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0003Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 16:55:57.77
How to remove a class from a image file in the Gnu smalltalk.

You can remove a class in example.


| deleteClass |

deleteClass :=
[ :aClass |
 | superClass nameSpace |

 superClass := aClass superclass.
 nameSpace := aClass environment.

 nameSpace removeKey: aClass name.
 superClass removeSubclass: aClass.
 superClass class removeSubclass: aClass class.
0004Anonymous2015/02/03(Tue) 19:48:21.26

Kim likes Robin.
Sandy likes Kim.
Robin likes cats.
Sandy likes people(or animal) who likes cats.
Kim likes people who like Lee and Kim.
Sandy likes Lee.
People(or animal) like myself.

GNU Smalltalk

| Kim Robin Sandy Lee cats |

Likes members: {
 Kim := People named: #Kim.
 Robin := People named: #Robin.
 Sandy := People named: #Sandy.
 Lee := People named: #Lee.
 cats := Animals named: #cats

Kim likes: Robin.
Sandy likes: Kim.
Robin likes: cats.
Sandy likes: [:who |
 ((who isKindOf: People) or: [who isKindOf: Animals]) and: [who definitelyLikes: cats]].
Kim likes: [:who |
 (who isKindOf: People) and: [who definitelyLikes: {Lee. Kim}]].
Sandy likes: Lee.
Likes members do: [:who |
 ((who isKindOf: People) or: [who isKindOf: Animals]) ifTrue: [who likes: who]].

Likes members do: [:each | (each -> each allOneLikes) printNl]

 Robin->(cats Robin )
 cats->(cats )
 Kim->(Robin Sandy Kim )
 Sandy->(Kim Robin cats Lee Sandy )
 Lee->(Lee )

0005Anonymous2015/03/16(Mon) 02:28:13.52
Goodbye SmallTalk
0006Anonymous2015/03/19(Thu) 14:57:49.13
The End
0007Anonymous2015/03/20(Fri) 22:49:46.36
0008Anonymous2015/04/19(Sun) 23:36:05.19
I know your thing is small bro
0009Anonymous2015/04/26(Sun) 21:28:02.05
SmallTalk is dead, nobody use it.
0010Anonymous2015/04/27(Mon) 19:36:08.43
I think so, because the name of this language is not SmallTalk, but Smalltalk. ;p
btw, I myself write Smalltalk code every day.
0011Anonymous2015/05/28(Thu) 14:06:27.07
You write smalltalk everyday? What is the purpose behind writing that language?
0012Anonymous2015/06/05(Fri) 15:13:17.17
Do you write Smalltalk code for personal benefit? I can't imagine using it in professional setting apart from legacy code
0013Anonymous2015/06/05(Fri) 16:26:06.62
I think your knowledge about Smalltalk has been stopped since '80s.
0014Anonymous2015/06/14(Sun) 10:34:08.17
>>13 enlighten us, mr smalltalk guru
0015Anonymous2015/06/14(Sun) 13:22:11.12
Do, or do not. There is no try.
0016Anonymous2015/07/27(Mon) 15:52:46.55
First it was nothing
Nothing has produced a something
This is all the truth
0017Anonymous2015/10/20(Tue) 01:19:12.08
I am Unko.
do you know unko?
unko means shit.
i always take a dump in public.
0018Anonymous2015/11/02(Mon) 23:10:15.83
The first was nothing
The nothing shaped something
This is all the truth
0020Anonymous2016/01/01(Fri) 02:26:00.66
Happy New Year!
0021Anonymous2016/01/28(Thu) 06:37:53.83
Small talk is called "Seken Banashi" in Japanese.

Is this for program langugage or TV program ?
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i like it
0027Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 03:25:12.56
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0028Anonymous2016/08/25(Thu) 22:21:02.90
Happy birthday Squeak! It has been 20 years! Squeak 5.1 is now available for download.
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