I've been truancy since my 6th grade,anyquestion?
0001Anonymous2018/06/10(Sun) 02:45:55.57
'll answer everyting
0002Anonymous2018/06/10(Sun) 02:50:16.05
by th way, i didnt go2schol tht tim
0003Anonymous2018/06/10(Sun) 18:15:52.56
none is here?
0004Anonymous2018/06/11(Mon) 07:28:55.07
there must be anything
0005Anonymous2018/06/11(Mon) 12:07:30.74
Yeah, I have a question. why're you such a loser. Why? fucking tell me.
0006Anonymous2018/06/13(Wed) 07:25:58.65
This is because my friend went to the other class, and i got alone during lunch time.
0007Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 12:35:02.62
I should have done the same
0008Anonymous2018/06/16(Sat) 13:13:34.71
anything else?
0009Anonymous2018/09/24(Mon) 02:12:30.65
Do you live in Japan? If not, why 2ch?
0010Anonymous2018/12/21(Fri) 17:03:25.12