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This board is for discussion of language learning and world languages. Japanese and English learning discussion is welcome, but you can discussion learning any language here.
Please note that this board is meant to be in English. It is open to posting from all countries.


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1 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/05(Sat) 13:51:49.43
2 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/05(Sat) 13:53:49.24
God, the thread was successfully born.
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 10:29:46.62
4 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 16:15:33.98
Good attention
5 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 16:20:32.78
EK articles are interesting to read.
The reading time will be exiting from now on.
If only my brain could keep working longer...
6 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/07(Mon) 21:26:30.74
If I could work without any breaks...
7 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/12(Sat) 02:57:43.33
busy building vocabulary
the fact that Anki takes too much time has bothered me,
and these days I've been looking for some other apps to add
the phrasal verbs are so hard and I knew Anki may have not been suitable for them
I thought I had to do some special training for them,
like making own original sentences using the phrases
but I started to doubt Anki itself and adjust some settings, meanwhile search for other apps
doing many apps at the same time would be good for me, because it can refresh my mood rather than sticking to one app
however, if I want to focus on other subjects, it might be a burden to open one app after another
anyways, the phrasal verbs come first, and I think I want to finish 789 before pass1
8 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/16(Wed) 13:16:11.87
I could study for more than six hours, though I couldn't sleep very well, like four to five hours not continuously,
I think how well I can get motivated in daytime largely depends on how well I can sleep,
but sometimes an irregular happens,
in those kind of day, I feel different at an early part of the day ,
(not very sure though, sometimes my energy goes away shortly in spite of a fresh morning)
at any rate, today was a good day,
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow,
so all I wish is to make it,
I truely wish so.
9 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/18(Fri) 10:40:08.73
I really can't remember what I was doing when
I was a junior high student.
one of my classmates and I got closer, so I got acquainted with her cousin, then I joined her book club, and I remember writing some novel for our newsletter,
yes, I became a fan of an actor who were popular at that time, and since his movie was released, I went so far as to take a five hour trip to get a special poster
(I'm not sure the thing was a poster, but something made of paper I guess, it gave to the people who purchased advance tickets... maybe)
and I also was a member of another club, and we gathered every day and Saturdays...? and sometimes we took part in competitions, those events were held on Sundays,
sometimes I went to another friend's house and
spend most of the day,
yeah, probably I could remember more if I try,
however... I almost totally forgot what I was doing when I was at home,
I think I was not very outgoing person and I would often stayed inside my house for a whole day, but my memories come in fragments,
what did I spend my time for...?
if... I was studying, preparing for quizes and exams, that would be good,
but I can't remember at all...
I wonder if I was sleeping or daydreaming for a tremendous amount of time...
that makes more sense.
10 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/22(Tue) 19:06:32.04
the last two days were bad, almost no energy,
today was better (passable)
notwithstanding I woke up at least four times during sleeping and it was five hours in total at best,
(I thought I wouldn't get into sleep again at the fourth awaking, but thank g I could get another three hours)
though, I could do around five hours including textbooks,
and it was good that I could get foods.

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Learn Esperanto in Linguistics Board! [転載禁止]©2ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2015/01/12(Mon) 14:40:13.71
Lernu Esperanton kaj igu amikoj!
67 名前:Anonymous 2021/03/30(Tue) 10:16:23.41
Li estis la plej bona parolanto en Esperanto
68 名前:Anonymous 2022/04/16(Sat) 02:25:16.36

Mi sopiras la tagojn, kiam ni ĉiuj kantis rusajn kaj nordkoreajn laborkantojn.
69 名前:Anonymous 2022/06/10(Fri) 09:17:06.67
OKA kun bonvolu reveni
70 名前:Anonymous 2022/07/19(Tue) 23:13:20.51

ankaŭ mi
71 名前:Anonymous 2022/07/28(Thu) 18:20:26.51
72 名前:Anonymous 2022/08/07(Sun) 18:12:17.75
La granda parolanto en Japanio estas S-ro Oka
73 名前:Anonymous 2022/08/25(Thu) 12:47:00.58
La granda parolanto en Japanio estas S-ro Oka
74 名前:Anonymous 2022/10/10(Mon) 01:39:48.21
75 名前:Anonymous 2023/07/06(Thu) 09:08:16.12
76 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/21(Mon) 19:54:19.56
generic levitra vardenafil 20mg tadalafilise.cyou/#

