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0001Anonymous垢版2016/12/23(Fri) 02:07:37.18
I want to use Ruby with humble graphic utilities.
I found all report is not true that claims he can use it.
Even for window machine, simple Druby which is only for Windowmachne

The lectures of Ruby with Graphis are very poor.
0002Anonymous垢版2016/12/26(Mon) 00:45:44.79
As you can see here, there's reterally no people in this page. I mean this page as a community is no longer active.
What you should do is simple. Just go to Yahoo Answers or something equivelant.
I also recommend you to look for a book about the area you're interested in. Often a book provides you structured tutorial to start things.
0003Anonymous垢版2017/01/25(Wed) 22:32:01.64
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