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0001Anonymous2017/03/26(Sun) 05:35:20.51
It is the best OS. Prove me wrong, if you can.
0002Anonymous2017/03/27(Mon) 03:07:00.91
I used win95 on ancient thinkpad playing starcraft... it was fuckin awesome..
still have though and its working :D 2000 was very good back in time, but,
what about xp? its same shit but little upgraded
0003Anonymous2017/03/28(Tue) 00:57:55.62
Windows XP is still widely use and is very unprotected. Windows 2000 hardly has any malware compatible with it today.
0004Anonymous2017/03/28(Tue) 03:18:54.93
it doesnt have any malware because its ancient
0005Anonymous2017/03/30(Thu) 10:52:06.05
>>4 exactly anon-kun.