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1 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/17(Thu) 05:57:52.20
2 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/17(Thu) 06:04:54.67
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/17(Thu) 06:14:26.83
Sai to So
4 名前:Anonymous 2023/08/17(Thu) 06:19:11.57
Cantonese forum

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Russkij Avanpost

1 名前:Anonymous 2019/11/03(Sun) 05:42:50.90
Krajnij rubezh vostochnogo slavjanstva.
9 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/08(Mon) 03:38:43.78
No you are not the only one.
I'm too can't understand how to write cyrillic here.
10 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/26(Fri) 14:13:04.45
11 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/26(Fri) 14:13:59.29
12 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/28(Sun) 00:19:46.57
Cape Chikyu?
13 名前:Anonymous 2020/08/06(Thu) 02:10:24.88
Po davney traditsii, zdarova hohly i hohlushki
14 名前:Anonymous 2020/09/17(Thu) 13:10:25.36
OP vse esche tut. Stol'ko vremeni proshlo. Ja by dazhe skazal - smenilas' epoha. No to proshel vsego odin god, hah. Tut nedavno Tesak umer - strannoe govno, konechno.
Thread uzhe davno stal kakoj-to kapsuloj vremen, hah. Ostavljat' svidetel'stva nedavnih sobytij - bylo by horoshej traditzyej, bud' tut hot' skol'ko-nibud' anonov. No tut lish' mimokroki.
15 名前:Anonymous 2021/01/11(Mon) 11:55:38.37 ?2BP(1000)

Bechnaya pamyat Tesaku. A tak, chto tut voobsche s bordami? Jivi li oni? Te je japonskie naprimer.
16 名前:Anonymous 2021/02/08(Mon) 03:10:24.55
Nu, smotri. Skolko mnie izvestno pisat' s ne-japnoskih IP mozhno tolko v "Posol'stve(Taishikan)". A tak kak tut iznachalno malo narodu i funktsional dovolno mizeren - nikomu ono i ne nuzhno. Schitaj eto svoeobraznym portom Nagasaki vo vremena sjogunata. Hotja, potentsial edakogo "ubezhischa dla svoih" imeetsa.
17 名前:Anonymous 2023/07/07(Fri) 20:20:26.96
18 名前:Anonymous 2023/07/07(Fri) 20:21:11.48
nu kak tam, predki, ohuenno zhit?

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Hello from Tacoma!

1 名前:Anonymous 2022/09/08(Thu) 07:47:14.18
Hello from Tacoma!
2 名前:Anonymous 2022/12/18(Sun) 15:04:23.84
3 名前:Anonymous 2023/04/15(Sat) 05:17:31.25
tacoma sucks bro, was recently there and almost got shot

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are you a motherfucking nigga?

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/11/18(Sat) 23:16:51.13
what kind of people can use the word "n igga"
10 名前:Anonymous 2018/08/26(Sun) 04:51:16.68
Nwanchan Vitalis Tekuh
He is the Internet deceiver and scammer.
He is fucking Japanese STDs girls incredibly so many times,so now he is the HIV carrer.
11 名前:Anonymous 2018/08/26(Sun) 05:17:02.66
Njoh Enongene Brendan
He is the Internet deceiver and scammer.
He is fucking Japanese STDs girls incredibly so many times,so now he is the HIV carrer.
12 名前:Anonymous 2018/11/18(Sun) 00:51:33.08
13 名前:Anonymous 2018/12/15(Sat) 07:36:00.15
shut the fuck up you niggas
14 名前:Anonymous 2019/02/04(Mon) 11:40:51.23
american here, anyone can use it kek
15 名前:Anonymous 2022/10/11(Tue) 14:21:45.50
Just don't say it while traveling in English language countries or people might think you are a racist.
16 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/22(Sun) 13:03:22.49
17 名前:Anonymous 2023/03/24(Fri) 06:42:07.93
Calling your american friends "niggers" will score you some "cool" points for sure.
18 名前:Anonymous 2023/03/30(Thu) 11:13:11.14
19 名前:Anonymous 2023/03/30(Thu) 11:13:19.83

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Can any Japanese people tell me what busha- and bushasha- mean?

