Internet connection issues with an iBook G4
0001Anonymous2019/07/15(Mon) 20:04:46.10
I have an iBook G4 that was given to me years ago.
This year, I decided to finally give it a use. I tried accessing the Internet with it, but only Google works.
I decided to use a virtual machine for it (Virtual PC for Mac 7.0), with Windows XP Professional SP3.
I tried using Internet Explorer, but I couldn't connect to any web page. I tried installing a browser, but it was pretty slow. I also tried using AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, also connected to the AIM Phoenix host), but I couldn't log on.
If you were also wondering, I got the files by USB (It's common sense, but I'll still mention it just in case).
Is this natural that this is unfixable, or is there an actual way to fix this issue?
Whatever the answer is, thank you in advanced.
0002Anonymous2019/07/19(Fri) 12:51:55.38
Install Linux on it so you can run a modern browser. I recommend qutebrowser.
0003Anonymous2019/07/19(Fri) 13:17:42.90
I'm gonna try using Ubuntu. Is using a version which is a bit newer alright?