2ch looks like shit now [無断転載禁止]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2017/05/08(Mon) 16:37:03.58
What did you do?! I don't want to use Jane Reader now.

2Anonymous2017/05/08(Mon) 20:29:51.19

3Anonymous2017/05/08(Mon) 20:30:24.81

4Anonymous2017/05/09(Tue) 10:51:30.18
What the fuck is all this JavaScript bullshit?
That retard Ron tried to make 2ch look like 4ch.

5Anonymous2017/05/10(Wed) 21:59:47.82
        /_ノ  ヽ、_\             <OH GOD IT LOOKS EVEN WORSE NOW(wwwwwwwww
 ミ ミ ミ  o゚((●)) ((●))゚o      ミ ミ ミ
/⌒)⌒)⌒. ::::::⌒(__人__)⌒:::\   /⌒)⌒)⌒)
| / / /      |r┬-|    | (⌒)/ / / //  
| :::::::::::(⌒)    | |  |   /  ゝ  :::::::::::/
|     ノ     | |  |   \  /  )  /  
ヽ    /      `ー'´      ヽ /    /     
 |    |   l||l 从人 l||l      l||l 从人 l||l   バ   
 ヽ    -一''''''"〜〜``'ー--、   -一'''''''ー-、 ン
  ヽ ____(⌒)(⌒)⌒) )  (⌒_(⌒)⌒)⌒)) バ

6Anonymous2017/05/10(Wed) 23:05:14.52

7Anonymous2017/05/10(Wed) 23:11:17.74
Are you a foreigner?

8Anonymous2017/05/11(Thu) 13:18:32.11
What is that "CP" next to the 3:7レス

9Anonymous2017/05/16(Tue) 13:00:16.56
I'm starting to miss Hiroyuki now wwww

10Anonymous2017/05/17(Wed) 15:04:47.27
at least make the font 1em/16px you dumb nigger

11Anonymous2017/07/01(Sat) 19:56:08.77
How did it look like before?

12Anonymous2017/08/30(Wed) 13:22:52.24
pathetic attempt at bringing in the retards from 8ch

13Anonymous2017/08/31(Thu) 03:08:17.21
That's pretty dumb. Almost no one who uses 8ch will want to use this site, no matter what.

14Anonymous2017/08/31(Thu) 03:44:59.92
there's a link to 8/b/ on one of the anarchy boards, i forgot which

15Anonymous2017/08/31(Thu) 13:11:41.52
Still doesn't change the fact.

16Anonymous2017/09/01(Fri) 10:32:54.09
your "fact" doesn't conflict with codemonkey being a dumb piece of shit

17Anonymous2017/09/01(Fri) 13:42:46.70
My friend, I don't disagree with you on that they're not very bright to implement these shitty changes. Just that it's most likely didn't have anything to do with 8ch.

But yes, these changes just make it look like a watered down version of an imageboard.

18Anonymous2018/03/17(Sat) 20:43:19.61
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19Anonymous2018/03/22(Thu) 03:57:35.22