Favorites Softwares
0001Anonymous2018/12/10(Mon) 10:30:00.67
What are your favorites software?
I am in love with MPV. This is the truly Swiss Army Knife for players
0002Anonymous2019/01/28(Mon) 16:24:49.71
I like cURL and FFmpeg. They're very versatile.
0003Anonymous2019/02/25(Mon) 11:25:16.96
0004Anonymous2019/10/02(Wed) 01:37:26.46
0005Anonymous2019/10/08(Tue) 23:51:19.20
0006Anonymous2019/12/03(Tue) 09:15:34.96
Horosho, comrade! vot moj spisok.
ShareX = screenshot
Portable FastStone Capture = screeshot
QTranslate + Capture2Text - translite
vscodium-portable = code
PeaZip Portable = open zip rar file
Portable PotPlayer = video player
Portable Microsoft Office 2007 = the minimum required functions.
AIMPPortable = music player
UltraISO.Portable = create iso.
WinDirStat Portable = It is notable for presenting a sub-tree view with disk use percentage alongside a usage-sorted list of file extensions that is interactively integrated with a colorful graphical display.
GoogleChromePortable64 = chrome browser.
RealTemp_portable = CPU temperature monitoring
Sandboxie - . It creates a sandbox-like isolated operating environment in which applications can be run or installed without permanently modifying the local or mapped drive.
notepad++ = replace default-Notepad
Psiphon3 = vpn
Intelligent standbyr list cleaner = Windows 10 operating system to remove or reduce stutters that users experience when playing games on devices running the operating system.
HostMan = blacklist site . advance adblock
Telegreat = telegram client for win.
Ultra RAMDisk = from move temp of chrome
One Commander V2 = total commander
Discord-portable = best 2ip-voice soft
AutoPowerOFF = to turn off the PC
VirtualDVD = analog DAEMON Tools
WallpaperEngine = live wallper
Action! = screen record
Movavi Video Suite = a set of large number of diversified tools.
Any Gigapixel-Soft
any adobe soft = Adobe Reader DC , adobe cc photshop other.
0007Anonymous2019/12/03(Tue) 09:17:04.02
0008Anonymous2023/01/04(Wed) 04:11:33.00
0009Anonymous2023/01/19(Thu) 02:24:22.84