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0001Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 16:46:45.49
0036Anonymous2015/12/16(Wed) 14:10:17.47
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
0037Anonymous2015/12/19(Sat) 04:48:37.79
It's disney's frozen
0038Anonymous2015/12/21(Mon) 04:33:59.41
this is a pen
0039Anonymous2015/12/23(Wed) 22:32:30.66
0040Anonymous2015/12/24(Thu) 00:59:30.69
soft covered
0041Anonymous2015/12/25(Fri) 01:16:20.53
abridged ed.
0042Anonymous2015/12/26(Sat) 19:23:44.18
0044Anonymous2015/12/29(Tue) 18:00:29.04
whats book
0045Anonymous2016/01/01(Fri) 02:17:55.08
Happy New Year!
0046Anonymous2016/01/01(Fri) 22:08:30.81
0047Anonymous2016/01/03(Sun) 18:57:57.71
0048Anonymous2016/01/22(Fri) 18:45:13.37
How do you get foreign magazine inJAPAN?
0049Anonymous2016/01/28(Thu) 20:42:38.72
Amazon or Kinokuniya(Shinjyuku)
0050Anonymous2016/02/08(Mon) 00:40:45.18
i borrow some manga books from my collague.
0051Anonymous2016/02/29(Mon) 21:51:32.67
0052Anonymous2016/03/03(Thu) 13:39:10.01
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0053Anonymous2016/03/05(Sat) 22:00:47.72
what do you want to be in the future??
0054Anonymous2016/03/06(Sun) 00:47:52.35
sunny side egg !!
0055Anonymous2016/03/30(Wed) 21:57:36.54
0056Anonymous2016/04/27(Wed) 12:04:58.40
Finished reading Snow Crash by Neil Stevenson. JESUS it had my heart beating on end at the end half.
0057Anonymous2016/06/05(Sun) 04:53:09.77
I read The Worlds of Frank Herbert recently. It was decent, his short stories are pretty great.
0058Anonymous2016/12/12(Mon) 23:02:49.29
Dela beppin
0059Anonymous2017/01/11(Wed) 08:23:04.57
so ku ra te su 384 sei reki hoto ke kirisuto mottto mae
0060Anonymous2017/01/12(Thu) 22:09:47.20
Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron
0062Anonymous2017/02/12(Sun) 20:19:08.09
0063Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 09:34:36.56
'Amadís de Gaula' is all I wanted out of medieval stories as a kid, great violent fantastical stuff.
'Guards, Guards!' by Terry Pratchett had me laughing heartily every couple of pages.
God, it's been over half a year since I last read something I really enjoyed, instead reading what I felt I should be reading.
Also does anyone know what >>61 is about? I'm at the 16 minute mark and I really can't tell.
0064Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 13:11:48.66
I read every single Discworld book. I was actually relieved when Pratchett finally died, because it meant that I wouldn't have to read any more of them.
0065Anonymous2017/02/21(Tue) 13:14:05.89
It must be hard for an author, having your most famous book be written so early in your career and be so unlike all of your other published material.
0067Anonymous2017/12/14(Thu) 01:58:48.72
0068Anonymous2018/01/05(Fri) 12:07:42.75
0069Anonymous2018/01/19(Fri) 00:05:42.89
0070Anonymous2018/01/28(Sun) 15:36:02.17
0071Anonymous (8段)2018/04/14(Sat) 12:46:07.17

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0073Anonymous2018/10/27(Sat) 00:43:48.96
0076Anonymous2019/10/06(Sun) 09:38:06.73
kinen papico
0077Anonymous2019/11/06(Wed) 11:38:47.28
0078Anonymous2020/05/18(Mon) 09:18:48.33
"The Principles of Communism" by Friedrich Engels.
0079Anonymous2020/06/01(Mon) 09:47:36.96
Is this dead?
0080Anonymous2020/07/12(Sun) 11:19:49.34
0082Anonymous2022/10/13(Thu) 06:26:23.74
0083Anonymous2022/11/06(Sun) 14:26:59.47
0084Anonymous2023/01/16(Mon) 14:11:37.36
0085Anonymous2023/01/23(Mon) 17:22:30.62
0086Anonymous2023/05/12(Fri) 20:41:26.59
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