/jp/ lounge
0001Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 12:01:18.38
I come here from glorious /jp/. Post in this thread if you did as well!
And remember, try to make this place active!
0002Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 14:10:06.12
It would help if I could fucking read these buttons.
0003Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 14:20:05.52
Wrong board. We should occupy /img8/.
0004Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 21:30:46.23
Learn moon!
0005Anonymous2019/01/29(Tue) 03:30:22.31
You don't need to learn moon to understand them. Buttons do not always do what they say, anyway. Just click and see. That is the way of the software empiricist.
0006Anonymous2019/01/29(Tue) 09:04:07.02
japanese software objectivism
0007Anonymous2019/01/29(Tue) 09:16:33.88
I miss moot
0008Anonymous2019/01/30(Wed) 09:43:13.65
0009Anonymous2019/02/02(Sat) 14:55:30.86
Taking it easy in the 5ch /jp/ thread
0010Anonymous2019/02/04(Mon) 11:43:30.38
It's funny how different these places are from eachother, like 2ch, futabachan, 4chan, and reddit and stuff. Like internet ecosystems are fucking weird
0011Anonymous2019/02/05(Tue) 09:13:20.05
It wasn't /jp/, but this attempt reminds me of the time some years back when a bunch of f/a/ggots took over a very dead board called oneechan. It can't have lasted too long, but it was fun.
0012Anonymous2019/02/06(Wed) 03:21:26.00
Visit the /jp/ thread on /img8/, a board for talking about imageboards!
0013Anonymous2021/05/02(Sun) 03:06:57.33
0014Anonymous2022/10/12(Wed) 02:28:26.35
0015Anonymous2023/01/16(Mon) 07:56:51.69
0016Anonymous2023/08/07(Mon) 16:03:05.16
stop testing and talk about /jp/
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