807 total valid votes, Abe won 329 out of ballots cast by Diet members while securing 224 by rank-and-file members. Ishiba attracted 73 from legislators but put up a good fight among ordinary members, garnering 181 votes.

Abe's failure to receive wider support from the rank-and-file members, whose votes are believed to be more reflective of public opinion, suggests there are many who have become frustrated with his long tenure and dissatisfied with a tepid economic recovery, viewed as not benefiting rural areas and smaller companies.

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