Found out there's a spanish VIP [無断転載禁止]©

1Anonymous2016/04/23(Sat) 01:42:30.14
It's more or less active considering textboards aren't big in the west:

I'm also surprised it seems to resemble the original VIP more than English equivalents (4-ch and SAoVQ, their only gimmicks being

2Anonymous2016/04/23(Sat) 02:06:08.67
Ah, fuck, it ate my post.

***their only gimmicks being spamming the same AA over and over). My spanish isn't perfect but I think it's also got traces of kenmo.

3Anonymous2016/04/24(Sun) 11:47:41.58

4Anonymous2016/04/26(Tue) 15:31:20.03

5Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 12:04:47.70

6Anonymous2016/04/29(Fri) 21:01:18.47

7Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:28:37.70
Hey VIP friends!
Good vibes from BaI

8Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:29:30.44
BaI kara kimasuta wwwww

9Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:30:06.67
Hello konnichiwa 2ch friend!

10Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:34:06.28
What's kenmo?

11Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:34:43.29
He's talking about poverty.

12Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 01:37:33.73
Oh I see.
People in BaI always talk about poverty like it's a great place, but I don't know what it's about.

13Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 06:28:47.37
you can go poverty and anderstand it

14Anonymous2016/04/30(Sat) 09:19:19.61
Maybe 12 doesn't know japanese.

15Anonymous2016/05/01(Sun) 09:59:01.24
I don't know any japanese at all.

16Anonymous2016/05/17(Tue) 00:27:58.07
ok.i teach you japanese.
it's very basically sentence,repeat after me

watasi no chinchin chiisai desu.

17Anonymous2016/05/17(Tue) 00:40:18.99
application of >>16

「elfen lied mite chinchin okki」

this sentence is very very important in 2ch.
never forget this sentence !

18Anonymous2018/03/17(Sat) 20:32:35.67
☆ 日本の核武装は早急に必須です。総務省の、