There needs to be an "anarchic area" on Earth.
0001Anonymous2021/05/03(Mon) 21:27:29.14
According to the social contract theory, countries are created by people "contracting" with each other.

And of course, this "contract" should be able to be "terminated," just like any other contract.

In other words, every person has the right not to belong to any one country.

But today, most of the land on earth that can be inhabited by humans is divided among nations.

In other words, as long as humans live on the earth, they must be ruled by some country.

This is obviously not right.

Therefore, there must be "anarchic areas" where humans can live on the earth that are not under the control of any country or government.

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0003Anonymous2021/05/20(Thu) 15:20:18.29
Like Kowloon Walled City?
0004Anonymous2022/10/14(Fri) 22:05:06.22
0005Anonymous2022/10/30(Sun) 01:57:06.13
is this topic going to come up every day? i'm tired of seeing him
0006Anonymous2023/01/20(Fri) 16:33:23.59