Youtube is your friend [–³’f“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©

1Anonymous2017/08/03(Thu) 05:20:02.63

2Anonymous2017/08/03(Thu) 05:33:14.67
fTrembling Tokyof by Einleit
It sounds like shandy and sketchy but mystical.

3Anonymous2017/08/03(Thu) 15:46:42.99
no one come post in Taishikan

4Anonymous2017/08/04(Fri) 01:31:59.87
Official Lyric Video for "Pushh by Thousand Foot Krutch
They are Canadian[4] Christian rock band formed in 1995. 

5Anonymous2017/08/04(Fri) 01:34:11.96
How can I explain what the band is.

6Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 02:09:29.79
Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Full Video)4:08
Daft Punk is duo from france.
Genre of their music are house, disco, and electro.

7Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 12:25:46.30

8Anonymous2017/08/06(Sun) 12:11:34.09
Dan Deacon - Feel the Lighting
Dan deacon is an American composer and electronic musician.
Really cool guy in my opinion

9Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 08:34:39.62
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10Anonymous2017/08/10(Thu) 02:08:43.21

11Anonymous2017/08/10(Thu) 02:13:57.47
fHIT MEf Dirty Loop is a band from Stockholm, Sweden

12Anonymous2017/08/12(Sat) 16:02:33.35
Primus - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Primus is goddamn amazing, I recommend all their albums.

13Anonymous2017/08/12(Sat) 16:08:26.43
Panda Bear - Boys Latin
American musician, singer-songwriter also in Animal Collective
>10 thx

14Anonymous2017/08/27(Sun) 19:42:48.70
konnnitiwa nihonngo de daijyoubu piza tanomikata 3000enn oisii asupara miit oisii

15Anonymous2017/08/27(Sun) 19:46:39.27
averiru radeenn uta umai motto nihonngo tukau pop muzikku good oisii noha tariiz kohi-

16Anonymous2017/08/27(Sun) 19:47:34.26
averiru sumairu ok

17Anonymous2017/09/04(Mon) 11:31:38.32
Datamining companies aren't my friends.

18Anonymous2017/09/05(Tue) 18:21:03.37
>>2 >>4 >>6 >>8

19Anonymous2017/09/05(Tue) 18:45:58.98
Wagakki Band - Senbon-zakura

Wagakki Band - Ikusa (live)

20Anonymous2017/09/06(Wed) 17:46:05.94

21Anonymous2017/09/08(Fri) 13:38:23.61
Danger Mouse - Two Against One
Danger mouse great producer and has worked on many fantastic songs.
Music video by Anthony Francisco

>>19 Sounds awesome! If only I could understand Japanese

22Anonymous2017/09/08(Fri) 13:53:07.84
|Earl Scruggs|
Earl fucking Scruggs, the master of banjo, the inventor of "Scruggs style" banjo pick'n, the savior of bluegrass. Words cannot describe this guy.

23Anonymous2017/09/08(Fri) 20:08:16.04

24Anonymous2017/09/12(Tue) 21:28:13.01
Kaarpaatia - Hintaloo

Kaarpaatia - Busoo rege

Kaarpaatia - Betyaarok

25Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 00:40:37.14

26Anonymous2017/10/23(Mon) 05:38:17.25
The hives - Hate to Say I Told You So
They are a 5-piece band from Sweden.
Genre would be garage rock or garage punk.

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