1 名前:Anonymous 2019/09/30(Mon) 16:37:36.27
I saw them while reading a manga.
2 名前:Anonymous 2019/10/01(Tue) 00:05:50.82
3 名前:Anonymous 2019/10/19(Sat) 02:04:07.69
Is it difficult for you to say thanks to someone, Sadao__Maou?
4 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/16(Thu) 22:37:38.12
5 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/16(Thu) 22:38:25.94
Sorry, accidentally posted that already by accident.

Who even is Sadao_Maou?
6 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/23(Mon) 02:12:52.64

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Music Thread [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/17(Fri) 04:08:33.76
I know there's a board for music, but it's not active at all.

Have any of you ever listened to Hella? They are a math rock duo. Their drummer Zach Hill is amazingly fast, and if I remember correctly he's in three or four bands currently.
Here is the same song, but played live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PafUgFiaaw

What type of music do listen to? What bands are your favorite?
2 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/19(Sun) 09:30:40.86
3 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/22(Wed) 16:11:35.98
4 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/27(Mon) 03:04:35.17
this is sick! awesome thing, drummer is crazy :D
5 名前:Anonymous 2017/09/12(Tue) 17:53:31.10
Wow, it's so cool (+o+)
6 名前:Anonymous 2017/09/25(Mon) 23:59:09.30
7 名前:Anonymous 2020/07/27(Mon) 10:37:14.85
8 名前:Anonymous 2020/09/01(Tue) 09:49:47.96
Asian kung-fu generation
9 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/21(Sat) 18:17:14.70

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"Shiritori" in English [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 転載ダメ©2ch.net(無能) 2016/02/28(Sun) 21:46:55.57
ex: shiritori-ice cream-mango-orange-eggplant
VIPQ2_EXTDAT: checked:default:1000:512:----: EXT was configured
231 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/14(Tue) 17:02:39.81
rose red
232 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/14(Tue) 20:12:51.03
233 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/15(Wed) 12:27:06.54
234 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/16(Thu) 22:36:14.08
moonlight - tolerate
235 名前:Anonymous 2020/02/06(Thu) 12:09:09.22
anyone can explain the meaning of the phrase "tonight love is rationed across the
Its a phrase of a song, icant see the meaning.
236 名前:Anonymous 2020/05/16(Sat) 09:16:12.68
tolerate - eternity
237 名前:Anonymous 2020/05/21(Thu) 23:42:56.45
238 名前:Anonymous 2020/10/22(Thu) 09:00:23.80
239 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/02(Mon) 00:32:56.52
240 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/21(Sat) 12:23:42.82

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American here. Ask me anything.

1 名前:Anonymous 2018/04/14(Sat) 03:35:51.72
Hey, I am Isaac from the United States. I have used 4chan for many years. I just started to learn Japanese, so I decided to check out 5ch.

Feel free to ask me for help with English, questions about America (culture, politics, etc.), or anything else you want. I will answer almost ANY question.
2 名前:Anonymous 2018/04/14(Sat) 04:02:48.90
Nevermind. I posted in /English/ instead because this board is inactive. I wont be responding to any questions in this thread, sorry.
3 名前:Anonymous 2018/05/25(Fri) 23:33:13.37
What do you think of 5ch?
4 名前:Anonymous 2018/05/30(Wed) 08:53:44.29
He's gone.
5 名前:Anonymous 2023/01/20(Fri) 15:18:16.96

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