I love Sugiura Ayano [転載禁止]©2ch.net
0001Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 13:48:03.15
She is so cute
0002Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 14:59:13.47
me to but you dei
0003Anonymous2015/01/12(Mon) 16:01:59.36
I doubt this is the same as shii[sub]t[/sub]chan. posting in this thread as I cannot make a thread.
But let's see.
t[sub]e[sub]s[sub]t[sub] [/sub]o[/sub]f[/sub] [/sub] nested [sub]sub[sup]and [sup]sup tags[/sup][/sup][/sub]
0004Anonymous2015/02/20(Fri) 01:57:15.91
The Evil Planet of Computer is designing and creating evil viruses and bad bugs night and day
to destroy all intelligent creatures in the Universe.
0005Anonymous2015/03/17(Tue) 01:25:11.39
i don't know Ayano
0007Anonymous2015/04/14(Tue) 15:12:42.31
The first was nothing
Nothing gave birth to something
This is all the truth
0009Anonymous2015/12/24(Thu) 00:56:03.35
0010Anonymous2015/12/25(Fri) 00:48:26.24
0011Anonymous2015/12/26(Sat) 19:28:13.81
how, how
0012Anonymous2015/12/29(Tue) 17:52:45.16
Ayano ?
0013Anonymous2016/01/25(Mon) 22:13:17.13
0014Anonymous2016/05/24(Tue) 20:19:42.57
buckingham YO!
0015Anonymous2016/07/18(Mon) 04:10:39.71
2channel is the ultimate masters of shitboarding.
0016Anonymous2016/07/20(Wed) 07:38:22.93
0017Anonymous2016/11/27(Sun) 22:48:56.09
Her cunt is with Python.
0018Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 11:25:07.11
Yui is the best girl and programmer.
0019Anonymous2017/08/04(Fri) 19:19:47.00
0021Anonymous2019/01/27(Sun) 21:32:48.61