Thank you Kobe for dying
0001Anonymous2020/01/29(Wed) 12:45:14.09

Thank you Kobe for dying. Because I wanted to ride a helicopter .but you died in a helicopter accident and lost that feeling. In other words, I have died and you are less likely to die.
Finally say again. Thanks for Kobe Bryant's death

The content of this video is something like this. If you have any complaints, come to Japan
0002Anonymous2020/01/29(Wed) 12:48:16.33
I am a Japanese who likes basketball. I ca n’t forgive people in this video
0003Anonymous2020/01/29(Wed) 12:48:55.74
The person in this video told me to spread it to the world so I spread it
0004Anonymous2020/04/04(Sat) 23:32:57.71
Full force
0005Anonymous2023/01/22(Sun) 14:47:45.23