0002Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:42:27.98

              n             a
                   ______/  /
            n   \  \ ξ /  /   k
                  .\  \/  /
                    .\  \/
              i      .\      a


    ――――― Qualia-like rule of the board migration ―――――

       T.Migration is decided on the board written on >>900.

               U.If >>900 isn't board name,
    migration is decided by the order written first like 901, 902, 903...

 V.Make the next thread a board as which the ID and an IP aren't seen.
(When a designated board is a board as which the ID and an IP are seen, it's invalid.)

W.Even if you post a thread unapprovingly and write URL suddenly, that's invalid.

  X.Don't post the same board as much as possible.(To avoid a quarrel.)

W.Even if you post a thread unapprovingly and write URL suddenly, that's invalid.

                Y.>>950 post a thread.
0003Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:43:39.64

0005Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:50:35.09
wtf taks is?
0006Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:50:41.71
One of the big four "Ukudesu"

I've been worried for a long time,but I cant stop writting.
I've supported Takusu for a long.
Voted "the creator",became paying member,bought articles separately, I have.
I'm looking forward to new one,one the other hand,I feel sad to be concerned publishing next work would be late.
http://i.imgur.com/rcwVsIZ.png I felt so bad to receive your answer.
Your declaration to break with me was insufficient explanation.But I was so wretchedly that I didn't ask more.
I determined to despair you manfully.
However,all of my comments were deleted ,I perceived.
Horrible.Too cruel you are.I'm the person deleted ones,so I felt you took the offensive.
You looked like in an unconcerned manner.
My comments with my soul were all deleted,and you said "Sorry, I was born with the whim!"
I was hurt at what you said.
Specifically,topmost comment is my soul one which sympathized with your deserted articles.
Seriously,I wanted to know your statement.Why in the world you can delete those ones...
0007Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:51:29.82
He was a professional comic artist.
His masterpieces are "Ocean Manabu" and "The Creator".
Today he is a "semi-" professional comic artist.
In this thread we talk about Taks Totsuka who is a semi-NEET.
0008Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:53:10.40
   ξξξ    /
.  ξξξξ   |   For example, “I have come here,but book is not buying”...
 ξξ ・J・ξ   |
   \_д/   <   Similarly, “Not book buying. However I'm rooting for you”...
   _) (_     \
 /   U  \
0009Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:53:48.63

i got interested in taks.
where can we read his comics?
0010Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:53:57.01
    ξξξ    ./  Such people, to be honest, and whether it is a sanity...
  ξξ ξξ  |
  ξ ・U・ ξ   |    It is not in a state in which the say so a leisurely thing....
    \д/  <
   _) (_    \  I want to say honestly.
0011Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:57:15.16
You can read "Ocean Manabu" in this page.

However, This manga is Japanese only.
It has not translated yet.
0012Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:57:24.50
it's difficult to migrate here since we can't use Japanese letters.
0013Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:59:04.18
takz sucks
his comics too
0014Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 21:59:24.10
I think so too!
Why don't you stay "Nanmin" board!
0015Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:00:15.57
so Ocean Manabi is still locally popular one, unlike Naruto?
0016Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:00:27.12
0017Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:02:54.10
But it is more popular in Japan than Naruto.
We believe that you like Ocean Manabu even if you cannot read Japanese.
0018Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:05:10.29
NARUTO is one of the most famous comic in Japan.
so, there is the big budget for translate.
"Ocean Manabu" is a minor MANGA.
Task created it alone.
so, he cant pay money it for translate.
0019Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:06:11.67
i think he is disgusting so i can realize you saying
but this one is Fan Thread
you should stay Nanmin if you wanna say such thing
0020Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:06:32.80
guys, which is correct? Manabi is popular in Japan? or not?
0021Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:07:02.49
Taks is shit.
Shit that is not in fertilizer (for sale).

But Truly smell shit.
There is an attractive talent.

It would come to snuff occasionally smell too smell.
"Smell!?'m Put out this shit how can I make sure!?Moreover, Okay proudly!?"
You'll want talk, laughing at everyone that like a.

