Let's talk with Jim-san in operate. ★5

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281Grape Ape ★2014/03/07(金) 13:08:30.11ID:???0
I will be looking at all of that tonight. I have given notice of that. Unfortunately this thread
has become a little bit chaotic. Would you help me? If you think there are irregularities
Please make a separate thread that includes all of the votes that are done, that I have not looked
at yet. On that thread, please post the voting results for the boards and any arguments saying
they are not valid. I will look at these.
As far as the name changes go. I don't think it is such a problem. They can be changed back
easily if it makes a problem.
One thing I have noticed is a confusion among some people.
All Rights Reserved can still be reprinted by Matome, just we reserve rights to that data
and there may be a system in place to keep track of it, and even charge for the use if it
becomes necessary, or if the data is abused a legal take down notice could be sent to the abuser.

I am not accepting current votes for Reproduction prohibited.

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