About 4chan
0001Anonymous2019/11/14(Thu) 17:35:07.22
Let's talk about 4chan.
4chan is an American bulletin board that attracts people from all over the world.
Which board is interesting?
Which thread is interesting?
How is it different from 5ch?
Is there anything that 5ch should learn from 4chan?
0002Anonymous2019/11/14(Thu) 17:35:50.35
let's go
0003Anonymous2019/11/18(Mon) 17:40:52.83
I've been using 4chan since 2012. I regret nothing, because 4chan gave me a reason to keep living. 4chan makes me happy. My favorite board is /x/. It's full of crazy people.
0004Anonymous2019/11/19(Tue) 12:01:43.74
I have been using 4ch for about 2 years
I am mainly at 4ch / int /
There are many trolling peole, but sometimes i find interesting threads.there
The other day I went to / x / for the first time and it was very interesting.
I will post a thread there over time.
0005Anonymous2019/11/22(Fri) 11:41:22.73
As I always think, the 4ch colored people almost seem to bend before the hierarchy.made by whites
Everyone of them wanted to be white and the black people kept whites at a distance
I think people should have pride in whatever their skin color is.
I have seen only one Peruvian man who was against the hierarchy.
But his resistance against the whites seemed to be just a sign of his inferiority complex.
Because he only took out his hate on.whites
0006Anonymous2020/02/28(Fri) 15:11:40.81
You shouldn't take anything that you read on 4chan about race or politics seriously. It's kind of like netouyo.
0010Anonymous2020/03/17(Tue) 17:20:23.44
As an american, 4chan is terrible. But now that the US is unblocked I will post here now (* ^ ω ^)
I promise not to be obnoxious!
0029Anonymous2020/08/26(Wed) 13:30:43.66
/jp/ is the best board.
0030Anonymous2020/11/02(Mon) 02:55:57.21
0031Anonymous2021/03/29(Mon) 05:21:03.84
I've been browsing the Yellow Fevers vs. Caucasian nationalists controversy in a 4chan thread.
(although this thread has already fallen).
It was very interesting to see the deep-seated hate for white people of color.
However, I can't blame them because I, an Asian, have a feeling of discriminating against certain
foreigners. This is a really difficult problem.

The below is the post of one Swede in that thread.

It's amusing how more or less everyone here is okay with white male + non-white female.
But reverse the roles and suddenly the female in question is a "race traitor" whore and whatnot.
Do they not realize that the outcome is the same?
Or is it just incels being upset that "their" women prefer someone other than them?”
0032Anonymous2021/12/13(Mon) 13:01:53.04
Because it's an anonymous forum, you can see people's true intentions behind the Tatemae there
0033Anonymous2021/12/30(Thu) 02:34:25.30
0034Anonymous2022/06/09(Thu) 20:57:39.77
0035Anonymous2023/01/19(Thu) 02:55:02.03
0036Anonymous2023/07/26(Wed) 22:33:01.00
I can't believe the Jews haven't been mentioned yet.
4chan played a huge role in exposing the Jewish criminal network in the early to mid 2010s.
Unforunately, it's a shadow of its former self.
0037Anonymous2023/08/06(Sun) 06:08:11.50
Is 4chan fucking down?
0038Anonymous2023/08/06(Sun) 11:35:45.32
death to jannies
0039Anonymous2023/08/07(Mon) 15:48:30.11
/jp/ is more than just hololive you know
0040Anonymous2023/08/10(Thu) 15:36:02.34
0041Anonymous2023/08/11(Fri) 01:03:03.74
do you like 4chan? do you visit any board?
0042Anonymous2023/08/16(Wed) 05:07:42.03
nth for denouncing יהוה
0043Anonymous2023/08/19(Sat) 19:06:38.24
42th? Lol
0045Anonymous2023/08/25(Fri) 11:57:39.13
4chan is worse than futaba DESU
0046Anonymous2023/08/25(Fri) 23:10:58.98
0048Anonymous2023/09/07(Thu) 16:44:12.24
5ch on top 4cucks would never understand