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0001Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 01:36:38.84

I used to go on dis.4chan.org/prog/ many years ago before it was closed down.
0002Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 04:12:28.68
This makes the Shiichan software feel cozy.
0003Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 05:29:11.03
this website is utter shit
I thought nips had this shit down a decade ago, why is it so terrible?
0004Anonymous2016/07/19(Tue) 13:00:16.40
It's like we're really in 1996.
0005Anonymous2016/07/23(Sat) 23:51:10.17
Really can't understand why they can put up with such a shitty web page.
0006Anonymous2016/08/20(Sat) 18:21:00.75
Because they NEVER use the web version. They use navigation software for 2ch.
0007Anonymous2016/09/19(Mon) 18:49:38.11
This. Use a browser. I like Janestyle myself.
0008Anonymous2016/09/21(Wed) 03:01:18.87
I'm not downloading some adware client to browse a website. What next, will we have to use AOL keywords?
0009Anonymous2016/09/23(Fri) 03:04:25.26
Desktop clients > web clients

I use one for twitter, IRC, etc.
0010Anonymous2016/11/27(Sun) 22:47:55.27
No twitter of penis! Do you understand?
0011Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 11:02:30.13
>tfw no desktop/terminal client for imageboards
0012Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 12:27:59.44
4chan? lol are you a A+++ Programmer lol, script kiddies.
0013Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 13:13:07.19
im EXPERT PROGRAMMER, enterprise java OOP golang just fuck my shit up
0014Anonymous2017/02/24(Fri) 07:34:00.72
java? OOP? wtf are you doing here?

in bakapayoku is fuck'n jap speaking fuck nerrer.
0017Anonymous2017/03/13(Mon) 23:53:45.32
UN thinks I'm the enemy of UN. Shall I be defeated? Or I have to conquer UN?
0018Anonymous2017/03/20(Mon) 06:36:20.34
Java wwwwww. What a shitty language.
0020Anonymous2017/03/23(Thu) 09:49:48.56
There is that text-mode client for NNTPChan. It's not what you asked for but NNTPChan could use some traffic.
0022Anonymous2017/06/06(Tue) 14:27:32.34
And about /g/?
0024Anonymous2017/08/21(Mon) 10:35:01.84
0025Anonymous2018/08/04(Sat) 10:51:22.16
westerners's characteristics

they are reasonable but easily influenced by suggestion
they have a susceptibility to taning
they are likely to abuse alcohol
they are inclined to get panics
they cry and scream easily
0026Anonymous2018/08/04(Sat) 10:52:45.21
0027Anonymous2018/11/16(Fri) 18:33:18.22
i knew it
but why?
0028Anonymous2018/11/16(Fri) 18:39:56.54
instead they have a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering,
this tendency makes them different from us
0030Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 23:07:46.79
westerners on 4ch adore androids made in china or korea
i cant believe that
0031Anonymous2018/11/18(Sun) 23:41:53.68
Most of korean girls have plastic surgerys
They are unbelievably open to alter their face surgically.

Once i've heard that some chinese cut their shin bones and add metal rods there
so that to make their look taller
they seem that they wanna be like an Westerners enthusiastically
0032Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 14:04:23.34
Now that /prog/ is dead, is this the place to discuss programming?
0035Anonymous2023/01/07(Sat) 05:24:21.58
0036Anonymous2023/07/15(Sat) 09:44:31.40