8ch in trouble - possible 2ch migration [転載禁止]©2ch.net
0001Anonymous2015/06/12(Fri) 20:37:07.62
8ch might end up closing down based on this post.

In case this does end up happening I figured people that still want to hang out with each other and discuss from the larger boards could move here.
Maybe we could add a board for more niche topics later if it kicks off.


"But Anon I don't know how to use 2ch"
http://services.4-ch.net/2chportal/ - has most of the Japanese boards as well as info on some 2ch culture

-Other guides can/will be translated if we end up moving here as well.-
I might even post some in this thread later.

Here's a key a fellow user made for some of the text on the site.

"2ch looks lame and doesn't show images!"
There are some 2ch browsers although I'm not sure if they still work.

There's also some extensions that add more useful features to the site like showing images from links, replies, etc.
For now here's one I use personally, it's on Firefox and Chrome.
0009Anonymous2015/08/12(Wed) 00:51:59.67
Using "muh" doesn't make you seem any better.
0010Anonymous2015/08/12(Wed) 11:44:09.07
using "muh" is used to mock what comes after muh, lurk moar.
0011Anonymous2015/08/30(Sun) 17:30:00.79
Try not acting like the average 4channer next time, thanks in advance.
0012Anonymous2015/09/02(Wed) 04:36:21.58
your new is showing DQN
0013Anonymous2015/09/02(Wed) 08:06:05.08
good posts
0014Anonymous2015/09/03(Thu) 10:59:41.03
So I guess these boards were abandoned?
0015Anonymous2015/09/24(Thu) 09:24:34.61
Dead board
0016Anonymous2015/12/06(Sun) 09:39:31.02
0017Anonymous2015/12/23(Wed) 22:35:46.02
0018Anonymous2015/12/24(Thu) 00:48:33.50
0019Anonymous2015/12/25(Fri) 00:44:56.47
0020Anonymous2015/12/26(Sat) 19:09:10.68
0021Anonymous2015/12/29(Tue) 17:50:17.82
0022Anonymous2016/01/01(Fri) 02:21:00.49
Happy New Year!
0023Anonymous2016/01/22(Fri) 08:31:35.42
0024Anonymous2016/01/25(Mon) 22:10:39.36
0025Anonymous 転載ダメ©2ch.net(7級)2016/02/06(Sat) 14:42:28.06

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0026Anonymous2016/03/30(Wed) 22:01:04.20
0027Anonymous2016/04/03(Sun) 01:29:01.03
0028Anonymous2016/04/13(Wed) 05:12:48.04
hello can you hear me?
0029Anonymous2016/05/31(Tue) 05:28:00.88
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Help me!!
0030Anonymous2016/06/06(Mon) 05:23:10.46
I'm suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks!! Supersonic terrorisms!!
Help me!!
0032Anonymous2016/07/17(Sun) 18:44:44.90
I wonder if banishing the pedo boards helped any.
0033Anonymous2016/09/04(Sun) 21:21:19.87
If you feel scared such an attck, you had better to immigrate to "read-it". It's one of famouse BBS site in America.
0034Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 07:15:03.76
This is old.
0035Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 08:23:11.22
This thred is old, numnuts.
0037Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 23:26:55.40
why is this the only thread on this board
0040Anonymous2017/05/08(Mon) 17:10:29.16
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