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1Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 09:53:27.39
TABUSE SYSTEM is the biggest taboo in the worldc

What is the TABUSE SYSTEM ? (TABUSE SYSTEM is famous in Japan.)

EAll of wars are fake.
EAll of religions are cabal tool.
EIf I occupy the opponent ideas (or organizations), I can completely control all its matter.Therefore I should occupy all ideas and organizations with farce friction@strategically.
EOnly owning all central banks in the world and the right of controlling the gold price come to the world ruler.

3.11 and Fukushima were terrorism attacks by U.S.A , Israel , Korean, Zainichi(Korean in Japan),Tabuse Korean, VaticaniNot only ePeter Hans Kolvenbachf, itfs Vatican attack. j and so on.
Our Japanese have evidence, and famous anti-3.11 terrorism journalist ( eBenjamin Fulfordf and eRichard Koshimizuf and eIzumif) are terrorist puppets. Zionist likes to occupy their opponent
idea strategically.

EAll of wars are fake.
Russia and Saudi Arabia ink nuclear energy deal, exchange invites
Why does Russia Government have the strong-tie with former Japanese prime minister Hatoyama(Gnosticism@Illuminati) as the most important Japanese? Hatoyama is famous that he links eAl-Qaedaf.


2Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 09:56:36.27
yAtomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasakiz
Hiroshima atomic bomb (Little Boy) was made in Nazis.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs were blown up on the ground.
(you can check at pictures, Explosions were not at an altitude of 600 meters.)
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bomb from a diving airplane.
(There is not any single crater. You can check at pictures.)
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bombs were set up on the ground by Japanese Emperor!!!

EAll of religions are cabal tool.
Catholicfs war plots and enslavement history.
Catholic missionaries are the first step for enslavement in Asia and Africa. Then Catholic always maneuvered conflicts by their devotee. All of Religions are inconsistent in saying their favorite word
ereligious libertyf, while They never forgive@saying true history of religions what religions have been always related with wars.

EeBISf protected eTABUSE Koreanf(Japanese Emperorc.etc) assets during WW2.
(I have evidences about eBISf documents)
No one say about where money comes from for incidents and wars.
Japan could import oil from Zionist company during WW2 via Nihon Suisan Corp what was owned by Japanese Emperor. Japan did not have oil stock for 4 years war(WW2).


3Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 10:06:51.56
yTabuse Systemz

(Tabuse System is famous in Japan.)

Japan has been under Korean colonial rule since ancient time..uEmperorvuReligionvuMoney SystemvuMafiavcetc.
All of these instruments are stronger than visible tyrant system tools for dictators.@
Ancient Jewish came to Japan and established shrines all over the Japan.
Rhetoric of the emperor and religions also came from out-side Japan for non-Japanese origin.

The West(Rothschild) replaced The Meiji emperor with another Korean,
[Japanese National Archives,(1110001)A100317160055, Tanaka Mitsuaki documentc.etc]
Omuro Toranosuke who came from the poor eTabusefh Korean village in Yamaguchi
Prefecture became The Japanese Meiji Emperor for The West.

Japanese Prime Minister Abefs families are also gTabuseh Koreans.
They are xenophobia against Japanese and have their own strong glass ceiling strategies
for Japanese enslavement what is like gThe Protocols of the Elders of Zionh for Jewish.
All of Japanese have been under gTabuseh System for The West
since before The WW2, and They have strong ties with the their ancient land of Korean Peninsula.


4Anonymous2016/06/29(Wed) 10:07:42.34
yTabuse System Qz

WW2 was fake war for Zionists and gTabusehKoreans. They like to occupy all of ideas strategically.
[Right-Wing vs Left-Wing, Russian side vs U.S.A.side, Nuclear Industries vs Anti-Nuclear ,
Political party A vs Political Party B, industrial business vs environmental group ....etc]

Japanese prime minister Abefs grandfather is Kishi Nobusuke(He was a Japanese prime minister after WW2.),
he committed massacres in China during WW2 as well as Sasagawa( His families are still ruling over all of
Japan) and Kodama(He was one of the biggest right-wing Yakuza).

They are from Korean National and worked for Rothschild.Japanese Emperor families and North Korea families are
same blood and having strong relationship.


