I'm American. Any questions?
0001Anonymous2018/11/26(Mon) 11:10:00.35
Before you ask, it's 6 inches even
0002Anonymous2019/04/04(Thu) 12:29:17.57
are you a homosexual?
0003Anonymous2019/05/05(Sun) 19:33:02.94
do you like burger?
0004Anonymous2019/05/22(Wed) 22:17:32.41
Are you a gay?
0005Anonymous2019/08/25(Sun) 18:52:54.23
What are these questions lol
0006Anonymous2019/11/11(Mon) 14:10:35.21
Im American also. I love to suck dick, and I eat burgers around 3 times a month
0007Anonymous2019/11/25(Mon) 16:43:32.30
I'm also American. I like burgers unless they have tomatoes in them and I'm straight. Also, 6 inches is quite big by Asian-American standards, my dick is like 5" oof
0008Anonymous2020/04/22(Wed) 12:14:23.23
American here. 8 times a month is the bare minimum for citizenship. I've already contacted the ICE so you best look for some place to immigrate now.
0009Anonymous2020/04/23(Thu) 00:06:08.27
I have no questions.
Let me just say, we Japanese love weebs.
0010Anonymous2020/08/07(Fri) 01:04:27.80
No questions. Just shut the fuck up
0011Anonymous2020/08/26(Wed) 11:02:31.68
Do you like manga?
0012Anonymous2021/06/29(Tue) 02:08:05.33
mainiti horuhorudouga mitesou
0013Anonymous2023/01/23(Mon) 09:59:13.26
0014Anonymous2023/01/23(Mon) 21:37:18.31
you are japanese.
0015Anonymous2023/04/12(Wed) 21:35:42.21
what the acutal fucke :D
0016Anonymous2023/04/18(Tue) 20:18:57.76
0017Anonymous2023/04/24(Mon) 03:47:41.43
I'm Japanese! It has nothing to do with being gay, right? The person I like is love! Isn't it?
0018Anonymous2023/04/24(Mon) 04:10:47.12
Japanese people, including women, are tolerant of gays.