Hey, Kaze
0001Anonymous2021/11/20(Sat) 22:55:35.82
Created this for Kaze Fujii, the musician, getting a big name in the recent years.
Put down your warm and peaceful message to him in English.
Any level of English is welcome.
Just enjoy writing.
0002Anonymous2021/12/06(Mon) 02:42:52.06
Hey kaze.
I love your humor,music.
I hope you have bright future.
0003Anonymous2021/12/08(Wed) 09:11:55.33
Hey kaze Hey kaze Hey Hey Hooo
now i sing ! HAHAHAー:)
0004Anonymous2022/01/20(Thu) 03:07:51.49
Hey, Kaze !!
I’m just chilling out with kirari remix.
0005Anonymous2022/04/08(Fri) 21:24:21.47
0006Anonymous2022/04/21(Thu) 21:48:50.07
Give me a higher love.
0007Anonymous2023/03/02(Thu) 19:14:21.70
Congratulations on winning the CD Award!