5Anonymous2016/07/10(Sun) 11:55:51.56
and so i ask you human are you proud of yourself are you aware of what your doing?have you even
got brains and human dignity?i dont know but yuo are a pitiful human ,Yuo probably havent even
though whatcha doin and whom your insulting ,yuo can insult those whom have deserved it but not
our pope the pole our countryman a great person ,and so special and important cause its not
smnone yuo can just laugh at like that cause you like doing so i dont know what kinda family you
were brought up in but you probably i dont know you dont understand what faith is .if yuo thing
your great then ur just some ordinary weirdo who hasnt yet been isolated from the society by
someone ,i dont know whats so funny bout it but take the piss out of stalin or hitler or some other
criminals rather than someone as saint as pope jan paweł 2 .how can yuo even publicly put such
photos on internet forums?i ask who should be held responsible for this cause i think yuo can see he
didnt go to church if ur idk an atheist or believe in some sects or perhaps ur a satans servant and yuo
make out the pope to be such and such ,then yuo are some kinda of idk smone who enjoys satans
spawns .hava think how much the pope has done ,he was someone and who are yuo to make fun of
him eh? who gave u the right to even insult our pope ?did yuo even think bout that this isnt some
person that i can just laugh at and everyone will applause me?

6Anonymous2016/07/10(Sun) 11:57:54.22
srsly kiddo ur rly som kinda psycho cause as opposed to Yuo the pope is an authority for me and yuo
can be idk whoms authority probably the same morons like Yuo who don know what church and
religion are ,its obvious u dont prey and do RE lessons at school ,its obvious you donft respect
religion then idk if ya want to then post ur own photo here i wonder if yuo would dare to .srsly have
a think kiddos bout whatcha doing cause its obvious u don hava clue bout who pope jan paweł2 was
if ur not fully intellectually developt then dont take on such person as the saint father cause that
shows that u prob dont have sacred pictures or a single cross in ur household its not bout the church
me here but generally general faith rules to have some dignity cause the pope didnt insult no one
and why are yuo insulting him eh? well tell me why ur insulting such person as the saint father ?im
at a loss for words but if yuo at least had any idea and reached for the sacred scripture and read for
yourself then maybe u would change urself .idk go to church cos its obvious that since long the
satans within you,you donft like the church then at least sit quietly and dont offend other people

7Anonymous2016/07/12(Tue) 12:55:22.91
People in Japan want peace in their town.

8Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 07:41:33.62
Only [onrw] can destroy 'Tabuse System' and 'New World Order'.

9Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 07:52:54.53
NICE, France FALSE FLAG,Terrorist shot dead?!!! Bullshit.Complot Freemasonry

10Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 15:18:29.89
Our ancestor ordered us and nothing of new will be constructed.

11Anonymous2016/07/24(Sun) 08:42:21.43
Saudi Press Admits: 9/11 was a False Flag

BREAKING! Russia Today: 9/11 was a False Flag Attack

12Anonymous2016/07/24(Sun) 09:37:20.44
We study system of security in the history.

13Anonymous2017/02/07(Tue) 22:33:08.16
Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron

14Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 15:31:04.69
So, this is what "shitposting: Nippon style" looks like.

15Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 09:02:31.99
I doubt the Vatican is in charge of anything that happens in Japan. Otherwise Nagasaki would never have been nuked. The one to give order to nuke Nagasaki was a Freemason, Harry Truman.

16Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 17:48:05.49
Maybe it's recent?

17Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 02:32:43.15
jet fuel cant melt steel memes

18Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 06:39:50.49
Do our slant-eyed sunrise-land friends have conspiracy circles of their own? Is there a Japanese version of /pol/ on the Jap interwebs?

19Anonymous2017/03/18(Sat) 11:43:45.89

20Anonymous2017/03/18(Sat) 11:51:10.13

21Anonymous2017/04/15(Sat) 17:08:52.81

Well just like how on the English net there is cries of "Nazi", on the japanese net there are right wingers who get called "netouyo".
I think it's considered rude.

There are definitely boards where Japanese right-wingers are more common. They write about Japanese traitors.

22Anonymous2017/04/20(Thu) 11:03:11.58
Is that NTR?

23Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 19:01:21.66

24Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 14:42:33.31
sounds like an anime

25Anonymous2019/05/16(Thu) 20:37:27.62
He is not a mikado
Mikado is not a ruler it,s just like a channeler of mitama.
So,we Sinto knew that,
So,Tennou was made by Freemason and Tokugawa government
Look Their necklace,you can find it,s a same thing lol
This world Made by them since 1776

26Anonymous2019/05/16(Thu) 20:44:35.16
We have message for you
Look at this picture in that page

27Anonymous2019/05/16(Thu) 20:54:48.36
And look at this picture
So,you can find key open it.
But cross is just key,what is a story you knew about cross .
And you will find all story is a fake,and you will find that cross key is something missing.

28Anonymous2019/05/16(Thu) 21:06:38.20
We don,t know nothing about tennou
Where he came from,who is his father,we don,t know
Because,Meiji gov just told that we are the absolute ruler !
Just he and Meiji gov,just that.

29Anonymous2019/05/16(Thu) 21:14:39.63
311 by nuke? Lol
How many mega tones nukes ?
We can,t make that tsunami by nukes.

30Anonymous2019/05/16(Thu) 21:26:34.54
But 911
It,s a false flag

31Anonymous2020/07/31(Fri) 16:21:39.84