datv mystery hour
0001Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:00:17.43
datv mystery hour
0002Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:09:11.06
a.sori is god
0003Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:15:20.70
Is Takashi the King of Debate dead?
0004Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:16:54.12
I stopped supporting datv.
I will support Ken from now on.
0005Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:18:53.57
Lady SORI is beautiful and smart.
0006Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:21:26.36
Do you know what takeshi is looking at here from the other side?
He is sounding the warning bells for those of you who are about to go astray as human beings.
I hope you realize that soon.
0007Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:22:43.00
Let's say karata has a boyfriend, and he asks her out on a date, and after all the time and effort, she finally worships him, only to find that his nipples are dark... well, he would be disappointed, wouldn't he?
0008Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:25:56.90
I don't want another datv thread.
The momentum of the past is gone, and it's been boring since the new members came in.
I enjoyed the messy relationships between men and women, but now it's all so much clearer.
0009Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:28:29.45
I think a lot of the early listeners were mature and thoughtful.
I'm not saying who, but I think the listeners who entered the Mystery Hour scene from the Muroran area set the direction of the Mystery Hour, for better or for worse.
They're all like a bunch of approval-seeking, self-aggrandizing people.
0010Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:30:04.74
It's a real shame that the smart and handsome Zabby Shinyama has graduated from datv.
0011Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 19:35:04.39
My boyfriend, he likes ken.
I heard it's really popular at school.
And youtubers like retro radio and hajige.
0012Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 20:20:14.23
0013Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 21:43:34.05
Humidifier in operation
0014Anonymous2022/03/17(Thu) 22:14:40.50
Are there any good looking guys on this Youtuber channel?
0015Anonymous2022/03/19(Sat) 22:18:43.16
Keiko is a very beautiful woman.
0016Anonymous2022/04/17(Sun) 19:44:41.33
0017Anonymous2022/04/17(Sun) 19:57:13.97
Mr. sori is a smart and beautiful woman.
0018Anonymous2022/05/15(Sun) 23:34:58.27
is anyone there?
0019Anonymous2022/05/15(Sun) 23:36:22.97
0020Anonymous2022/05/17(Tue) 00:17:13.96
im here
0021Anonymous2022/05/17(Tue) 16:49:55.92
could you show me oppai
0022Anonymous2022/05/18(Wed) 18:17:08.75
0023Anonymous2022/05/18(Wed) 22:30:29.31
Can you speak English?
0024Anonymous2022/05/18(Wed) 22:57:19.01
ki-fure-mu to sex
0025Anonymous2022/05/23(Mon) 16:33:58.57
St. Keyframe is a sex symbol.
0026Anonymous2022/06/22(Wed) 02:35:49.52
You are fool
0027Anonymous2022/07/07(Thu) 00:29:18.96
Takashi8 is a handsome man.
0028Anonymous2022/09/17(Sat) 00:23:38.73
Takashi 8 has a big penis.