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0001Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 04:12:09.85
Silent Hill 1,2 and 3 are best things that happened to gaming industry since 1999...
I just cannot stop playing this shit.
I am currently finishing 3 part, and going for 4...
After 4 i am not going to play because japs are not involved anymore and konami is motherfucker.
Btw Silent Hill 1 is emulator only, Silent Hill 2 is unplayable without hacks,
and Silent Hill 3 and 4 are okay i guess.

Tips for Silent Hill 2: If you have strong enough PC to run emulator, then go for it.
Otherwise[i prefer PC] you have to disable all cpu cores and leave one.
I know how to do this on linux and i dont know how to do that on win. So disable all cores, just leave one working!
That will prevent sound from looping and cutscenes wont freeze.
0002Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 04:15:55.80
and btw, i think you should do it for Silent Hill 3 also, two cores are enough, rest needs to be disabled.
0003Anonymous2023/01/22(Sun) 18:01:22.46