How can I watch J2 League Soccer? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©

1Anonymous2015/01/21(Wed) 00:09:01.31
I want to watch Yokohama FC play soccer (preferably with English commentary) because they are a crowd-funded club and the closest thing to an "open-source" team.
I would like the web address for a football streaming site like 'firstrow', but one which shows J2 League football.
How can I watch them play soccer?

Rough Translation:
Watashi wa Yokohama sakkākurabu o mitai to omoimasu.
Karera wa, gunshū no shikin kurabu to `open-source'no chīmu ni mottomo chikai.
Watashi wa eigo no kaisetsu o konomu.
Dono yō ni (muryō de) sorera o mi ni tsuite wa watashi ni iku nodesu ka?

Thank you

2Anonymous2015/01/21(Wed) 13:50:58.33
Zaspa Gunma Kusatsu is very strong.

3Anonymous2015/01/25(Sun) 17:14:23.24
Don't tell lie.
TheSpa will drop to J3 League

4Anonymous2015/02/27(Fri) 13:46:32.31
you should move to japan or change your favorite team
yokohama f marinos is better for you

5Anonymous2015/11/20(Fri) 17:56:37.78

6Anonymous2015/12/14(Mon) 01:56:24.20
lol Tochigi & Oita

7Anonymous2015/12/24(Thu) 00:58:44.07
i dont know

8Anonymous2015/12/25(Fri) 00:52:17.98
me, too

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A Happy New Year!

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14Anonymous2016/05/20(Fri) 10:34:57.10
piss off flie, s-pulse way beta.
we'll beat on it your ass!

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16Anonymous2016/06/30(Thu) 04:22:42.23
Why would you watch Japanese sports instead of American/European sports? There isn't any difference between the two except countries, and language.

17Anonymous2016/07/20(Wed) 07:40:08.86
i dont know

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Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:8ab0738a69b559c98c35788a1e7b3c77)

20Anonymous2018/06/15(Fri) 05:39:25.14
oita trinita love!