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0001Anonymous2015/11/10(Tue) 23:58:17.43
She is a so pretty and cute girl in idol m@ster million live.
Though this board is underpopulated, let's
talk about her attractive point!
0002Anonymous2015/11/11(Wed) 00:20:53.54
At first, she seems to be frivolous, but in fact, she looks other people carefully.
0003Anonymous2015/11/11(Wed) 00:29:04.59
Happy birthday Tomoka chan!!!!!!!!!!!!
look up to her!!!!!!!!!!
0004Anonymous2015/11/11(Wed) 20:02:05.72
0006Anonymous2015/11/12(Thu) 00:07:45.88
i like this picture very very much
0007Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 13:25:50.32
Possibly, are you Japanese?
0008Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 20:14:48.84
i'm from Korea, so i'm poor at Japanese and English.(이것은 맞습니까?)
0009Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 20:20:37.72
Tada Rina is the best !
0011Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 20:51:29.40
Baba konomi chan 24? like 12
0013Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 22:47:57.32
0014Anonymous2015/11/19(Thu) 08:59:05.21
Akane, will you marry me?
0015Anonymous2015/11/19(Thu) 21:56:37.60
nade nade nade
0016Anonymous2015/11/20(Fri) 08:50:54.19
little did I dream she is so pretty!
Hmm, wanna try with her a one-night stand/~
0017Anonymous2015/11/24(Tue) 21:45:54.69
if she were my wife, my life would be happy!
0018Anonymous2015/11/26(Thu) 07:01:35.11
nade nade shittai
0019Anonymous2015/11/26(Thu) 07:07:51.55
0021Anonymous2015/11/30(Mon) 05:03:04.41
unti buri
0022Anonymous2015/12/03(Thu) 21:40:50.13
Happy birthday Akane!
0025Anonymous2015/12/18(Fri) 15:19:15.82
Shigoto de missutta node shini MASU
0026Anonymous2015/12/21(Mon) 01:57:48.60
0027Anonymous2015/12/24(Thu) 23:04:41.10
merry christmas! Akanechan!
0030Anonymous2016/01/04(Mon) 23:43:09.96
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0032Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 21:34:17.41
0033Anonymous2016/03/18(Fri) 22:01:14.23
0034Anonymous2016/03/19(Sat) 15:21:49.29
0036Anonymous2017/01/11(Wed) 21:30:36.31
Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron
0037Anonymous2017/07/19(Wed) 04:27:17.18
E jann
0038Anonymous2022/10/13(Thu) 05:58:23.58