"Shit of Taks is due!?Watch for free" people gather also from nearby towns and outside the prefecture To hear with.
Hell this shit is facing discussion occurs wound in the head with everyone do with what is configured.
Actually, why not something something amazing? The smell enough to lead to or have a question with.

Because so people flock to one of shit,
Guy who misunderstood the shit it 's great thing or bought by issuing the money.
Guy Tks you have shit is fooled because proudly is thoroughly deceived.

I do not it but, I do earnestly smell.
Truly smell, there is an attractive talent.

The book but do not buy.
0022Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:08:29.18
Taks is popular but Manabu is minor.
0023Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:08:33.91
we succeeded in migration?
0024Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:10:13.77
got it.
so, i'll read the creator first.
0025Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:12:12.52
Have a nice time
0026Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:19:50.21
this is 24.
I've just finished the creator.
who the hell recommended this fuckin boring one?
0027Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:22:51.88
Taks is.
He pretended an ordinary person
and recommended you “The creator”.
0028Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:23:15.22
One is famous manga artist, much better than taks.
do not say bad about him.
0029Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 22:42:30.01

0030Anonymous2018/09/14(Fri) 23:08:53.93
kono ita no "kono ita sonzai igi naidaro" tte sureni yogensha ga imasu
zehi ichido mite kudasai

kono ita no genjumin yori
0031Anonymous2018/09/15(Sat) 18:34:14.04
yogensha wo miyo
0032Anonymous2018/09/15(Sat) 21:18:58.16
mitakedo imi wakaran
kaisetu yorosiku
0033Anonymous2018/09/15(Sat) 23:39:25.42
English please
0034Anonymous2018/09/17(Mon) 21:41:13.16
un un
0035Anonymous2018/09/17(Mon) 22:21:57.72
die takso
0036Anonymous2018/09/18(Tue) 06:47:01.39
A prophet is in the thread "kono ita sonzai igi naidaro".
Thou must see it.
0037Anonymous2018/09/22(Sat) 08:43:40.04
What did the prophet say?
0038Anonymous2018/09/24(Mon) 12:31:05.16
THOU must see it.
Are you blind?
0039Anonymous2018/09/24(Mon) 12:39:43.08
Sorry, i don’t read Japanese.
So what did the prophet say in English?
0040Anonymous2018/09/30(Sun) 16:09:49.81
0041Anonymous2018/09/30(Sun) 22:55:45.54
is shit
0042Anonymous2018/10/12(Fri) 07:46:19.61
0043Anonymous2018/11/05(Mon) 17:40:11.10
0044Anonymous2018/11/08(Thu) 09:21:20.93
Die Taks
0045Anonymous2018/11/16(Fri) 07:13:19.95
Taks, dead or alive
0047Anonymous2018/12/16(Sun) 13:00:55.57
Dangomushi Damnpey
0048Anonymous2018/12/24(Mon) 15:29:48.16
Hey, >>900 in the Tak-thread part 257 on the Nammin board.
Why don’t you join us and fill this thread first?
Then let’s enjoy ita-watari again!
0049Anonymous2018/12/24(Mon) 22:53:10.23
0050Anonymous2018/12/27(Thu) 11:22:57.75
taks is shit. must die.
0051Anonymous2019/02/28(Thu) 12:21:06.75
0052Anonymous2019/03/30(Sat) 03:59:04.86
0053Anonymous2019/04/13(Sat) 22:52:18.26
die takso
0054Anonymous2019/06/11(Tue) 18:43:18.54
takz must die
0055Anonymous2019/07/04(Thu) 20:20:27.94
0056Anonymous2019/07/14(Sun) 13:51:47.10
0057Anonymous2020/01/30(Thu) 17:23:14.86
zuya zuya
0058Anonymous2020/03/23(Mon) 01:32:46.01
Do you mean "Takusu Totsuka"?
0059Anonymous2022/07/09(Sat) 19:16:33.36
taks is coming!!
0060Anonymous2022/12/18(Sun) 01:42:16.12
0061Anonymous2023/01/18(Wed) 08:45:57.39
0062Anonymous2023/01/23(Mon) 10:37:30.30
0063Anonymous2023/05/12(Fri) 00:11:27.77