0001Anonymous2022/10/05(Wed) 13:36:22.50
0002Anonymous2022/10/05(Wed) 18:09:00.52
I listened to the new song.
I think it has the prettiest voice tone of all the songs I have heard.
0003Anonymous2022/10/07(Fri) 00:37:30.67
Even though she is a shady princess, she does not intend to pander to the masses! I love the fact that she doesn't try to be bizarre!
Maybe for the first time in my life, I am hooked on an artist as a whole.
0004Anonymous2022/10/08(Sat) 22:10:53.30
Natsuki's eyes Very mysterious.
0005Anonymous2022/10/10(Mon) 13:21:20.44
I like good looking guys who play guitar.
0006Anonymous2022/10/14(Fri) 23:55:06.47
The yin-yang symbol on the shoes of the girl in the jacket is cool
0007Anonymous2022/11/06(Sun) 12:50:28.39
She has a very pretty voice.