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0001Anonymous2017/04/25(Tue) 21:30:43.97
how old are you now?
0002Anonymous2017/04/26(Wed) 21:06:28.31
I don't want to remind that thing
0003Anonymous2017/04/27(Thu) 14:23:29.11
Ayanami is so adorable and she is my waifu
0004Anonymous2017/04/28(Fri) 11:57:59.32
No its mine
0005Anonymous2017/04/29(Sat) 04:15:43.90
teh Rei is a person not an it
0006Anonymous2017/04/29(Sat) 10:59:07.15
Shut the fuck up
0007Anonymous2017/04/29(Sat) 23:50:20.31
your waifu is shit
0008Anonymous2017/05/02(Tue) 00:49:13.07
Are you serious? Where are your eyes?
0009Anonymous2017/05/03(Wed) 10:01:50.95
She is annoying cunt. The VA was awesome though