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0001Anonymous2017/03/06(Mon) 21:29:33.25
come on
0002Anonymous2017/03/07(Tue) 00:50:35.38
what anime do you like
0003Anonymous2017/03/07(Tue) 07:55:43.69
0004Anonymous2017/03/16(Thu) 15:30:35.98
mutha facka yoyo
0006Anonymous2017/03/25(Sat) 10:35:51.10
Is North Korea doing anti USA in Korea?
0007Anonymous2017/03/26(Sun) 23:36:11.02
Would you like pickles called Kimuchi ?
0008Anonymous2017/06/17(Sat) 07:39:36.15
why are you still living?
0009Anonymous2017/06/21(Wed) 01:42:51.45
I love TBSK
0010Anonymous2017/06/25(Sun) 06:53:12.96
0011Anonymous2017/06/26(Mon) 16:24:17.60
Penis length and girth?
0012Anonymous2017/07/11(Tue) 13:47:12.56
Which part of Korea are you fromÉ
0014Anonymous2017/08/30(Wed) 10:08:21.93
Allah Akbar
الله أكبر
0015Anonymous2017/09/27(Wed) 22:53:56.28
Where are you living?
Japan? Korea?
0016Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 13:58:51.48
omae zettai nihonjin daro
0017Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 14:29:06.41
0018Anonymous2017/09/30(Sat) 07:36:42.88
fuck off
0019Anonymous2017/10/04(Wed) 17:11:00.20
fuck your self chon w
0020Anonymous2018/03/24(Sat) 00:50:30.95
???? ?????? ???? ???????? ???? ?????? ????????
0021Anonymous2018/04/04(Wed) 10:33:28.45
How much smegma
0022Anonymous2018/09/10(Mon) 03:39:16.42
moron uyo freak monkey eat shit
die shine hitomodoki uyo ha zisatsureba minna happy
0023Anonymous2018/09/10(Mon) 03:40:48.67
uyohitomdoki zisatu kubitsuri hell yeah
0025Anonymous2018/11/26(Mon) 11:05:13.42
this is a nice board
0026Anonymous2018/12/27(Thu) 15:05:39.05
go back your country
0027Anonymous2018/12/30(Sun) 02:12:15.42
North Korea is best Korea
0028Anonymous2019/08/28(Wed) 22:29:30.70
Les Coréens sont vraiment stupides
0029Anonymous2019/09/22(Sun) 01:41:33.91
Fack you.
0030Anonymous2019/10/08(Tue) 21:56:42.70
Oh, miss supelu.
0031Anonymous2019/11/25(Mon) 16:44:24.88
부엉이바위에서 운지 ㅇㅋ?
0032Anonymous2019/12/09(Mon) 15:03:59.04
0034Anonymous2020/04/04(Sat) 00:01:24.75
Takeshima is Japanese territory and Korea must stop its illegal military occupation of Takeshima. Please go suck Kim-Jong-Un's dick, thx ;)
0035Anonymous2020/06/21(Sun) 13:21:22.76
i love korean
0036Anonymous2020/06/24(Wed) 09:29:48.56
where are you from?
0037Anonymous2020/08/24(Mon) 10:33:00.93
0038Anonymous2020/08/26(Wed) 21:03:48.55
Do you like Japanese food?
0039Anonymous2020/10/30(Fri) 11:18:35.33
so is korean in japan the same as being jewish in the us or something
0040Anonymous2021/03/16(Tue) 15:30:01.20

The Zainichi Koreans are taking over Japan.
0041Anonymous2021/04/09(Fri) 05:35:58.61
Why are you alive?
0042Anonymous2021/06/29(Tue) 02:07:13.26
netouyo shindoke
0043Anonymous2021/10/14(Thu) 00:09:24.69
0044Anonymous2021/12/25(Sat) 13:18:19.55
TAKESIMA return to japan