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0001Anonymous2015/02/05(Thu) 18:18:04.05
My Top 100 Animation Studios as of 2015

(1). Disney (W. Disney and Nine Old Men are more important than my nationality)
(2). Pixar (John Lasseter saved my life)
(3). Fleischer Studios (RIP)
(4). UPA (RIP)
(5). Toei Animation (Toei Doga is much better though)
(6). Mushi Production (but only 60s and 70s)
(7). MGM (most notably early Hanna-Barbera's "Tom and Jerry" series)
(8). Warner Bros (Chuck Jones' works cannot be ignored)
(9). Studio Ghibli
(10). Tokyo Movie (TMS is ok)
(11). old-Tatsunoko (current Tatsunoko absolutely sucks ass)
(12). DreamWorks
(13). Blue Sky Studios (one of my fav studios lately)
(14). Sony Pictures Animation
(15). Studio Chizu
(16). Cartoon Network (The Powerpuff Girls is just outstanding)
(17). Ludorum plc (Chuggington is worth to watch, it's my guilty pleasure)

(50). GAINAX (basically I admit their independence)
(51). Madhouse
(52). Sunrise
(53). TMS
(54). Kyoto Animation (K-on is pretty nice but the others)
(55). TRIGGER Inc.
(56). A-1 Pictures

(92). Studio 4C (although almost dying)
(93). Production I.G (kusoreal)
(94). JC Stuff
(95). XEBEC (should know japorn isn't animation)
(96). GONZO
(97). ufotable (just a phony)
(98). SHAFT (the worst nightmare of our time)
(99). Current Tatsunoko (eww, go away)
(100). BONES, Inc. (even Jesus hates BONES)
0127Anonymous2015/09/03(Thu) 08:02:24.01
i hope Ladybug will blow Precure the f out, tbh.
this French bordeaux deserves AM 8:30 (sun.) by far more than current Precure.
0128Anonymous2015/09/03(Thu) 10:55:14.62
americopun must die
0130Anonymous2015/09/04(Fri) 01:42:59.52
JAJAJAJAJAJAJA jaaaaaappppppppp!!!!!!!!
0131Anonymous2015/09/05(Sat) 07:56:29.25
This thread is making my head hurt.
0132Anonymous2015/09/05(Sat) 09:41:28.25
the only LEGIT sakuga thread, here is. the others are phony.
0133Anonymous2015/09/05(Sat) 09:45:01.21
i feel the strong friendship between 2ch and 4chan :) :)
0134Anonymous2015/09/06(Sun) 01:48:43.28
sakuga was a cool thing back then.
but now it is toysrus for immature brats.
so we decided to do the opposite.
0135Anonymous2015/09/06(Sun) 01:52:25.67
0137Anonymous2015/09/06(Sun) 07:21:07.24
this can be the first ever R-rated PIXAR. lol
0139Anonymous2015/09/06(Sun) 07:49:49.27
Do we really want to do this: An English sakuga thread on 1) a Japanese 2) imageboard?
0140Anonymous2015/09/06(Sun) 09:26:19.62
read the description of this board, dude.
Jim extended 2ch solely for English users.
0141Anonymous2015/09/06(Sun) 10:00:24.83
/anime8/ is meant to be in ENGLISH. We aren't permitted to type any other languages here.
0143Anonymous2015/09/07(Mon) 07:40:20.15
PIXAR will hands down win the next Oscar.
0144Anonymous2015/09/07(Mon) 07:51:16.86
"Minions" is actually well-oiled at the box-office, however, the film is regarded by critics as mediocre.
0145Anonymous2015/09/07(Mon) 16:34:16.82
Can we ban all discussion of 2D works in this thread? 3D is the future, you must embrace it.
0146Anonymous2015/09/08(Tue) 02:10:19.42
Don't forget the thread is meant to be FREE-FOR-ALL.
We anons can discuss whatever we want. :) :)
0147Anonymous2015/09/08(Tue) 07:41:51.46
If that's the case, then I say that helicopters are cool.
also nichijou season two will never happennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
0148Anonymous2015/09/09(Wed) 19:07:36.08
Koko majide gaijin bakka??
Jap ineeno kayo kusottare
0150Anonymous2015/09/11(Fri) 14:29:51.66
Douiu loto?
0151Anonymous2015/09/11(Fri) 14:31:08.95
Eigo hanase
Samonakuba Shine


Speak English
or Die
0153Anonymous2015/09/13(Sun) 21:37:22.69
0155Anonymous2015/09/16(Wed) 21:50:41.26
0156Anonymous2015/09/16(Wed) 21:58:09.89
i'm really glad W. DISNEY died young having not seen japanimes, cus he'd be sad if he saw those crappy turds.
0158Anonymous2015/09/17(Thu) 02:01:34.42
GTFO loveliver
0160Anonymous2015/09/17(Thu) 19:22:32.11
top kek
0162Anonymous2015/09/18(Fri) 01:05:02.78
Well, it turns out that hand-drawn animation had already reached its completed stage as an art medium in the mid-1930s.
0164Anonymous2015/10/06(Tue) 23:59:58.05
Pretty accurate.
0165Anonymous2015/10/13(Tue) 15:13:26.53
0167Anonymous2016/01/18(Mon) 04:43:35.63
nanya kono sule
0168Anonymous2016/01/24(Sun) 17:37:14.01
I am jap
0169Anonymous2016/05/20(Fri) 20:32:44.02
0170Anonymous2016/06/01(Wed) 01:39:23.99
This board is crazy. I'm not even sure how you're supposed to post here.
0171Anonymous2016/06/02(Thu) 10:41:20.70
0172Anonymous2016/11/15(Tue) 16:05:25.14
is this thread dead ?
0174Anonymous2016/12/13(Tue) 13:25:50.78
Please overlook my poor English.
I’m Japanese and interested in hand-drawn animation of Disney.
Would anyone show me websites that people are talking about sakuga of American animation?
0175Anonymous2016/12/16(Fri) 13:35:31.79
Your English is fine. Try looking over on the animation subreddits @ reddit .com
Otherwise idk.. maybe tumblr? Though tumblr is aids.
We dont really gush about sakuga in the West :(
0176Anonymous2017/02/28(Tue) 20:01:53.75
Ur english suck. Go back to ur mom's pussy ayy lmao