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28動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる2014/04/19(土) 13:46:29.49ID:ZZU2AoZ/0
Some of old maru users now suffer expiration date problem now.
You had promised that old maru users would be extended to at least September.
But some of the user experienced login problem now because their account seems to be expired.
It was solved by mailing auto@2chv.tora3.net before. But no reply now. You said Japanese support team
IIS is not working for supporting old maru users. Would you please give them the direction for getting
their needed support, such as who to contact and what is needed (CodeMonkey-san maybe?)

They are here: 過去ログ&●(2chビューア)情報スレ 51

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