i still dont understand that how come non japanese are here ?
0001Anonymous2020/12/08(Tue) 17:18:00.90
what r u doing here man ?:o
0002Anonymous2020/12/10(Thu) 04:59:34.54
Tf do you care. Fuck off
0003Anonymous2020/12/14(Mon) 15:26:17.29

0004Anonymous2020/12/25(Fri) 05:48:00.85
u r a fuckin insane aggresive guy
0005Anonymous2021/01/19(Tue) 09:02:23.43
I love Japan :D
0006Anonymous2021/02/17(Wed) 13:14:27.50
Based American chads colonizing stupid japs.
0007Anonymous2021/03/16(Tue) 15:26:52.00

You are racist and destroying Japan.
0008Anonymous2021/03/20(Sat) 23:16:52.23
manchuria rightful jomon clay
0009Anonymous2021/04/09(Fri) 05:35:26.36
Fucking niggers
0010Anonymous2021/04/22(Thu) 16:52:55.68
4channel was getting boring, so I decided to check out the sequel.

I come to practice reading Japanese and just for language practice in general.
0012Anonymous2021/05/01(Sat) 22:29:54.81

Sequel? this is the original 2channel.
0013Anonymous2021/05/01(Sat) 22:30:42.92

Same reason i come.
0014Anonymous2021/05/02(Sun) 03:05:03.91
hello, my first time posting on 2channel
0015Anonymous2021/05/02(Sun) 03:11:38.50
I love Japan, please conquer rest of the world and force us to speak superior Japanese language.
0016Anonymous2021/09/10(Fri) 21:12:33.90

You can only use English boards Japanese boards are only for Japanese people and you will be banned.
0017Anonymous2021/09/20(Mon) 10:51:14.92
0018Anonymous2021/09/20(Mon) 10:51:28.78
0019Anonymous2021/09/24(Fri) 21:10:49.69
0021Anonymous2021/10/03(Sun) 05:40:03.88
I'm tired of the English internet, time to hang out here.
btw why are Japanese people so bad at web design?
0022Anonymous2021/11/18(Thu) 15:50:37.23
2ch used to have better web design than this. when the fork happened it all went to shit
-a friendly american passing by
0024Anonymous2022/03/31(Thu) 00:11:31.83
0025Anonymous2022/04/11(Mon) 17:18:24.20
hello first post here. I can leave if you guys want.
0027Anonymous2022/10/22(Sat) 00:49:27.59
0028Anonymous2022/11/17(Thu) 13:07:17.45