Kemono Friends [無断転載禁止]©
0001Anonymous2017/08/01(Tue) 18:55:32.58
TV anime Kemono Friends is...

It was made somewhere in this world
Ultra large giant zoo "Japari Park".

There, the animals transformed into "Animal Girls"
with the appearance of human beings, with the power
of the mysterious substance "Sand Star"--!
They started to enjoy lively with people who visited.

But time flows...

One day, there was a lost child appearing in trouble at the park.
I thought that a journey to aim for return will be started,
but Animal Girls joined, it became a big adventure!?

==ON AIR SCHEDULE== (1st Season)
TV Tokyo 01/10/2017~ every tuesday 25:35 (UTC +0900) 10:35 (UTC -0600, CDT)
TV Osaka 01/10/2017~ every tuesday 25:35 (UTC +0900) 10:35 (UTC -0600, CDT)
TV Aichi 01/10/2017~ every tuesday 28:05 (UTC +0900) 13:05 (UTC -0600, CDT)
0002Anonymous2017/08/02(Wed) 00:22:21.65
Kemono Friends Second Season production was decided!!!
0004Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 15:06:12.01
When will the game app released?
0005Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 17:07:34.44
i think this summer
but idk wait for information
0006Anonymous2017/08/28(Mon) 12:15:47.29
today i watched the rerun of the episode 11.
Kaban-chan was killed :( im very sad now.
i want to go into the screen and help her!!!
0007Anonymous2017/08/29(Tue) 13:33:39.13
kemono-friends was on tv as scheduled!!
im very happy to see friends helping kaban-chan,
and i want to thank them that helped her and the creator very much!!!!
0008Anonymous2017/09/29(Fri) 14:01:20.69
tatuki kouban
0009Anonymous2017/11/22(Wed) 20:25:17.78
hi i'm >>7
well, tatsuki was fired.
i really hope he came back.
and i don't know when i would make a next post.
good bye until then.
0010Anonymous2017/11/23(Thu) 12:36:42.24
0011Anonymous2017/12/16(Sat) 17:07:09.08

one more hiroshima
0012Anonymous2018/01/19(Fri) 00:02:18.27
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0014Anonymous2018/08/28(Tue) 23:48:29.52
Hey USA!
japanese「kemono friends」is dead.
because KADOKAWA kill her.
japanese fan is so sad… :)
please help we!