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0001Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 16:41:08.32
Hey guys can we actually like use these textboards now that they're being shilled again?
Especially because /lit/ on 8ch is dead (and you don't need images to talk about books.)
Anyway, this thread is dedicated to books you have read recently or are currently reading.

I am currently reading The Federalist (AKA The Federalist Papers) by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. It's a really good read
if you enjoy American history or enjoy the philosophy behind the nation itself.
I also read Lenz by Georg Butchner recently. It's a 60 or so page novella (a German work at that) but the prose is masterfully done and it
transitions to English extremely well. It's about this dude that goes crazy while living in the mountains, and it's based off of real journals.
0002Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 23:16:59.16
I'm reading "Mental Time Travel: Episodic Memory and Our Knowledge of the Personal Past." Link:

Chronesthesia (mental time travel) came up in a psychology book I was reading on comparative cognition (aka animal cognition). Wanted to know more about it.

It is one of the many cognitive traits that seems to differentiate us from other animals (esp. ability to project into far future with mental planning).

This book is how it also applies to philosophy.
0003Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 10:58:53.91
I'm reading Notes from the Undergrounds right now, I really like it, but every time I start reading it I just feel like going back to wizchan - it does what Notes from the Underground does, just much better.

Last book I have read was the Welcome to the NHK Novel, it is a really fun book.

Do you guys know any more books about NEETs?

Man I hope this board picks up, 8chan /lit/ is dead and 4chan /lit/ is abhorrent. I have no place to discuss books.
0004Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 13:54:37.88
"Do you guys know any more books about NEETs?"

There is an entire philosophical movement in Ancient and Medieval China that is very similar:
0005Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 13:55:01.93
>"Do you guys know any more books about NEETs?"

There is an entire philosophical movement in Ancient and Medieval China that is very similar:
0006Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 23:25:30.06
>There is an entire philosophical movement in Ancient and Medieval China that is very similar:
This looks very interesting. Not the one who inquired in the first place, but I will check it out!
0007Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 04:51:55.36
The Federalist Papers are garbage. Check out the Anti-Federalist Papers. I hope you enjoy paying money to have a jackboot on your neck, OP.
0008Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 16:51:17.94
Just finished reading "8 Attributes of Great Achievers: Volume 2".
0009Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 18:47:03.96
>Just finished reading "8 Attributes of Great Achievers: Volume 2".

what are the attributes?
0010Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 04:13:07.66
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0011Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 08:40:32.92
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0012Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 09:30:14.95
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0013Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 11:59:10.34
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0014Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 12:38:18.97
Thanks for the book, I will read it once I finish Notes from the Underground. I have to say, whitelisting 2ch and getting the occasional lewd anime girl ad makes browsing it much more exciting.
0015Anonymous2017/03/01(Wed) 12:07:14.78

Attributes 9-16 are:
Vision, persistent, courage, love, master of fundamentals, hardworking, grateful, servant leader, innovator, and mission driven.
0018Anonymous2017/03/27(Mon) 18:40:01.79
0019Anonymous2017/04/13(Thu) 13:06:19.90
I'm un-ironically reading Mein Kampf. I heard the audio book is around 20 hours long. I can't read it in public either, I don't like reading books on a screen but rather with paper so it gets frustrating. Any ideas?
0020Anonymous2017/05/10(Wed) 23:04:21.86
mein kampf is so badly written
0021Anonymous2017/05/25(Thu) 03:51:01.34
Even when I was on board with what Hitler had to say, he jumps around so much that it is hard to follow him.
0023Anonymous2017/08/06(Sun) 12:21:06.17
Reading Rhe Brothers Karamazov. Liking it much better than War And Peace.
0025Anonymous2018/04/26(Thu) 10:54:41.31
I am reading Dostoyevsky's short stories.
0026Anonymous2018/05/16(Wed) 12:23:42.72
0029Anonymous2018/06/12(Tue) 13:53:42.14
Reading dragons seed at the moment. Pretty good insight into china pre-WW2.
Lots of fun to read as well. although It's overdue from the library... I should deal with that.
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