I'm from 4chan /prog/ [–³’f“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 01:36:38.84

I used to go on dis.4chan.org/prog/ many years ago before it was closed down.

2Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 04:12:28.68
This makes the Shiichan software feel cozy.

3Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 05:29:11.03
this website is utter shit
I thought nips had this shit down a decade ago, why is it so terrible?

4Anonymous2016/07/19(Tue) 13:00:16.40
It's like we're really in 1996.

5Anonymous2016/07/23(Sat) 23:51:10.17
Really can't understand why they can put up with such a shitty web page.

6Anonymous2016/08/20(Sat) 18:21:00.75
Because they NEVER use the web version. They use navigation software for 2ch.

7Anonymous2016/09/19(Mon) 18:49:38.11
This. Use a browser. I like Janestyle myself.

8Anonymous2016/09/21(Wed) 03:01:18.87
I'm not downloading some adware client to browse a website. What next, will we have to use AOL keywords?

9Anonymous2016/09/23(Fri) 03:04:25.26
Desktop clients > web clients

I use one for twitter, IRC, etc.

10Anonymous2016/11/27(Sun) 22:47:55.27
No twitter of penis! Do you understand?

11Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 11:02:30.13
>tfw no desktop/terminal client for imageboards

12Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 12:27:59.44
4chan? lol are you a A+++ Programmer lol, script kiddies.

13Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 13:13:07.19
im EXPERT PROGRAMMER, enterprise java OOP golang just fuck my shit up

14Anonymous2017/02/24(Fri) 07:34:00.72
java? OOP? wtf are you doing here?




in bakapayoku is fuck'n jap speaking fuck nerrer.

17Anonymous2017/03/13(Mon) 23:53:45.32
UN thinks I'm the enemy of UN. Shall I be defeated? Or I have to conquer UN?

18Anonymous2017/03/20(Mon) 06:36:20.34
Java wwwwww. What a shitty language.

19Anonymous2017/03/22(Wed) 16:09:26.74

20Anonymous2017/03/23(Thu) 09:49:48.56
There is that text-mode client for NNTPChan. It's not what you asked for but NNTPChan could use some traffic.

21Anonymous2017/04/08(Sat) 02:36:39.23
All their posts are archived on https://archive.tinychan.org/prog/

22Anonymous2017/06/06(Tue) 14:27:32.34
And about /g/?

23Anonymous2017/07/15(Sat) 11:41:35.00

24Anonymous2017/08/21(Mon) 10:35:01.84

25Anonymous2018/08/04(Sat) 10:51:22.16
westerners's characteristics

they are reasonable but easily influenced by suggestion
they have a susceptibility to taning
they are likely to abuse alcohol
they are inclined to get panics
they cry and scream easily

26Anonymous2018/08/04(Sat) 10:52:45.21